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wow still reading new things about cfs treatments theories thoughts causes questions

Jul 19, 2013 - 2 comments

none really substantial for cures but pointing spotlights onto the disease. i'm 6 years into this thing and all sorts of things that are new to me keep showing up online... here's some i've noted in the last few weeks that i might investigate further.
... dr john chia enterovirus
... hyperbaric
... orthostatic intolerance
... ampligen
... spiritual healing
... reversed polarity
... neurological damage
... pituitary malfunction
... thyroid
... watercuretribute. com
... fasting
...urine therapy
... cut sugar
... praying
... forgiveness
... amygdala retraining
... adult adhd
... cursed
stem cells
the disease has changed.for me in feeling so i'm considering other additional contributing diseases. like i went to endo and dr and i have low blood pressure with differential between standing and lying down. of course the endo says my fatigue is from thyroid but i know it isnt completely just the thyroid. but it points to endocrinological cause and blood pressure effects. some of the above - just guff and false hopes. but some of it may apply to me.

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by acker, Jul 19, 2013
and the retracing that randomly continues...
was it the lead.from the rifle range?
the paint from the sanding the house?
the traumas of the operations?
anaesthetic from the operations?
the divorce stress? the cheating?
the overwork (yes)
the hit on the head?
road rattle from years and miles of motoring?
all the solvents and chemicals i used to work with?
the really bad machinery noise from my last job?
the really suss water from the taps at my last job?
loss of love?
implosive anger frustration and repression of feelings since getting beaten up at 5?
unforgiveness of the assaults?
loss and disappointment

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by acker, Oct 11, 2013
i found this interesting...

i am on p5p, 5-htp, germanium tea, zinc, camomile tea, nettle tea - and in occasional doses (just starting): sam-e, phosphatidylserine

improved sleep helps anything, a bit calmer.

haven't had benzos for a couple weeks, nor withania/hops/valerian sleeping aids. cool
but bored as fuc|<

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