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I am such a B**** today.

Apr 22, 2009 - 0 comments






I am so B****y today.  I can almost feel my hormones raging.  Last night I told my DH I was in a bad mood.  I explained nothing was wrong I was just moody & that I needed some quiet time, a cup of tea,a good book, etc.  Well, he could not understand how I could be in a bad mood for no outside reason.  I am married to the king of the mood swing so you think he would understand.  Instead of being able to relax I was bugged all evening "what's wrong,what's wrong, what's wrong" until I finally blew up.  My bad mood washed him into a bad mood so we were two adults stomping around the house like kids.  He asked my why I'm not used to it if I've had PMS for the last 22 years.  How do you make men understand? How can I tell my husband to just leave me alone for awhile with out hurting his feeling?

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