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I have posted here over 6,000 times!!!!

Apr 06, 2008 - 8 comments

Thats scary... I decided to see how far the post history in my profile went back.. it goes all the way to my first post ever when I was scared and didn't know what to do.  It was like a journey back through memory lane. Made me remember how great this journey was and how many great people I have been in contact with because of this site.  I got to remember how wonderful the people that were here when I got here were... and how much I miss that...  It was just different. We did formal nightly check-ins that included everyone.. no one was left out.. there was no "newbies" or "oldies" we all were together as a team to beat this addiction we all suffered from. I have tried to be just like those people.. I hope I have carried their memory through to others here. I have tried no matter how I am feeling to reach out to someone else that might be doing worse off than I am. I hope I have remained true to that.

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352798 tn?1399298154
by GoingToMakeIt, Apr 09, 2008
You are an asset here. Thank you.
Wow 6000 posts! That's a lot of typing.:)

466909 tn?1207568232
by lostparent, Apr 09, 2008
Your support is appreciated and valued by all

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by tinaisdone, Apr 10, 2008
And I hear your the best!!!!!

214105 tn?1265935159
by jdesouza, Apr 13, 2008
It is people like you that make MedHelp special. Thank you

460948 tn?1232302122
by Rose703, May 12, 2008
I just now saw this journal entry and had to respond because when I came on here you were one of the first people to respond to me! I still remember chatting with you and how helpful you are so don't ever feel that you're not carring on with the forum because you most certainly are!! TY

528012 tn?1212642172
by Girliegirl66, Jun 05, 2008
Hey girlie, I remember those days. you and all our friends really made it so much easier. Our dates (though I have been doing Sub for a year), are 2 days apart (I was March 13th). I am back now jumping off the Sub, I'm down to 3 crumbs per day now.and  I'm really feeling it, though not anywheres near like I did last year.I know you advocate against long term Sub use, I agree on that for most people, but for me I think it was the right move. Coming off such high doses and with my medical and pain issues, I think this was the better way for me.
I really miss you, and our nightly chats. I hope that your recovery from the surgery, is going smoothly. Did you have to take any pain meds? If you did, don't feel guilty, this is so different than abusing them. Remember when I had to have the two surgeries, you told me the same thing.

Hang in there girlie, I hope to see you soon!!

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by cleen, Sep 30, 2008
Thanks for your insight. You have a lot of experience in this area. I'm so close to getting off suboxone but can't get past this 1mg. I really can't believe that 1 little mg is keeping me from being completely clean. It's the withdrawals man. I hate them. I can't work, or function when I get them. I know I'm weak. I'm not looking for the easy way out just looking for a way out! Trying to ween off slowly but it's hard man. I really feel like a prisoner on this stuff. Makes me wonder if it would have been easier to ween off of the pain killers I was on instead of suboxone? I'm stuck now. If you can be of any help, I could sure use it. thanks and take care. Cleen

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by kendrarenae, Mar 27, 2010
i have been an addict of pain pills,alcohol heroin, meth anything i could get my hands on growing up my mother was a drug dealer and was very easy access. and everyone in my house hold was strung out and it seemed like no one cared anyway. but my mom has overdosed and passed away oct 07 then i got pregnant. i wanted to make a good change in my life and i quit useing for my baby but soon as i gave birth the cycle started all over the doc gave me perks for pain and my addiction started rapidly iv been addicted to pain pills for 2 years now and started takein subs b/c they were easy and didnt cost so much now i find my self depressed and strung out !!! i know i need help but i dont want people to know about it. i am ashamed of my self i have been detoxing my self for 3 days now i have no other choice i am on intense house arrest i have to drop **** once a week and be tested for alcohol 3 times a week i am glad it happend i just hope i have the inner power to stop b4 i end up like my mom by7 the way i am only 21 years old so if anyone reads this that has had similar expierences and lived to tell can i get some advice??  

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