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What would Jan say?

Apr 22, 2009 - 1 comments

Along with all of you, I'm checking the computer almost hourly, and thinking a lot about Jan and her family. I couldn't help wondering what Jan would think of all this outpouring of love and concern for her. I think she'd be surprised and honored and pleased.  Then a thought came to me. I wonder what she would say to us.. And, I remembered a time shortly after my father passed away. I was feeling very sad, and missed him terribly  and out of the blue, I heard  his voice rather gruffly but kindly,"  Go on  Sandra, go on outta here , go on now" sort of a rebuke. It was as if he were urging me to not be sad and to just go on with my life.

And I remembered that today thinking of Jan.. I can imagine what she might say,and it might very well be similar. And I'm sure she would throw in  a few "salty" words for us all.. What do you think she would say to us? I have my own ideas but it might sound insensitive, but it would be typical "Jan".  I can almost  hear her fussin

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by ireneo, Apr 22, 2009
That made me smile. I think I mentioned a long time ago that I could see her in steel toed bunny slippers letting someone have it who was out of line.

Perhaps all this attention and outpouring of love might embarrass her but it's good to let the family know how precious she has been to all the "strangers" that came to the board. It only took a couple of posts from her and you felt like family. What a gift.

OK everyone, get out there and pull those weeds, prune those bushes and make Jan proud.

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