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My friend's memorial service

Apr 06, 2008 - 1 comments

Well, we made it through the service.  Four of us went together, which helped.  Two of us were especially close to Melinda, along with another couple who came down the coast.  A lot of  people there were former teachers that she knew, and several of them, and relatives spoke up when the invitation came for anyone who wanted to, could say something they remembered about Melinda.  She had retired early due to her illness.  After that, she got started in Himalayan cat breeding, and she and I used to travel to a lot of shows together.  I felt that one of us should get up to say something about that part of her life, and the enjoyable times I had visiting her home in North Bend, Oregon.  I'm definitely not a public speaker, so I talked two other people to go up at the same time, and we each talked about something we remembered about Melinda.  I'm glad we did manage to get up the nerve.

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by sealbeachluvr, Apr 07, 2008
I'm glad you were able to get up there too.  I regert not being able to get up and say something about my husband...

I have always been very shy and getting up there was very difficult for me, especially under the circumstances.

Losing someone you care about is very hard, I am glad you were able to go.

How are you feeling?

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