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Very Strange...

Apr 23, 2009 - 0 comments

Well I am still going down on this weaning process (norco) this weekend will be a norco free weekend. I went to the neurologist I have tendonitis I think that is what it is called now I have to go back to the orhtopedic.... hmmm it is strange how we can stop one addiction or try to stop but we pick up other bad habits... I have not picked up a cigerett in years and now I got this huge crave to smoke I always made my way out the door when their was smoke anywere and now I am back to smoking a cigerret along with my life savor I can not stand the taste of smoke in my mouth so I eat a piece of hard candy always a life savor candy watermelon and grape are the best... I hide behind the building here at work so no one sees me because I am emberessed (whatever) my hand is really hurting and I am here typing. or am driving and have to have a ciggi. I just do not have a clue maybe it is the trileptal that is giving me this craving for ciggis well I do have to give myself a pat on the back for going down the way I have been from 10 to 31/2 next week it will be 3 I can do this... I do not want to pick up any other random habits.. I do not drink I do not think that will ever be an issue I ahve never liked it plus my dad the alcholic it would be like reliving my childhood then letting my son see that:( no not for me... I do not drink coffee or soda who knows..

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