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BP tracker 4/24/09

Apr 24, 2009 - 0 comments






Walked around carrying laptop at 9:40 AM. Just remembered, and forced myself to sit and take BP. It feels like a  waste. Actually scares me, I want to avoid it because it is so high. Nobody in the family and friends circle have it. My weight has come down to 150 and I don't really have any physical or mental problems.Except, I find that for years I breathe in short bursts especially when I concentrate. And, concentrate hard. Like reading news on the laptop or the newspaper. Or, doing my computer PC work. Maybe, that's the culprit. Since yesterday have started to be conscious of breathing deeper, longer and maybe 6 - 9 BPMs.  Here is the ennumerable BP measurements I took:  155/93 (77); 161/90 (71); Did Prayanam for 2 minutes; 169/100 (76); 148/92 (73); 151/85 (71);147/91 (73); 139/91 (74); 144/95 (74); 153/89 (72); 168/96 (69); 147/94 (73).

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