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Apr 24, 2009 - 1 comments

I have been using the cpap for about a month now. I am feeling more energetic during the day. It was not easy to get use to mostly d/t comfort of full faced mask. I cannot use the ones just for nose and my nose gets stuffed up and no air gets through. The formal sleep study showed obstructive sleep apnea with oxygen levels as low as 70. I am quite sure now that this was causing my exercise indused PH and d/t being able to treat the sleep apnea will be able to reverse the PH if not already so it was well worth the difficulties and frustrations in pursuing what was going on with the original test that showed triscupid regurgitation with increase pulmonary pressures. The scary thing is that if I had not pushed to see a pulmonary spec. and that spec. would have not ordered a sleep study it may have not beed detected in time to reverse the PH. I feel fortunate that I am getting this area under control and feel so much better. I can think clearer and get so much more accomplished. Happy Days!  I sitll have problems with my spine and heavy lower legs and feet but I can deal with that better than the fatigue and shortness of breath.

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by joyce498, Aug 14, 2009
Its been awhile getting use to the cpap, but looking back there is a huge difference in my energy level and mental clarity. Despite the slight discomfort (sometimes worse than others) I feel that it is definitely worth it and am so glad I got the correct dx.  I would not be able t/d the work I am doing today if I kept going the way I was; progressively getting worse. Not sure why I have obstrutive sleep apnea. I mean what is really causing it. The sleep doc seemed puzzle by it himself. He said "we do not usually see slender older people with it". I did read though that one could have obstructive sleep apnea without being over weight. I see him again in Sept.  ??

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