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8 week viral load

Jul 29, 2013 - 6 comments

8 weeks


viral load



Just found out today that my 8 week Heptimax result was <5 ... i.e., undetectable.  Meds are causing more oral, gastro issues for me.  Reduced the ribavirin to 600 mg. per day.  Seeing the doc on Wed.  Wondering if the ribavirin will be increased a bit now or stay at 600 mg/day.  Meds are getting more difficult to tolerate ... at least they seem to be working!

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by ActingBrandNew, Jul 29, 2013
Good news on the UND!

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by MarkFly1, Jul 29, 2013
Thanks ABN!  Helps in the tolerating department!

1815939 tn?1377991799
by pooh55811, Jul 29, 2013
Excellent news. Congratulations on being UND!

Maybe your doctor will prescribe Procrit for your low Hemoglobin?

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by MarkFly1, Jul 29, 2013
Well, so far he's reduced the riba.  I'm a bit leery of the Procrit.  Thanks for the comment.  How r u?

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by Diana66, Jul 30, 2013
Tee hee, good news. I wonder why your doctor reduced the Riba straight to 600 rather than trying 800 first. Eat lots of food before the meds. I was always leaving a few bites for after the meds just to pack them up. Well, at least in my mind :)

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by nzkiwilife, Jul 30, 2013
congratulations on being UND at 8 weeks!
Your doc will probably up the riba again once your blood stats improve. My riba was reduced also to 600mg from Day 29. Finally they let me increase to 800mg from Week 22.  I was still UND all the way through tx.
Hang in there!

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