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My legs hurt most of the time and expecially when I sleep.

Apr 07, 2008 - 68 comments

If I set in a chair it makes my legs hurt to have pressure pushing on the back side of my legs so I keep my knees up high.  If I need to have a BM it makes my legs hurt terrible then after I us the restroom it is instant pain relief.  When I sleep at night my legs hurt so bad it wakes me up.  I can get out of bed and walk around for a few minutes the pain goes away then I go back to sleep again.   When I was a child in grade school my legs hurt me setting at my class room desk I would bounce my legs up/down all day on my toes to keep my legs from hurting.  Several people on my mothers side of the family have legs pain when they sleep.  People on my fathers side of the family are long lived they usually live to be in their 90s but my mothers side of the family no one has lived past 75. I eat a bananas every day and drink 2 glass of milk per day to try to keep my calcium and potassium up.  I have noticed if I sleep with my legs spread apart as far apart as I can get them it keeps my legs from hurting when I sleep.  I recently had a physical exam my cholesterol is 131, HDL 47, LDL 73, Triglycerides 94, VLDL 19, blood pressure 69 over 120.  When I was young I road my bicycle 30+ mile every day.  I had not ridden a bike in 30 years I just started riding a bike again and been riding 20 miles every day for 6 months it makes my legs hurt less.  I am retired at 57 my legs hurt all the time and worse at night. When I was young my legs only hurt when I sat in a chair or needed to use the restroom.  I have been to several doctors some are puzzled others say it is resless leg syndrome.  One doctor gave me Requip.  While taking Requip I was horny as a teenager but so num in that area I could feel nothing, no sensation at all sex was impossible.  I could not tell if Requip helped my leg pain, it seemed like some nights there was less pain not sure if that was because of the Requip or because I slept with my legs spread wide apart that night.  If I put some pillows between my legs to keep my legs apart all night my legs do not hurt at night.  Another doctor gave me muscle relaxers and it does not help leg pain.

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by Anthony710, Jun 09, 2008
I have the same problem.  Requip did not help as it is for neurological conditions not pain.  I began taking Norco 10/325 and worked great, then when I stopped the pain was worst than before.  Now I take long hot showers before I go to bed and walk around till I am truley sleepy.  During the days - I rub my calves as work for some type of relief.  If you find a cure please let me know.  I dont think its RLS,  it feels like growing pains.  Let me know if you find what works -- Please



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by mrsbenitez, Oct 06, 2008
someone plz help ... for the past 2 weeks my legs hurt alot .. my job requires that i stand .. and thats not a problem now dont get me wrong my legs hurt but i guess iam use to the pain cause its not so bad during the day but when i am home and sitting down for more than 1 hr my legs start to hurt so bad i have to get up ... i have taken hot showers ... bathes .. put hot and cold pads .. use all kinds of hot and cold rubs on my legs take advil ..ib .. vicodin .. the newest naprocin and nothing helps my legs swell .. frist it starts at the side of my knee on the left side of my left knee then it goes to the back of my leg when i lay down this is at 12midnight .. i am very tired so i figure ill fall asleep which i do but the pain wakes me up its like my bones on my legs are breaking .. now the pain is in front like the bone in front of your leg .. by now u can see my leg is been thur hell and back and the swelling starts .. its now 2am and i am so tired but afraid to lay down because i know the pain is coming what do i do is this happening to someone else wht can i do .. what can i take .. someone help me iam miserable iam in pain at least 12 hrs of the day ... and nothing helps thanks for your time marianne ..... ***@****

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by Rose260, Oct 17, 2008
Try wearing compression hose.  They keep the blood circulating in your legs and help the overhealth of your legs.  I have to stand on my feet for long periods of time at work and wearing compression hose has made a considerable difference.  I found some online at and they're called Therafirm Mild Support Knee Highs, but they come in thigh and pantyhose lengths.  If anyone is interested in trying them, the website is  I hope this helps!

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by Lobbedpandalessons, Nov 10, 2008
I take guaifenesin for that same type of pain along with folic acid and magnesium and am now mostly pain free through the night.  It is available at WalMart under the name Mucus Relief or Mucinex.  Don't get it with anything else in it.

I accidently found out it worked when I had pneumonia and took the Mucinex dM for the pain relief in my legs.  I take it morning and night so I can sit at work and sleep at night.

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by ItsOnlyMe, Nov 20, 2008
hi. i just happen to be doing a search and found this listing. also just found out that i was already registered with this group and didnt even remember i was.

i am currently being treated for possible secondary rls,have lyme history.

but the reason i am writing....i am having so much trouble with my legs, absolutely horrible. i saw the letter above by mrs benitez and i can feel her pain. besides lots of pain meds, my husband rubs me down, with witch hazel. i dont think it is just the rubs, i think the witch hazel has a lot to do with it. it helps the joints, muscles, bones, etc. i feel alot more relief with this than ice,hot,heat pads, and other muscle rubs. i dont know if it will help you, but it sure does help me. in addition, johnson and johnson foot soak. what a wonderful feeling. all you need is a third of a packet with nice very warm water. be careful, dont stand above and inhale, it can choke you a bit. swish around with a spoon or something, in a basin....your feet will feel like dancing afterward (and a nice lotion to follow). check with your md first. some people arent supposed to soak feet for medical reasons.....diabetics, etc. anyway, i hope this helps. take care and good luck.

one more thing, i thought i heard of problems (possibly cardiac) associated with naprocin? please look into that medication. possibly do a google search? i could be wrong but i believe there were people developing cardiac problems while taking this medication for a period of time.  just to be safe. dee.

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by googy, Dec 24, 2008
My legs hurt liks hell 24 hrs a day, and i have 10 diffferent bottles of pills and none of them help, I don't know whats wrong! If someone knows please tell me.

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by gr82bus, Jan 14, 2009
CIRCULATION problems...Deep vein Thrombosis  I had the same problem and I had EVLT Endovenous Laser Therapy.  It is mainly done for ppl who have varicose veins.  I only had 2 but when they did the ultrasound on my leg veins they found that the blood in my veins was not circulating properly.  So this procedure helped

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by SgtKelly, Mar 11, 2009
I had a TKR on my right knee, and now my left knee KILLS me, as soon as I lie down..
I think it is the way the bone is scraping against each other, and I think I just need the left one
replaced too.. but I swore I would never go threw that again... I may have to..
But it is true... at night ... when I lie down!!! YIKES!!
I think it does help to lie on my side with a body pillow between my knees.

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by jaw510, Apr 26, 2009
by jaw april 26 2009
I hurt so bad most the time to even breath it hurts but night time is the worst. I moan in my sleep as every move hurts. I have fibro osteo and just diag some form of lupus on lots of meds but nothing helps. drs i do not feel really care that much. I just want my life back like a few years ago. Has any one been able to get on disability for any of these things? I feel I need more time to take care of myself or I am just going to go down hill. I am 58.

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by jinny59, Oct 07, 2009
i have real bad pain at night as well as during the day im pain killers dont seem to help much but most of that ive tried
gave me night mares and hot and cold sweats.
im due to have an injection in my back soon hope it numbs the pain a bit

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by Syzyhgf, Dec 23, 2009
We are all suffering from similar pain.  No answers have been published.  What is wrong with this picture?  Isn't there anything we can do to find relief from the leg pain? Nothing works for very long.  Please, if anyone has an answer please tell us. Thank you.  

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by Spheron, Dec 24, 2009
Ususally walking back and forth, or just simply walking helps me. It's strange how the pain subsides when i stand. Yet, when I drive, The pain is almost unbearable. I found that laying on the ground with my legs like a triangle and keeping the torso and head elevated at about 30-40 degrees and extending one leg at a time does in fact help most of the time. I find this helps best when the pain starts. I randomly stumbled upon this remedy as I was trying various things I thought may help. I truly truly truly hope this may help! I feel your pain and you are not alone!  :)

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by Spheron, Dec 24, 2009
I also have been told by my primary care physician doctor that It in fact IS poor circulation. He confirmed that what i was doing does help as it forces blood to the muscles and one piece of advice that started helping quickly was drinking a couple glasses of cold water and Re-Hydrating was a HUGE help! They stopped hurting for about 2 weeks and thought it was gone and started to stray from my daily water intake of about 6-8 glasses of water and cutting down a bit on soft drinks and going with things such as lemonade instead. I found that as long as I kept hydrated and intentionally massaged and/or worked my legs out a bit everyday i have virtually conquered this issue. This has been a dream of mine for a long time as this has happened since I was a kid and finally I'm not a slave to this pain! Let me know if this helps you and feel free to e-mail me if you have questions!

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by MariaB671, Dec 28, 2009
i have problems with my feet and hands during the night. They tingle and I have to change my sleeping position every few mins. It helps a little bit but it always comes back. PLEASE HELP ME. None of my doctors have helped me so far. Also i always feel tired.

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by Nothead, Jan 17, 2010
Look I'm up it's 4:12 were I live and I can't sleep my legs and my knee hurt like hell! My Dr gave me naporxin, nxurotin and they don't help. I'm x opiate adict and there isn't much I can take. I can't take this pain much longer. It's been going on for the past 4 mouths. I'm about to give in and go  to the Dr and get some pain killers I no this will help alot. If there is one out there that has the same problem please let me no what I should do please. Thanks Justin

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by llferr, Jan 22, 2010
I have the same issue everyone.   It all started when the Dr. put me on staten drugs.  I always played tennis and after the pills I felt like a semi hit me.   Then came the hip pain and pains throughout the legs.  I immediately went off the staten..  (fish oil now which controls the hi cholestrol)..   but the pain continued.  I feel that the staten pills did permanent damage.  I have been to two Orthopedic surgeons with no results. They said I have the normal arthritis going on and that is what I feel.  I don't think so at all.    I went to my family Dr. with no results.   I am going to a Chiropracter and that has definitely helped my hip issue.   Now, the legs are left.  Every night I just cannot sleep.  The pains rotate throughout the legs.    Also, I do feel like my hands fall asleep fast.  Maybe this is poor circulation.  I just had screening done which showed I had good blood flow and no plaque buildup.  I don't know if this shows circulation or not.  
I will try what the person said about about the mucus relief to see if this helps.   I do workout a lot on the eliptical and not sure if this is hurting me or helping.   I do not hurt from my hips up so they said it is not fibermyosis.     We need Dr. Oz!!!

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by thatsit0127, Mar 05, 2010
as i did i went too the doctors and had them check 4 almost every i hurt found out it was all caused by no vitamin b my body could not hold it so now iam vitamin b deficiency you never know u could be 2

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by RK2, Apr 14, 2010
I think we can all just thank the FDA for all of the CRAP they have allowed our farmers and cowmen to put in cows, pigs and chickens, and pestisides for the fruits and vegetables, to get them ready for our consumption.  It is no accident that we all have the nagging pains in our body.  Our Boddies are made to work and we keep taking shortcuts to live easier lives.  When I worked retail and stayed busy I never had any pains.  We all need to lose some weight, myself included.  The Hormones they put in our food is not helping.  They may even be causing weight gain.  I swear I have at least 5 food alergies, on top of the polon alergy I am having to deal with right now.  The foods that help in weight loss and the good carbs, well I am alergergic to some of these.  Peanuts, egg yolks,egg whites,shrimp.  It makes me want to buy a farm and grow my own food and raise my own meat.  The government is not telling us everything they know about the harmful side effects of petisides and such.  NO INFOmercial has to tell me this.  You can tell something is wrong with how our bodies are reacting.  I have been working in the yard and in the house for 4 days getting ready for a BIG Neighborhood Yard sell and I am worn out.  I sleep good now thanks to the help of Melotonin, which is a natural sleep pill.  It does not take care of my aches and pains.  I think most of my problem is the weight I have gained in the past 10 years.
I worked out for 5 weeks, 6 times a day with P90X and I think i lost an inch off of all body parts but that is just not good enough for me.  I use to be a size 8 up until my 3rd child.  I started working for the phone company and put on like 60 pounds in 7 years.
I quit and got married and I lost 40 pounds and now I have gained 20 of that back.  Bread,"gluton" is my problem.  I started buying all natural meats and oatmeal breads, and eat 4 servings of fruit and veggies a day, take my vitamins and drink my water, and still no change.  When I was younger I just forgot to eat most of the time and stayed busy and I kept in shape.  Maybe I need more outside activities?  OK, I just felt like venting a little.  Thanks for reading.  I am 46 and have a good life, i just want to lose this 50 pounds so that my legs and knees and feet don't hurt so much.

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by sinna123, May 19, 2010
I found a great way to relieve my leg pain.
Stand on anything that sticks above the floor surface, like a ledge or a idially a small ball with the hurting foot placing it at the center of the underside of your foot. Then do the pumping motion. The blood flow will increase due to this action which will immediatly stop the pain. do this for about 10-15 minutes and day.
The bottom of your feet has what is like a manual blood pump which usually works while we walk, but sometimes we need extra circulation. The pain is due to low blood circulation so manually pumping it helps.
I have tried this and it works.

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by dragonfighter786, May 24, 2010
my mother always compains about her left side leg and as her 12 year old son i want to make her feel better she works way to hard or something and when she complians i feel really REALLY BAD. plz plz plz plz plz somebody help tell what can i do no medication works and i think it wont can someone tell me a way for my mom to feel better and she isnt that she is around 30 so plz HELP.

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by dawna836, Jun 17, 2010
i'm having the same problem it feels like  my legs are going to give out when i walk, i'm wondering if it's a back problem? it hurts worse when i am getting up from sitting or laying down, it takes me a few minutes to adjust myself, i feel so old and i'm only 41, driving is bad too, anyone have any similarities?

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by michelle201018, Jun 25, 2010
hi, interesting we all have same type of problems,mine drives me insane i get up in the morning crawl like a crap till i can place my feet properly on the ground ouch.if i sit the base of my feet burn and the top of my feet feel like the bones are broken as is the same with my ankles constantly when sitting on a chair have pins and needles and lying on the bed or legs out on the couch my shines ache.sleeping is extreamly hard to get comfortable and walking well thats and impossible, im 45 and 5 ft and 50 kg i give up.

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by evilcheeseoven, Aug 01, 2010
I have been dealing with the same sever leg pain for over 4 years now, this started out after I had a csection with my daughter I also had an infection of the wound and immediatly after it the pain in my legs started.  I assumed it was the new BC pill so I stopped that but it never helped.  I have tried Nurontin, Requip, vicodin, percocet, kadian, codine, motrin, celexa, oxycontin, cymbalta, i could keep going on but you get the picture.  The oly things that temperarily relive the pain are vicodins but it doesnt last very long and dr's dont want to keep giving them out.  I have had RSL diagnosis (which I dont belive) spinal arthritis, I also tried a spinal epidural and a cortizone shot in the butt (nada) Then the dr's always gotta ask if im depressed NO ! NOT DEPRESSED MY LEGS HURT! I tried PT I tried chriopractor and its like I dont know if the dr's think Im crazy or dont belive me (I am only 27 ) but its gets totally aggravating !!!!!! Then they wonder why I dont go back I have tried  a general practitional, 2 nuroligists, a pain clinic NOTHING.  The pain in my legs is think a deep throbbing pain generally in my lower legs but sometimes does generate up my thighs, I can feel it like something put something in my veins it travels through my legs, sometimes my feet just feel like they are on fire !! Sitting tends to me worse then standing either way it *****, so if anyone gets any info please please let me know!!
Thanks sooo much

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by tiltmrw, Aug 01, 2010
I have had this problem for the past few month now or I should say til last night.   I took NITE TIME COUGH syrup 2 tblsp and slept thru the whole night.  And took a short nap this afternoon.   I haven't felt this good  in so long, I feel I have myself back and energy.  I'm not fatigue all day like I have been.

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by rinker22, Aug 12, 2010
Dear Dragonfighter 786,  I have had the same problem as your mom except on my right side.  It sounds like you have been a great help to her. I have been to several spine doctors, physical therapy, and tried several medications, not much has helped.  I have learned more off the internet from great sites like Spine Universe, and Pub Med (free if you sign up).  Wikipedia has good articles and explanations too.  The most important thing you can do for you mom is be supportive.  Sometimes it just hurts so bad we just need someone to listen to us.  I know it must get hard for my family and might be annoying when I talk about my pain, but being able to vent is so helpful.  If you can help make sure your mom can rest when she is able, I know you said she works a lot, so when she can rest she should. Heat packs sometimes help too.   You can find information online whether heat or cold is appropriate and you can show your mom.  Also please dont feel bad your mom wouldn't want that.  Just give her a big hug  if she will let you and tell her you hope she feels better. Then help her get all the information you can to understand what is wrong.  You are a great son.

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by padawak1216, Aug 24, 2010
I thought of you all last night as i sat there not being able to sleep because of the pain in my legs,  so i figured if i just take hydrocodone and sleeping pills mabe I'll just pass out, Dr's dont seam to believe this is a issue, I also sit at a desk all day and want to scream out loud because my legs are antsy, when I get home i take my dog for a long walk so i get plenty of excercise, mabe i should start Drinking LOL just kidding , it a thought ??!! :0) I sound depressed but im not , just tierd. Ive had this issue for many years now, as i get older i think its getting worse , again thinking of you all :0)

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by rhino787, Sep 03, 2010
if your legs hurt have a massage or just put your hands between you top half of leg and bottom and sit down

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by rhino787, Sep 03, 2010
I had this same problem. I found that when I cut out ALL SUGAR and took a potassium supliment just for 3 days the pain went away. I'm not saying that's your problem but it was mine. I went to doctor and he couldn't tell me what was wrong. An Asian gal I worked with told me to try the above (bless her heart).
Could be a circulation problem. Go to the doctor!!
Could even be far more serious than that. Could be a thrombosis, which is a blood clot that is on its way to your brain to be a stroke, or your heart to become a heart attack. I agree you should see one.
It could also be a neuropathy. If you are a diabetic, this is the most likely cause. If you are diabetic, make sure you keep tight control on your blood sugar readings. You could be diabetic and not know it. Check with your doctor.

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by padawak1216, Sep 09, 2010
Pramipexole is also used to treat restless legs syndrome (RLS; a condition that causes discomfort in the legs and a strong urge to move the legs, especially at night and when sitting or lying down). Pramipexole is in a class of medications called dopamine agonists. It works by acting in place of dopamine, a natural substance in the brain that is needed to control movement,   Just throwing this out there, so far this has worked AWSOME for me, ( does have weird side effects ) but so worth it,slept all night the first night :0)

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by jshaw888, Oct 20, 2010
I also was told to cut my sugar intake from a holistic doctor who took a urine test.   She told me my sugar levels were ridiculous even though i have no trace of diabetes. It's really hard because EVERYTHING in the common American diet is made of sugar.  But it has really helped.  The doctors can't figure out what the issue is.  I am also taking potassium pills and exercising.  I have noticed that on the days I have sugar my feet feel like they are burning all night.  I am able to sleep better when I am sugarfree.  I had an horrible pain that felt like my ankle was breaking when ever I tried to walk fast or exercise.  I have not had that pain since I cut the sugar out of my diet.  (btw I used to be a fruit juice aholic but it's just not worth it anymore).

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by jshaw888, Oct 26, 2010
Just giving an update.  i have been on the sugar free diet for two weeks now. I have improved 95% I haven't even used the orthotics that were prescribed to me earlier this year (400.00 my insurance co would not pay for them) Even eating 3 grapes set me back a day.  I am going to see a neurologist at the advice of two doctors. One at the office and another on this great site called ( you can talk to a real doctor and tell him all your problems for 24.00).  I would say that i was probably at about 85% back to normal with just the diet alone. but I have now been exercising  5 days a week for 2 weeks and I can really tell the difference.  Also I went in for blood testing because the doc said my white count was up too high.  That was scary so I continued to take the potassium vitamins and added an iron supplement to help my blood.  When I went in for the blood reading all my levels were at Normal.  Praise the Lord!  So now I am wondering a few things: are the circulation issues a result of me not having enough minerals like potassium and iron in my body for long periods of time or is it a result of the spinal surgery I had a few years ago.  Btw for immediate relief of the tingling and pain I started adding red pepper flakes to my food.  I don't like spicy food but it was better than not being able to sleep at night due to the circulation.

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by gary350, Oct 26, 2010
I have noticed the more I ride my bicycle the better my legs feel.  I just poke along at 10 mph.  I ride to the grocery store 2 miles round trip.  I ride to the bank, hardware store, taco bell, mexican restaruant, chinese restaruant, post office, several other place all are 6 miles round trip.  My goal use to be 10 miles every day it was not very hard poking along at 10 mph and it was fun.  I bought a use child trailer to pull behind my bike to haul groceries and other things.  Now I am riding 20 miles a day most of the time I leave my vehicle at home it saves me $50 a week not having to buy gasoline and my legs feel much better.  My legs have not hurt me at night in a very long time.  I quit riding for a while we had rain every day from March to July my legs started hurting again.  I started riding my bike again and like magic no leg pain at night when I was trying to sleep.  

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by mcjones, Nov 12, 2010
the back of my knee hurts when i get up. i can't sit too hurts when i get up. i can't squat and i can't  sit on the floor when my leg is folded. it seems like my vein is tearing apart. i have this pain for months now and i am going to see my neurology next week. i am hoping that the doctor knows whats wrong with my leg. at first also, both of my leg like in flame..burning..on fire. i had my blood test and find out i am lack of vitamin D. i am taking Vit D once a week 50,000IU but
my left leg back knee hurts so bad that i feel like i want to cut my leg. i cannot jump in my bed..i have to slowly climb up with my right leg. i have to support my left leg.. it is so hard to explain the pain... my back knee feels  like i am tearing my veins  if i fold my leg. i had x tray and ultra sound but  doctor cant find anything. anyone there like me?

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by anna762, Dec 01, 2010
Well, my moms' knees and every thing hurt.  Once claimed to have a torn meniscus, she quit taking supplements with iron in them and felt fine those days.  So, we don't use even low-iron tabs any more.  She gets jittery from any kind of caffeine.  I can imagine because she drinks wine some days and the FDA is taking away drinks with alcohol and caffeine put together in them, especially the 'sport drink' kind.  So, that makes sense.  She never actually smoked herself and changing the subject a little here: gags from, say: Maalox syrups but she's thinking about making taffy tomorrow.  Now, back a little: her right side rib hurt last night as she turned in bed, and though I've had that, she has not.  I told her how: with her being cold so much et al, to try some epsom salts in her hot bath tonight.  I guess she did.  'A nice bath' she thought.  But didn't really notice a difference.  Strange as she even felt the bathroom was the right temperature.  Oh well,...she, for 'who knows how long' has been using lighter weight knitting needles and crocheting than true knitting, due to what she feels is or was the start of carpal tunnel syndrome.  Otherwise a true Mcdonald's drive thru' eater before work a few days a week, plus some, anything could be the problem.  And she hates grocery stores, so, hardly ever shops.  Forgets to make my dad a list and has head tremors by which means she takes Trazodone.  Can hardly take any herbal pills at night for her achy legs because they won't stay down. " No problem I guess and they're expensive at times, but Tylenol P.M??"  Any way, nothing serious right now.  She's in the kitchen enjoying a small cup of Yogi Chai Rooibos Tea.

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by donna91, Dec 29, 2010
I have pain in my right leg and knee i have been struggling with the pain for a year now, but it has gotten wrost nothing helps i don't know what to do if i stand more than two hours i have to lay down the rest of the day then i can't lay down too long the pain comes back then when i try to stand up my legs are stiff and tight........Help!


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by Nmood2talk, Jan 01, 2011
I have had trouble with leg pain for as long as I can remember, tingling and burning, feels like there is a current of electricity running up and down my legs - I always think of it like a car with its idleing up too high - legs aren't going but there's rev ving up and down my legs - hard to sleep at night - sometimes have to get up to take baths but when I get out same problem - worse it's worse when I'm lying down and don't know if it's because I'm not up and going and there's nothing to keep my mind on other things - BUT I THINK I'VE FOUND SOMETHING THAT WORKS!  amazing to me and I'm not putting too much stock in it because I'm 49 and I've suffered this even as young as a teen and probably all my life  ...
Please research this so there's no adverse effects - but I like to read about nutrition and supplements and alternative remedies - I started taking apple cider vinegar because it supposedly helps metabolism as well as numerous other things - I've been taking it for at least a week (look it up on Webmd even -)  about 2 capfuls with water - (supposedly not good to take straight - hard on teeth - throat - etc. )   I am noticing an AMAZING difference in my legs - I have so much more energy - it's controlling my hunger and I'm not taking the medicine that I was using for my legs (Cymbalta helped some at first but when I missed a day or two my legs hurt more than they ever had before I started taking the meds - I was prescribed that type of depression med because the doctor thougoht I had fibromyalgia and or restless legs and although it helped at first - missing a dose or 2 the pain was SO MUCH MORE WORSE and I still had pain when I took it just not as severe - I am going to ask the doctor about a different depression medicine if I need it - but not only was my pain worse when I was off of it - missing a day or 2 of cymbalta gave my very bad dreams - and these zaps - like little charges in my head that were so terrible so I was wanting to get off of it and get something that didn't seem so addictive - so please look it up - apple cider vinegar and don't get off your depression med without talking to doctor even though I've never felt better and it also says it helps with depression but I can tell you (oh one site might even have been WebMd says it helps with detox so thats why I think I'm not feeling the terrible effects of missing 2 doses of cymbalta - but anyway read about it first because you have to be careful of not taking too much but after at least a week of the apple cider vinegar - I have more energy that I can ever remember - helps my appetite and my legs definitely feel better - and I've felt so hopeless at times with my legs before this - j ust read up on it and God bless and I hope you personally find help for you because restless legs or fibromyalgia or whatever we may or may not have is so terrible especially when after a hard day its worse when we should be able to rest - oh I also take Cinnamin supplements read up on that too - and I've been to internal med doctors, regular doctors, vein specialist, neurologists - with only meds - pats on the head  seems like no answer that can be shown on a test - blood work fine - I"ve had nerve conduction tests done - MRIs etc - God bless please share if know anything about this and please read up before you try it - so you can be careful - says it may interact with drugs - what drugs don't have risks - but I was ready for an answer and this seems to help - still praying about it - Libby PS I did try requip but gave me verbal tics like I would say things or make noises over and over in my sleep or when just going to sleep

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by PAIN13, Jan 02, 2011
im going crazy with this pain> i cry myself to sleep> i cant take it no a young mother of 5 and never took prenatle vitamins...but even as a child i recall always kicking in my sleep always uncomfortable> i sleep with my knees to my chest in the most akward ways..i feel as if my muscles r allmessed up but then again i am also calcium deffiecint> i dont know what to do> any home remedies cuz im not a pill popper> it mostly hurts in my outer thigh areas> i pray for everyones pain i feel u all completely> any feedback ;D(

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by gypsygirl1955, Jan 18, 2011
I am 56 years old and have been going through the same thing for as long as I can remember. 4 years ago I had the radio frequency done on my veins for the RSL and it worked!'s now back but worse. Along with the creepy crawling feeling in my legs, they now hurt, and I can actually feel something going on inside my veins every time I get a shooting pain that takes me and my office by surprise with each new gasp. I too don't see much help on this site except to know that I am not alone with this problem. All I want is a good nights sleep just once! Without pain, without shaking my legs, without the tossing and turning. I am not comfortable with all the drugs everyone wants to thow at me so I take nothing. I am not in the mood to pick and choose which side effect I want to have due to taking their drug of choice for me. I am on my way to another doctor and will post if I hear anything new.
I will pray we find something, someone can do for all of us.

1077448 tn?1255852758
by Coyotebleu, Jan 27, 2011
Hello Everyone,

I have similar problems with mostly my Rt knee/hip. I often HAVE to get out of bed and walk around a bit.
I've had chronic widespread pain for some years now. Diagnosed with Fibromyalgia back in 89. I did a
course of intraferon chemotherapy, which in my Neurologists words: "It was a toxic poison to your
nervous system." Since then, I have had every type of pain imaginable, all over my body. I've been
diagnosed with several auto-immune diseases, and the chemo knocked my Thyroid out.

I've always had a high tolerance for pain, and been healthy and active surfing/biking/dancing. I finally had
to go on narcotic (as low a dose as possible) pain relief, but this knee pain, not even the pain pills
can touch. There is no relief, except to get out of bed and walk, but alas! it hurts to walk lol and I am sooooo
very tired all the time, fighting the continual nerve pain anyway. I just want to KNOW WHAT this is, and try
to do something about it. I self massage, but it is hard to do, when my hands hurt as well. Nice to
know I'm not crazy. Doc said he might do an MRI, and I'm ready for something. I will try some of the
suggestions here.

Aloha, Noel

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by sarahmonkey, Feb 11, 2011
some one please help me!.. the back of my legs like right above my knee the back hurts badly i cant even lift my leg any more and it hurts to run.. what did  i do? i need help.


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by Genevieve506, Mar 26, 2011
There have been some good suggestions here and I think if you read all the posts you will find there are things worth trying.  I'm going to try cutting out the sugar, drinking water with cider vinegar, hydrating, compression hose, potassium, B vitamins, D vitamin, etc.  AND loosing weight.  That's the hardest, but well worth the effort.  With the exception of the young people posting here, getting old is a b****.  However, all of these suggestions will contribute to better overall health anyway, so what's the harm in trying them?  It's better than complaining and better than pharmaceuticals with multi side effects.  Peace everyone.  Hope we all find some relief.  Thank you to all for sharing.

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by MAKDYN, May 13, 2011
Does anyone here drink alot of coffee.  I find at times that when I cut down or quite my coffee consumtion (which is so darn hard) my feet and legs feel better.  I was WAY overweight for about 10 years and last year I did something about it. With a very athletic history, I started walking again at least several times a week,,,as well as exercycle every day, weight training and a better diet.  It started working,,,but slowly.  I'm 55 now and stronger than I've ever been, but legs still hurting too. I blame my stressful life also.  I'm not one to run to a doctor (no pun),,I don't think anyone knows my body better than I do. I'll take aspirin and advil on ocassion but not often. I hope my post can help someone,,,,I'm sure we all have pain, but it's all for slightly different reasons. Thanks everyone for contributing.

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by stunned_one, Oct 24, 2011
The outside of my feet, up my ankles, up the outside of my calves and to the outside of my thighs hurt terribly. Sometimes a pain shoots all the way up one side or the other. At night I can't sleep on either side of my body because my thighs and hips thump thump thump. It hurts so bad. I had a circulation test done and it was fine. I also have terrible pain and stiffness in the left side of the back of my neck to the base of my skull. Sometimes it hurts to turn my head and driving is miserable. When I'm sitting and stand up I have to get myself going because my legs hurt so bad. I take statins for cholesterol and I've been thinking about stopping it and continue to take the fish oil I've been taking for months. I also take a blood pressure med that has a diuretic in it. I've been thinking about stopping that too. I also have a lot of "noise" in my night bugs in the springtime humming in the distance. I'm 60, female, not overweight and I'm so tired of feeling this way. I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2001-02 but I really don't think that what is going on now has anything to do with it. I take Requip for RLS and have for many years so I don't think it's causing these probs. I did have some lab work done a few months ago and I had a vitamin D deficiency and also a Magnesium deficiency. Dr put me on a mega dose of D for 10 weeks and orange juice and Flinstone Vitamins for the Magnesium. Didn't make a diff.

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by rt55, Nov 09, 2011
i have this pain 2 and i cant sleep its 4 am here :( its bad  and i hate it

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by cassie472, Nov 12, 2011
I usually wake up around 3:00 A.M. and am usually up for the rest of the night. My pain is in the lower part of my legs below my knees, an aching pain that throbs. It usually lasts until I have to get up for work at 5:00 a.m. I always feel sleep deprived and am desperate for relief. Ibuprofin and Aleve do not help. I have also been prescribed a stronger pain medication, no relief. I went to an Orthopedic specialist. He performed an xray which showed nothing was wrong. He prescribed physical therapy which I have not started yet at this time. I am just very frustrated and am trying every I know to help including every natural supplement available. I can relate to what everyone is talking about.

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by floridagirl11, Dec 26, 2011
Try transdermal magnesium and rub it into your legs. Many people with leg pain or restless leg syndrome are deficient in magnesium even if their serum levels are normal and their symptoms will completely resolve with enough supplementation. Oral magnesium will not work like transdermal magnesium does and the oral can affect your bowl movements.

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by gary350, Dec 27, 2011
It may be hereditary I saw this on TV.  Leg pain runs in families they told the name of this hereditary condition on TV but I had no pencil or paper to write it down, now I have forgotten the name of this condition.  I can not set still in a chair I have to keep moving my legs to keep them from hurting.  I bought an exercise bicycle removed the brake device and anything that will rattle and make noise.  I also removed the seat and handle bars so I can set in my lazy boy chair and watch TV while I pedle the bike.  I had to tie a rope to the bike frame and tie it around my chair to keep the bike from sliding away.  I can watch TV and pedal the leg movement is all it takes to keep my legs from hurting.  I can pedle slow and easy that is all it takes to stop leg pain.  This also reduces leg pain at night when I am trying to sleep.  I also notice if I put too many blankets on my bed and my legs get too hot at night it makes my legs hurt.  I put a baby bed blanket on the top half of me so there is 1 layer of blanket less on my legs this keeps my legs slightly cooler than my body and I have less leg pain at night.  Pedling the bike ia a miricle cure for me.  I also notice a rocking chair works great too.  A hard wooden front porch rocking chair works 20 times better than a soft comfertable rocking chair.  The wooden rocking chairs with the woven fiber seats are more comfertable than a solid wood seat and it works fine too.

When my mother had parkinson's disease she use to shake all the time.  My sister got her some Marijuana 1 or 2 puffs of smoke is all it took to stop the shaking.  I remembered watching a TV show where they were experementing with Marijuana for pain and were having very good results so I got some Marijuana from my son and tried it.  Right before bed I take 2 hits of weed and thats all.  I sleep like a baby all night long.  Wow I have not slept this good since I was 10 years old.

DO NOT take Staton drugs all the time like most doctors say.  If you take staton drugs for only 30 days your cholesterol will drop to normal.  After than take only 1 staton pill 1 time per week.  Once you get cholesterol down it does not take much to keep it down.  Doctors never tell you this.  My doctor told me every person needs to experement a little to find out what works best for them, some people might need to take 2 staton pills per week and some people maybe only 1 pill every 2 weeks.  Stop eating fried foods, shrimp, crab, anything that causes high cholesterol.  I did not completely stop I like shrimp a couple times a year.

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by gary350, Dec 27, 2011
I almost forgot to mention Vinegar.  Take 1 tablespoon of vinegar every day.  Vinegar cleans the blood.  A tablespoon of vinegar is hard for me to take but vinegar on turnip greens and spinish is good.  I am not a pickel eater but I have been buying Bread & Butter pickels and eating lots of them.  Also take 1 baby aspirin every night before bed.  Alcohol cleans the blood too but don't drink alcohol with your medication.  Alcohol will be out of your system in about 2 hours it is ok to take your medication then.  Alcohol reduces vitamin B so take vitamin B if you drink alcohol.  Take vitamin C in the evening after dinner it reduces uric acid in the blood and uric acid can cause leg pain too.  If you have stomach problems take Ester-C it will not hurt your stomach like vitamin C.

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by Jeannette58, Feb 27, 2012
I have had pain down the side of my upper left leg for quite awhile now. It is so much worse when I sit for any length of time. I limp when I get up and walk around. I sleep on my side so I always try to sleep on my right side to avoid as much pain as possible. Now recently I am having pain on my right leg as well. I hurt all the time. Sleeping is very difficult. I have not gone to the doctor for this, but feel I need to do something. I didn't know so many others have similar pains in their legs as well.

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by kansan43, Mar 12, 2012
kansan43                                                                                                                                                                                                  ive had serious leg pain in my calves kept me up at night rubbing them seemed to work for a while instant relief but pain would come back within an hour or so i finally tryed fish oil 1000mg 3 times a day im tellin you this works 100%  i just want to convey this to anyone whos listening told my Dr. bout it he looked at me like i was crazy & laughed oh well i know this has been a miracle for me and hopefully for you please let me know if this has helped you ( ***@**** )

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by madelinerd, Mar 16, 2012
it helped

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by bobbi316, Mar 26, 2012
I wake up around 4 to 5 a.m. every morning, no matter how late I retire.  If I lie down after my 3 p.m. meds, I wake 2 hrs. later with such aching legs!  It's not RLS, I've had that in the past and it stopped by taking extra magnesium, after potassium didn't help.  I have had two spinal surgeries, one for curvature of the spine, and the other to repair the damage done by that surgery.  I had ended up after 18 months with a fractured spine and broken pelvis.  Dr. used cadaver bone as well as my hip bone to fill the cages that replaced the discs that had degenerated by then.  Back is fused L4-5 to S-1.  I did well for about 5 years, enjoying my gardening, grandkids and outings with them, etc.  But then the back pain started again, and neuropathy in right leg, foot and left foot.  Now they say my upper spine is degenerating.  If I try to walk more than 5 minutes without a cane or walker, I end up doubled over because I can't hold my upper body upright!  I get no help or empathy from my spouse, and have serious bouts of depression. I can't do my housework anymore, and my husband won't do it.  He also says he no longer loves me and wants a divorce.  This has happened since I've become ill.  I would LOVE to just get my life over with, I don't think anyone in my immediate family would care much, but suicide is a sin.  I guess what I'm asking, does someone know what to do for the leg pain, and how to deal with the helplessness I feel because of my illnesses.  I feel so lost.

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by Cptnel, Apr 09, 2012
See if this sounds familiar. A pain in the hip(all left side) that feels like someone is trying to pry the ball and socket apart, an intense pain in my knee, and an ankle that just throbs with pain all at the same time. Sleep ***** and I was always mad cause I hurt. 800 mg of ibuprofen turned into a 1000 plus. No good. Saw that someone else had similar problems. They were trying to lose weight and were drinking diet pops and fake sugars for long periods of time. They believed it had sucked so much calcium out of their body that lack of it caused the pain. I went and bought a bottle of 1000mg chewable calcium antacid and a bottle of 400iu pills of vitamin D. I chewed 5000 mg of calcium and 800iu of vitamin D(makes the calcium absorb).Within an hour this was the first time the pain had disappeared.Could care less why it works but it worked for now. Good luck!  Pain *****! Tell me if it works for you.

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by Jerzeygirl613, Aug 16, 2012
I have been suffering for years now the pain comes and goes. It's been mostly coming on doing the night as many of you I don't sleep. I tried muscle relaxers I've also tried pain pills nothing seems to help. Today was the first time I actually took a calcium pill and I will take the advice of some and start taking fish oil. I have a doctor appointment in the morning so hopefully he can tell me what's wrong. My pain is on both feet, front calf and travels to my ankles, feet and toes. I get a tingle feeling, knumbness and heat. I will now go on the elliptical for a few minutes and then rub them with muscle cream and prey to god I get a few hours of sleep.

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by SEXII_GIRL_SWAGGA23, Feb 04, 2013
My dads leg has been hurting him for 3 days now . But it fills like its asleep. Like you know how when ur hand falls asleep an yu shack it to wake it up an yu know that filling that hurts while shacking it. Well thats how it fills an like there is no circulation.. Can anyone tell me what that mite be?? Thank you so much.. ;)

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by Nedir, Feb 10, 2013
When Copper Bracelets are REAL Magic

But there is a minority of people who quite clearly get benefits from wearing copper. They will put on a bangle and within a week will feel much better: less pain and less inflammation in their joints. Why?

They are copper deficient - they can't extract enough from their food (or they have a copper-poor diet, not likely in the West), and
They have joint problems, which show as a rheumatic disorder like rheumatism or arthritis, and it's caused by copper deficiency.
These people will be calling copper treatment a 'magical experience', because their pain and swelling just go away, or at least, lessen, while they're wearing a copper bracelet. For them, it works!

The reason is simple - their bodies need copper and they can't get it from their food, so the copper they need for health is absorbed through their skin. The bracelet is acting as a skin patch, in the same way as a drugs patch is used by your doctor. In fact, you don't need a bangle - any bare copper item pressed against your skin will work. An old remedy was to wind copper wire round your knuckles.

Let's be clear about this - if you're not in need of copper, there's no benefit. But if your body craves copper, the bangle will provide it as long as the inside of the bracelet, against your skin, is bare copper. And the result is magic!

It doesn't need to be pure copper - a copper-containing coin or brass item will work. In fact, most copper bracelets are a copper-zinc alloy, for strength and because zinc doesn't give the allergic reaction that some people get from nickel, the other common alloying metal - think cupro-nickel coins, that we usually call 'silver'.

The Best Reason to Try a Copper Bracelet

So if you have some kind of rheumatic complaint, it must be worthwhile trying this simple and harmless therapy alongside anything else. Just a week with a cheap copper bangle (or borrow one!) will tell you whether it's going to be useful - the results kick in that fast if you need the copper, but there'll be no result if you don't, other than having to wash off the black deposits from your wrist.

I use and sell the best magnetic bracelets on the market, Bioflow (because they use the hospital-type flux-changing method) - and people often buy them for arthritis or rheumatism. When people ask me whether copper is better, I always give the same answer:

"Try a cheap copper bangle for a week and see if it relieves your pain. If it does, it may not give you all the help you need - there are many other kinds of arthritis than copper-deficiency, and you can have more than one at the same time. So if you're still in pain after the week's trial, come back to me."

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by MrsFabulous, Jun 22, 2013
Please someone help! Both of my feet mainly the sole of my feet hurt so bad, I stand a lot at work but also sit, I really don't' feel pain while I'm working but once I get home my feet hurt so bad I soak them in hot water with Epson salt and it feels really good I relax for about an hour and once I get up OMG!  I feel like an old lady, it hurts so bad I can hardly walk. While I'm sitting, laying down or sleeping I feel no pain but once I get up in the morning instead of my feet feeling nice and rested once I touch the floor they hurt and I can hardly walk, you figure they shouldn't hurt after they have been rested for so many hours, eventually the pain goes away  but then again the evening comes and it starts again, what is wrong with me?  I feel that maybe its my age but I'm 40 years old, I know people a lot older than me and don't have this problem.

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by gary350, Jun 23, 2013
I spent 40 years standing and walking on cement floors at work.  Now I am retired I can walk on grass, dirt, rock fine no pain at all but any type hard surface like cement or asphalt hurts my feet.  When I get out of bed in the morning my feet hurt so bad I have to hold on to things to stand up. It hurts so bad I can barely stand it.  The first few steps are the worse but each step gets better and after 30 steps it does not hurt so bad anymore.  I went to a lot of shoe store no help from anyone but one day I found a shoe store called Happy Feet.  They asked me questions and let me try on about 20 pairs of shoes.  I found one that felt very good.  Then they let me try several shoe inserts, WOW my feet felt 20 years younger.  Shoes were $140 and the inserts were $115.  My feet felt great and did not hurt at all for 6 months.  Shoes get old and inserts lost there padding $250 every 6 months is going to get expensive.  I found the same shows on Ebay for $60.  I tried several things to replace the pad and discovered felt worked best.  For about $65 I was all set new shoes and felt ready to walk another 6 months.  I made a cardboard pattern I can trace with a pencil to cut out inserts the inserts don't last long and they are the best help.  Carpet pad works fine for a week.  1 or 2 layers of felt works good too.  Several layers of soft cloth works.  Envelope packing works good for about 1 day. The shoe insert helps to put even pressure on the whole bottom of your, foot feels very good when I walk and it makes a 95% reduction in pain when I get out of bed.  Get you some good shoes and some inserts that feel good.  Then experiment with padding, find something cheap and easy to make your self and replace yourself.  Next time you need new shoes try on several pairs at the shoe store then go home and buy the shoes you like on ebay for half the price.  I also learned from experimenting the EE shoe width makes my feet fell much better and leaving the shoe strings very loose helps too.  When I am not at work my shoes are off, I do better with no shoes.  I also experimented with socks the thick soft loose fit ones are best.  Sometimes at home I take off my shoes and put on 3 pairs of socks.  All those socks feel like foam rubber padding. With the EE width shoes I can ware thick soft socks that helps too.  

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by debbie972, Aug 23, 2013
I have had this problem with my legs since I was a teenager in High School. It started out being just legs cramps, or that is what I thought, and now it has progressed to something worse. It really doesn't bother me too much during the daytime, but as soon as nite time comes, or when I try to go to bed, they really bother me, and sometimes to the point that I cannot sleep. I have had this problem for sometime now, and it is eventually getting worse. I have tried everything, the vinegar, putting pillows between my legs, and nothing has really helped. The requip has helped in the past, but I don't take it no more. I feel like mine has developed into something more serious. It could be a nuerological problem, I don't know, but I really do need some advice on what to do. Thank you!

1195183 tn?1314198746
by Katiez123, Aug 13, 2014
I had forgotten about the aching knees and legs for a while.  I just started an extremely physical job, working as a maid in a hotel after not working at all for many years due to depression and a sleep disorder.  I was OK during the day and night on days I worked.  Other than having an aching lower back late in the day and into the evenings on days where I worked.  But the first day off and subsequent days off produced what I can only cal Severe Flu like symptoms of extreme body aches in the front of my shins and the front of my thighs as well as the top of the ankle and front of the knee.  This also was in the front of the wrist, top of the hand and outside of the elbow and the muscles and tendons in the area that would be considered the top or outside of the lower arms.  The toes and fingers were only slightly involved.  The pain was so bad that it felt like someone was ripping the muscles off the bone. The pain was sort of relieved by movement but the muscles were so sore that they got tired really fast.  As soon as I stopped moving, the pain was back.   My knees are very swollen and the ankles are a little swollen.  Worse in the left leg.  There was also some relief from self massage of the calf muscle and around the front of the knees but the muscles in my arms would get too tired and I would have to stop.  The symptoms of pain were preceded by a pretty extreme fatigue that had me falling asleep with my morning coffee after getting more than 9 hours of sleep.  But as I fought sleep the pain magnified and woke me right up.  I was talking with my Fiance and he remembered me trying a cup of Turmeric Tea and what it had done for my sore knees months ago.  I had forgotten all about it.  I had my son make it up for me.  I will post the recipe that I use below.  This has worked again for me today in only the way a forgotten high dose of 80 mg of long acting Oxycontin along with 40 mg of breakthrough Oxycontin feels but without the side effects of feeling drugged or getting constipated.  I have come way down on the use of pain killers as I felt they caused me too many side effects and I now take only 10 mg of long acting morphine twice a day along with the occasional breakthrough or Fast acting in 10 mg .  I hope to drop all of that soon.  I believe a lot of this is caused from the foods we eat and seem to have less problems if I keep wheat, gluten and most dairy out of my diet.

6 cups of water in a saucepan,
1 slightly heaping teaspoon of turmeric.  

Bring to the boil and turn down to low and let simmer uncovered for 10 minutes.  
Pour into a coffee or tea cup and flavor with lemon and honey to taste.  

1195183 tn?1314198746
by Katiez123, Aug 13, 2014
I forgot to mention how fast the Turmeric tea worked for me... Honestly, within 5 minutes I could feel a difference.  I mentioned how well it worked... Like a high dose 80 mg of long acting Oxycontin with 40 mg of fast acting taken at the same time.  It was nearly instant for me... I had my son bring it and before I had drank 2 ounces, I was already feeling the relief.  That is FAST!!  Much faster than any pain reliever I have ever used.  Faster than any hot bath, faster than any massage.  Within 10 minutes, the effect was nothing short of amazing and I was pain free with no side effects.

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by moejoe1963, Nov 13, 2014
I have detersive disk damage and problem with synoptic nerve I took a really long bath last night  got out and felt like the back of my legs were being  bit and then had a panic attack maybe some can help m on this

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by Thankful2, May 25, 2015
I've read that the new "smoking" is "sitting". Smoking was what they talked about as so bad for our health. Now it's sitting. We were not meant to sit so much like we do at our jobs and at home these days. We get tight muscles in our hips, glutes, and hamstrings. Just google tight hamstrings and you'll get all kinds of exercises. Here are some ideas: (1)They are producing new chairs (stools) to sit on that can help when you are at  your desk. You can find these active chairs at: . (2) VARIDESK produces a device for the top of your desk that will open in 3 seconds (going up) so you can stand move back and forth from sitting and standing. Find it at:                  (3) Another great idea is to go to: by Gary Crowley and he has great exercises for almost anything!  You can also tell an expert like Gary your problem and he will answer. Go to and state your question.  I'm getting some relief but it takes time and patience and exercise. I have had to build my "core" which was very weak from sitting. I also do exercises every day which helps. (4) I've also found that prayer and yoga help me and will get my mind and body in a peaceful place instead of feeling like a victim. Try this 15 minute yoga stretch by Brett Larkin; it feels great:    (5) Chiropractic adjustment has also helped me. I go to a practice called "Maximized Living". They have them all over the country and they takes a 5 Step Holistic approach, which includes how you eat. Go to this website to find one:  Physical Therapy can also be helpful to loosen 'tight muscles'.  (6) Finally a warm bath or shower feels good and helpful with tight muscles. I some epsom salts to help achy legs.  There is hope and help out there. I refuse to just take pain pills and do nothing. May God bless you.

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by Caffersgail, Jul 27, 2015
I've read all the comments way back from 2010 and I can certainly feel for and understand the intense pain everyone has gone through. I want to share what is presently helping me. I take products from the Healthy Back Institute  called Heal and Soothe and  Joint support. No dangerous drugs. Please check them out. I know you'll find help like I am. God bless you all.

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by blue52eyes, Aug 08, 2015
I do know how you all are feeling, I have been going through this pain in the legs & arms but, also in the back, hands, feet and pretty much m6 entire body. My heart goes out to all of you I understand the pain and frustration, I have been going through this for many years, I keep pushing on no matter how bad it hurts because I'm so afraid if I stop I won't be able to get started again. Now, I'll ask you if any of you were ever given a skin biopsy to see if there was an underlying problem? Well I was and it came back positive for an autoimmune disease called Small Fiber Neuropathy which has no cure and also causes lack of thermal and pain sensations, neuropathic pain and I could go on it is very painful, I do hope I've been helpful, good luck to all, GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!

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by Kev38105, Jan 18, 2016
I just recently(2 weeks) started getting leg pains when I sit or lye down, and I also just started waking up at night with horrible leg pains (3 days) only to walk around until it starts feeling better, lying back down then walking again once it hurts again. I'm now going to take these suggestions and try to eat a healthier diet and drink more water, I've already started losing weight before this (about 10 pounds now) and I'll also try the vinagre. I'll try to eat my daily amount of vitamins and such, but I'll keep some vitamin supplements if I don't get my daily amount. Hope this works and I'll tell you guys later on if it helps.

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by Tiptop54, Feb 21, 2017
I am 45 years old and I am having terrible pain in both of my legs They hurt all day long and it is hard for me to sit in a chair or get out of a chair or climb the stairs or even get on and off the toilet.The worse is at night time.They hurt so bad that I can not sleep.They become heavy and filled with pain and I can not even lift them or change positions.I have not slept in about a month and I feel like I want to kill myself that's how bad the pain is.I do have rheumatoid arthritis and I normally take different medications for it,but I am having problems with my insurance and haven't be able to see my doctor of get my medications for about three months.Can someone please help me I am at the end.

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by PainfulLegs, Jan 05, 2018
I'm in my 40s, have had leg pain since I was a kid, basically aching legs at night time.  Elevating my legs helped.   About ten years ago my night time aching legs started getting a lot worse but improved a lot when wife massaged legs.  That all said, pain got a lot worse in past 5-6 months and feet started hurting to walk on, mostly in the mornings.  I have tried various things over past couple months:
1) stopped drinking alcohol - didn't help, thank God  :-)
2) took turmeric - didn't help
3) started taking fish oil - didn't help but I think I'll keep taking it for other health benefits
4) took advil, doesn't really help, maybe a little
5) wore compression socks at night - didn't help
6) started exercising more - helps, but not 100%
7) stopped drinking coffee / caffeinated  drinks - helps a LOT, I highly recommend you try this!  I was drinking 4-5 cups per day.

Based on posts, here are some more things which seem promising and which I think I'll try:
1) cut back on sugar intake
2) take potassium pills each day
3) take two capfuls of apple cider vinegar diluted with water each day
4) drink lots of water each day
5) use a 'standing desk' at work instead of sitting all day

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