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Jul 30, 2013 - 4 comments

While bd last night i got a pain and when i checked it out i found a few small cysts.  Had it before on my cervix and never a problem, and a few years back noticed this one on the wall of my vagina and asked one of the insensitive gynos after my mc to check it out and she said she didn''t see it so i moved on.   Well, it was noticeable last night.  Also have had so many yeast infections and just sensitive days in there this year.  We didn't bd for so long as I'd been sick and now this.  I know I don't drink enough water, but is there something else i should be doing, eating to help my health down there?  Like car maintenance aside from the usual pap?  Thought you gals would know best!  Appreciate any advice.

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790669 tn?1465189099
by Des_a_rae, Jul 30, 2013
If you can feel them yourself, I'd be seeking a 2nd opinion. I know when it's time for ovulation for me aside from the normal O pains in my ovaries, I'll check to see if my cervix is open sometimes..and at times I've felt this weird bump right above my opening (I'm sorry for the graphic details), it's small of course, nothing huge.  I'm not sure what it is, but just always assumed that since it's only there certain times it's probably nothing to worry about.  Hopefully yours is nothing to worry about BUT better to be safe than sorry.  Definitely worth mentioning to a new dr. and if it's nothing at least you'll know and it'll put your mind at ease, but if it's something (praying nothing serious) then they can do something about it.   I'm sure we could use maintenance times anyways lol.  Unlike a car at every 3000 miles to get our oil changed..At times we need our hair cut and styled if prefer and our looks is the least of our's waht's inside that's more important. :)   Best of luck hun, please keep me posted and praying it's nothing serious!!

1351078 tn?1416313146
by retta483, Jul 30, 2013
could be a polyp  id get a 2nd opinion . sometimes they are in such a hurry unless you bring something to their attention  they skip over it .  saying a prayer for you xx

1386765 tn?1451164337
by pb95, Jul 30, 2013
Thanks you guys.  I just don't like how sensitive the whole area is and thought maybe I'm neglecting something.  I can't get in til the endof August so I'm not goign toworry about it unti then.  Maybe it is my ph levels?  

334926 tn?1436811523
by butterflybabies, Jul 30, 2013
I'd get a second opinion. Hope it's nothing to bad and you can get it taken care of

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