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MS diagnosis * Blood test * Tysabri

Aug 01, 2013 - 0 comments

Multiple Sclerosis


early diagnosis

I had my second steroid IV treatment today and my fiance has said she sees a difference in my balance (not stumbling as much, but still off) and my "right sixth nerve palsy" is getting better, but still doubled.

The Certified Physicians Assistant confirmed that I do in fact have MS. She said there were several lesions on my brain and neck/spine. They showed up on my brain and cspine mri. She said the lesions on my neck/upper spine are the reason why I have such awful balance. The lesions on my brain are responsible for my double/blurry vision.

She assured me that I would be approved by the TOUCH (?) program since I am self-pay, unable to work due to the illness, and have no insurance. I hope she is being up front with me. They seem like really good doctors, very helpful and concerned.

I had a blood test today to check for the JC virus and will have more blood work done tomorrow to check my Vitamin D levels. If I don't have the virus she wants to get me started on Tysabri as soon as i'm approved, as I am running out of funds to pay for all of this.

I love this community and will continue to keep my profile updated. This community has helped me tremendously.

Advice is greatly welcomed!

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