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Today in the city!

Apr 25, 2009 - 2 comments

had a great day today in the city, i started off very nervous, was late for the train so that didnt start well, but got it and was anxious for about 10 minits, then went to sit down the carrage i was in was empty so  was fine and just listened to music that relaxes me and makes me smile, then i got to the city and felt very scared, for some reason when i wear sunglasses i seem to be more relaxed like im looking at it through a tv or something, so i walked into the city and was actually fine, my nerves went away and the fresh air and sun shine made me very happy and relaxed, then i met up with my partner and went for a coffee (not good i no, but it was small!) it felt so weird to be in the city again among people, was the first time in a long time i felt good, and like me again, cos the last time i totally lost it in that exact situation! think its the pills but i no some of it was up to me to, got a second train for 10 minits which was pretty full and i was fine again :) staying here over night now and will go back to town tomorrow and the zoo then home, i really hope it all goes as well as today.. now im here im still very nervous but i think, its ok, i am bound to be after the day i just had, i cant believe i did so much i could cry im so happy..... maybe im getting better... :)

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by juliesculpt, Apr 25, 2009
That makes me so happy to hear...i am very excited for you, and I think it will just keep getting better from here on out:) Positive thinking can make a world of difference, along with good breathing and meditation practice. It is inspiring to hear your succcess stories, so keep posting!

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by md135, Apr 26, 2009
Thanks :) im back home now, had such a great time, i could NOT believe it!!! :) did great at the zoo today to, i dont no what happening to me, god im so happy! so is my fiance!  :)

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