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Shot 25, Week 25 (04-24-09)  Passed the 1/2 way mark.

Apr 25, 2009 - 2 comments

Took my 25th shoot last night which means I'm starting week #25 of 48.  Not feeling so bad today.  The procrit must have kicked in after 2 full weeks.  It seemed like the 9.1 hb was tolerable even though I was soooooo tired and moved sooooo slow.  But, when the hb dropped to 9.0, ugh!  Of course, by that time I was taking the procrit and may have been feeling sx from that, I'll never know.  

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by meakea, Apr 26, 2009
I'm glad you passed the half-way mark!!  Keep up the great progress.

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by eureka254, Apr 26, 2009
Congrats! That 1/2-way mark is behind you now! Hubby's on the same schedule as you... did #25 Friday.  He's doing the slow-mo and has been the last two weeks, but no call from the nurse yet about procrit (he's feeling like death warmed over, but he doesn't want another shot either, so he's happy waiting).  Glad you're feeling better! Best wishes, ~eureka

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