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Jaxon is almost 8 months

Aug 05, 2013 - 1 comments

WOW i feel so lost. its been 5 months since I have been on here. I feel so bad. I miss reading and chatting with all the women here. It was so supporting and I wish I was able to do that for others. I have been so busy with my happy little family that I really dont have time even for facebook. The only reason I may get on there is because of my cell phone. I have NO time for my laptop any more. I am lucky to even take a 10 min shower. I am lucky to even get a 5 min one. LOL. Well I got a little journal in today. but now it seems I got to get off, one of the kids needs me. Hope to be back sooner. medhelp has helped so much with all the woman and chatting and being able to vent. I felt like I had more people to talk to her than I ever had her at home with people I see face to face. Virtual friends have been more real people that I can trust and talk to than my own friends, which really *****. After having 3 kids life is over whelming and there is not a single person I can befriend that doesnt have an agenda. I can get on here and be myself and not feel like I am being judged for any decision. So I will be trying much harder to get back on here even though I will not be TTC any more. My experiances the last few years scared me enough to know when to call it quits while I was ahead but I hope to be able to help others. But I can get into the breast feeding groups

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by LovemyKids86, Aug 06, 2013
Can't believe he is already 8 months!!! Time flies! Aliyah is 10 months already :(

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