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Pathology report

Aug 05, 2013 - 0 comments

pathology report






follicular oncocytic



Have just got the pathology report. Big lobe removed 135 gm!!!!!!. At present, the differential diagnosis lies between a follicular carcinoma (oncocytic variant) and a follicular adenoma (oncocytic variant) - Lacks a well defined capsule . A second opinion is being requested  before a final diagnosis is proposed. Having actually read the full histopathology report, it does not read as a benign tumour - then again I am not an expert and I have to trust the clinicians concerned in their interpretation and follow-up treatment.
I suppose the question I am asking is whether this diagnosis could have been made sooner. The  initial FNA taken 8 months ago indicated a Hurthle cell lesion. Did I really need a second FNA just to then confirm that the lesion had become worse or should surgery have been proposed a lot sooner after the first FNA.  My reading of the literature is that some investigators propose that all Hurthle cell lesions are neoplastic any way and have a tendency to become malignant. Again with all this waiting time for investigations and surgery, has the tumour just very rapidly become worse during that time? ( From my initial GP request to surgery is  9months)

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