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Little Bean is Stickin....GO BABY BEAN!!!

Apr 08, 2008 - 0 comments

9 weeks 3 days today. Yes. Baby doppled Heartbeat, YES! Strong and there. I am so excited. My bleed is being described as thin and or small, depending on which Dr.'s interpretation I use.

I am still cramping everyday and spotting brown now on occasion.

Morning Sickness is kicking my butt. Nausea, Fatigue, Irritability, Hungry for everything, then not wanting anything.

DH and I are doing ok. He has his moments and I have mine. Neverthless we love one another and we are excited and concerned about the baby.

They say the chaces of miscarry decreases a little more when a heartbeat can be identified by doppler.

DS is excited about his little sister (sex unknown), which he goes back and forth between brother or sister. He has been sticking with the sister desire for the last few days.

3 weeks 6 days until the beggining of the 2nd trimester.

I just thank the Lord for his precious miracle.   I myself have picked out first names, but I will get the DH on board around and in the 2nd Trimester. Name are a sticky subject with us...Long story...So I will save that for when the battle comes.

Names:  Jeremiah for a Boy  or Sar'ai for a Girl

I perfer all my childrens names to have a biblical basis. My first born is Elijah

Ok..Until Next Time.....God Bless

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