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Mother of all Migraines

Aug 06, 2013 - 0 comments

Took Tramadol again and ended up with a headache again.  This one was worse than before.  Waited until late evening and took a second one.  Bam!  Migraine!!  Worst one in a looong time.  Took a Zomig and went to bed.  ended up sitting in my chair through much of the night waiting it out.  Vomited a few times.  Took second Zomeg at 3:30am.  Worked like a dream...that is the most blessed feeling.

I still want to figure out how I can take Tramadol but I sure am afraid I can't.  I see that I can take the Oxy without itching but the Tramadol would be so much easier!  Bah.  Wed surgery in 2 hrs.

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