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Having been here in such a long time..!

Aug 07, 2013 - 1 comments

I haven't been here is a loooooong time..! But I need to get stuff off my chest and this is the best place to do it. I have such a bad baby fever. Just found out that my best friend is pregnant with #2 and I'm really happy and exited for her, but makes me wish I was there too. I want another baby, but I went through so much with my first pregnancy that I'm afraid of trying again. Plus after the baby, my blood pressure stayed high, so getting pregnant now is crazy..,


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by Vency, Oct 10, 2013
Hi Hon... Just seeing this. I totally understand about baby fever.  My son is only 10.5 months and I'm ready to be pregnant with #2.  I have high blood pressure too and I got pregnant and had my baby with no issues.  I even stayed on my same meds the whole pregnancy.  They just increased the dose for one of them.
How is Ariana doing?  You never updated after she had surgery.

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