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Apr 27, 2009 - 1 comments

post tx


post treatment

Yesterday was average, felt like I had a 'hangover' and my eyes really hurt all day.  Maybe not enough sleep and changing down from 2 sleepers to one?  Definitely felt a little stronger in my legs although I could still hear my heart beat whooshing in my ears when I leaned forward.  Sever aching in wrists, elbows and neck, have made an appointment with an osteopath.

Today was better than any Monday in recent memory, did not have the 'want to pass out' feeling that had become customary on Mondays.  Felt my mind was clearer and sharper and I was able to concentrate on work for longer periods of time.  Slept a little better but still waking at 4am and having trouble going back to sleep.  Refuse to take more than one sleeper so will just have to push on through.  Also noticed I was a little sharp in some of my conversations with others, maybe even a little belligerent?

Sense of overheating during the day but am not running a fever.  It was very humid today so that could be it, or the menopause is going to kick back in.  I'm delaying going back on the progesterone for at least a couple of weeks to see if I can get a clearer picture.

Hair appears to be changing texture again and it's not sticking out at all angles any more.  Hoping it will start to grow more quickly soon.  Also noticed my hands do not appear or feel as dry.  Don't have to go to the loo as much and not getting up during the night to go to the bathroom.  Also started on some supplements yesterday.  Turned my pee fluorescent!

Onward and upward.  Looking forward to seeing what comes my way tomorrow.  Feels great to not be a slave to the meds and the clock anymore.  

Dreaming of a holiday soon, a real one...  Starting with a day off work on Wednesday to take care of some personal business, now that I am getting my brain back!

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by meakea, Apr 27, 2009
You go girl!  It's great to hear of people having improvement day by day.  Keep up the great progress.

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