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Small setback  ~ but coping.

Apr 27, 2009 - 1 comments


Insomnia spoiled the night & the effects carried over to today. Couple of minor irritations ignored & will 'force myself to run this afternoon. This will perk up my mood & overide the mood swings. Not every day can be perfect, so this one will be less than that, but I know there are better days ahead. By 'force myself to run' I mean that I'll just get into my running kit & then GO. Self-discipline's still there, & I'll be careful not to push too hard.'Nothing Great is Easy' applies here. Always better to continue to struggle than to give in. Gofio

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by mavismoomoo, Apr 28, 2009
"Always better to continue to struggle than to give in", that's my motto too, especially when my workouts are poor. I say hey, at least I tried my best so I will be content . Mavis

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