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After accute withdrawl

Apr 08, 2008 - 1 comments

This is so much harder than the accute withdrawl i feel like i have post pardom depression all over again I keep asking my self whats next? i guess befor it was all ways wheres the next i am having to find what is really next What did i do for fun befor? what made me feel good? what made me feel like i had some thing to look forward to?I know this is just part of the process and it will pass as did post pardom but this is the real battle the accute withdrawl is just inniciation!

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by Stupidmom1, Jul 10, 2009
I am also going through a major depression after getting off 300 mcg of Fentenyl. I just wish someone could tell me how long i am going to feel depressed, not wanting to get out of bed. I detoxed as slow as possible, this did not happen the last time. i just want to know when I am going to feel normal again.

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