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Zoo on sunday!

Apr 27, 2009 - 0 comments

so, after my great day in the city saturday, i took another big step and went to the zoo on sunday, it went well, waiting on the train again i was nervous, was with my fiance so felt a bit more nervous im not sure why, but was fine on the train bit nervous and tight throat but sucked some mints and i was ok, walked through the city to the zoo was very very tired after that, got very bad headache and pains so that worried me a bit cos whe walking i was alone till i got to the zoo, but there i sat down and got food so i was ok again, going around was fine, there were people there, at times a lot, but i was totally fine i stayed calm and relaxed and had a great time, later going for lunch in the restaurant i did however get very nervous it was extremely busy so i couldnt order food, i had to get my partner to do it. after we lwft i was fine apart drom being very tired, got the train back and say in the middle of the train with other people and i was fine i did so well and was so proud of what i did! i couldnt believe i did any of it... but those two days will stay with me for a long time, best two days in a long time :)

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