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Friday August 9th 2013

Aug 09, 2013 - 0 comments


You are so very intuitive, Dorothy! Not writing in a Journal has caused all kinds of havoc with my diet and exercise routine. I have been better with my medication and sleep meds. So, of course. the sleep routine has been so much better. The switch from Cymbalta to Effexor is going ok. I will be happy when I am on the a good dose of the Effexor. Which I may be on now. I am not sure. I see Jan Monday. I have been so involved with making cards for church. and playing with Moose.  Trying out new ways of making the Bears for the cards. I am pushing the envelope a bit. And having a blast. I had a seizure Sunday. So, I have been a bit scattered this week. I started working with Courtney on Tuesday. We walked for a few blocks. Then worked with the 2 lb weights and my arms! It Feel Good!  NaNaNaNaNaNaNa!  Until about 2 o'clock this morning! Courtney came by again, Thursday.  We walked up to and thru the cemetery.  Then, back to Evergreen. And, then did the arm things! Whoa! Felt GoooooD! Like I said, Until, 2am Friday Mornin'.LOL!  We did most of the same exercises as Tuesday.  But, I must have overdone somethin'! Oh well! Here comes the frozen peas!  I have been losing the weight that I re-gained some how last week!  Boy!  what a :Pit!  I really don't know what happened. I have been drinking the 64oz of water daily.  Sometimes, even more.  But, I ran out of Yogurt!  That is the only thing different in my diet. This Week I have added fresh Raspberries, Strawberries, red grapes, yellow and orange peppers, tomatoes on the vine, Moose's Favorite!, Blueberries, Baby Spinach, Bananas.  I have had a small fruit/vegetable Protein Smoothie everyday! My blood Sugar Levels have been very stable. Low 100's. 106-124! Right where  they need 2 B!  So, I am right on track 4 weightloss. Since the 6th of June, I have lost 18lbs!  Hopefully, By Tuesday, it will be 20! The Nutritionist would like 2 see a 1 to 2 lb loss per week. So, I had better get Losing!    

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