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4 Days Post

Apr 28, 2009 - 3 comments

A better day all round, despite not getting enough sleep, woke up at 0330 and never manged to go back to sleep.  Still sticking with one sleeper instead two, for now any way....

Put in a full day in at the office and achieved quite a lot.  Ability to concentrate and follow a thought through much improved although had a few moments of stalling - forgetting why I was doing something, getting my words back to front, even completely forgot the order in which I do an every day task  But nothing like when on active tx.

Still itching a lot (brings on the relapse fear) and my hair is just driving me nuts.  Had it cut as a 'pick me up' on Saturday and would have to say it was a huge mistake to do so.  There are all these choppy layers which would normally look quite stylish BUT it's actually just shorter bits to get in my face and itch my neck etc.  Even my husband can't stand to get my hair near him, it's so dry and irritating!

Still having hot flushes and red ant attacks on my head, starting to consider taking the progesterone sooner rather than later.  Just wish I knew why it was contraindicated whilst on the trial...

In an ideal world I would be on a 3 week holiday instead of trying to cope with daily life again. Hopefully in a month or so I can take time out, an overseas trip...  Had intended to visit family in California but feeling a little freaked about the swine flu and low blood counts.  Hopefully, the pandemic alert will pass soon...

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by Tippyclubb, Apr 28, 2009
That's exactly what you need is a vacation --your mind is consumed with tx and a trip would get your mind off of it and you would return refreshed.  I plan on doing the same thing.  Hope you feel better real soon.

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by portann, Apr 28, 2009

What a great idea to keep this post-tx journal. I might try to do one. I'm feeling TOO confused one day after treatment, like I've lost my way. As much as I hated tx, it gave me a strong focus.

Great to hear that four days post, you're already seeing an improvement. My NP said yesterday it would take at least two weeks to recover, to which I said, "Don't you mean twenty years?"

Maybe we'll be lucky. Here's hoping. And also hoping that the swine flu outbreak subsides soon and you can visit your California relatives.

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by comeagain, Apr 28, 2009
Hi epi just dropped in to wish you well and a fast recovery!!

After my first tx the 24 week one I felt good 3-4 months after had a lot of body pain until then aswell as a screwed up mind now and then.
Now  5and a half months after hasnĀ“t fully recovered guess it will take a little longer this time .

I guess everything is gonna be much better once i know if I have made it or not, about a month and a week from now!!

See yaa my fellow G3 compadre!!


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