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BP Tracker 4/28/08 Tue

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151/82 (75); 151/81 (77); 128/79 (83); 143/78 (84); 136/80 (85);

I think I may have gotten the solution to my high BP problem. Breathing normally.  For many years I try to slow down my heart beat rate, and prided myself for that, to 56 or 61 or lower than 75 or so.  Guess what?  That drove up my L BP rate. At least that is my thinking and recent observation.  For that past 5 days I have been trying to breathe, forcedly, at a higher level. Breathing in, with a more delibrate high. Breathing out, with a little bit more push. Of course, it kind of becomes nasel noisy. But, I have seen my BP drop to 151 147 143 on the L side.  The D side wasn't high to begin with as it always hovered between  83 - 89. However, it is difficult to maintain it at that high level as I forget and so far have to be conscious of it.  When I forget, I suddenly realize, OMG, I am back to breathing shallow.  Today, I have started to feel good inside my nose, breathing pipe and even somewhere in my chest, perhaps my lungs.  I feel as if I am breathing pur oxygen and somewhere some knots inside the various parts of my chest seem to loosen up. I also feel some freshness next to my nasal passage behind my mouth.

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