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Apr 28, 2009 - 8 comments

swine flu




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Huffington Post

I'd like to share two links from noteworthy news articles about the "swine flu" that's capturing so much national attention. I hope you will find this information beneficial.

1) (Time Magazine)

"In February 1976, an outbreak of swine flu struck Fort Dix Army base in New Jersey, killing a 19-year-old private and infecting hundreds of soldiers. Concerned that the U.S. was on the verge of a devastating epidemic, President Gerald Ford ordered a nationwide vaccination program at a cost of $135 million (some $500 million in today's money). Within weeks, reports surfaced of people developing Guillain-Barré syndrome, a paralyzing nerve disease that can be caused by the vaccine. By April, more than 30 people had died of the condition. Facing protests, federal officials abruptly canceled the program on Dec. 16. The epidemic failed to materialize."

2) (L.A. Times)

"Inspecting the virus itself is of little help, because scientists have yet to identify which features help it spread or kill, said Dr. Scott Layne, an epidemiologist at the UCLA School of Public Health. 'The microscope doesn't tell you anything," Layne said, "what are the genetic correlates of virulence? Unknown. Transmissibility? Unknown.' ... 'I know less about influenza today than I did 10 years ago,' said Michael Osterholm, director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota."


I'd also like to add this article entitled, "3 Sure-Fire Ways to Prevent Swine Flu" from the Huffington Post:

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by slapperman, Apr 28, 2009
On 23 rd April 2009 the world began to become aware of a very strange new version of swine flu H1N1 in Mexico with limited cases in Texas and California. By the morning of the 24th of April, we began hear that there were hundreds of sick and 20 or so dead. By late in the day, we have learned that over 1,000 are now reported ill and over 60 are reported dead.
There are solid reasons to suspect that this new Mexican Swine Flu is NOT a naturally occurring event but instead is an Advanced Biological Warfare recombination DNA genetically engineered virus.

Here is what we know of the virus so far. This virus has already gone international having crossed the border from Mexico to America. All schools in Mexico City have been canceled, millions of students told to stay home due to Mexican Swine Flu. Sick victims of this strange new virus are currently reported in California and Texas. Over 60 deaths reported in Mexico (could be substantially higher considering the state of Mexican health care and reporting).

Young healthy adults seem to be the most at risk. This is similar to the deadest killer flu in history, Spanish Flu in 1918. Most if not all nations with advanced biological warfare programs have been interested in recreating the Spanish Flu DNA sequence and several are reported to have done so.

The new Mexican Swine Flu has elements of DNA from the following: avian flu, human flu Type A, human flu Type B, Asian swine flu, and European swine flu. A strange combination never seen before and having less than 1/10% chance of being a natural event. Human and animal viruses from four or more continents suddenly recombine in a new flu during a non-flu season that spreads from human-to-human with a 10% fatality rating.

Over 1,000 reported infected in Mexico; true rate may be much higher. Mexico City seems to be the epicenter of the new virus. Mexico City has 20 million citizens, most terribly poor. Mexico City is notorious for its poor sanitation and public health. "Don't drink the water" has been the byword in Mexico City for decades. It is the perfect breading ground for an explosive growth of this new killer virus. Mexico City has closed all schools, public gatherings, public buildings. People are wearing medical masks on the streets. The government has announced a massive new emergency swine flu vaccination program that will be, at best, either totally non-effective or of very limited effect, and could be, at worst, a deadly option for patients. It is thought that the authorities are trying to contain public panic by announcing the vaccination program.

Both the World Health Organization and the US CDC (Center for Disease Control) have announced, today/24th April, that they are 'very concerned' about a global pandemic developing out of this new disease. Based on advanced biowargaming projections, it is already too late to stop the global spread of this new killer disease. Based on the three waves of Spanish Flu, the latter ones being more lethal, fatality rates may range from approximately 10% to 40% or so in later waves. More people could die in America, Mexico, Canada, Europe, and globally from Mexican Swine Flu than died in World War II.

This new flu is likely a lab-created, genetically engineered virus that either: (1) Escaped accidentally from a lab; or (2) was deliberately released by a nation or non-state organization or a well-trained individual. Click here for several news items.

If there is a positive side to this coming global disaster, it may force governments to quickly come to grips with containing advanced biowar attacks. This is of considerable short term importance as Israel is apt to attack Iran by no later than mid-July 2009. The Iranians, having hired a large number of key ex-Soviet advanced biowar scientists 18 years ago and having spent billions on their asymmetrical MAD (mutually assured destruction) counter-force, are expected to respond to any significant attack on Iran with a biowar attack on Israel, North America, and Europe using in-place agents and dozens of genetically engineered viruses, many with very high projected kill rates.

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by polly22, Apr 28, 2009
Nice, and I shall check these. Meanwhile, it would be nice if physicians etc. would share more of the info. they have. For instance, I have been trying today to find out if 4- or 5-year-old Tamiflu is of any use whatsoever (the area pharmacies are out of Tamiflu and Relenza); neither Roche nor doctors will commit themselves to any but the vaguest replies. Anyone who knows--really knows--please respond. Thanks!

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by MPA, Apr 29, 2009
Swine Flu

What is Swine Influenza?
Swine Influenza (swine flu) is a respiratory disease of pigs caused by type A influenza virus that regularly causes outbreaks of influenza in pigs. Swine flu viruses cause high levels of illness and low death rates in pigs. Swine influenza viruses may circulate among swine throughout the year, but most outbreaks occur during the late fall and winter months similar to outbreaks in humans. The classical swine flu virus (an influenza type A H1N1 virus) was first isolated from a pig in 1930.

How many swine flu viruses are there?
Like all influenza viruses, swine flu viruses change constantly. Pigs can be infected by avian influenza and human influenza viruses as well as swine influenza viruses. When influenza viruses from different species infect pigs, the viruses can reassort (i.e. swap genes) and new viruses that are a mix of swine, human and/or avian influenza viruses can emerge. Over the years, different variations of swine flu viruses have emerged. At this time, there are four main influenza type A virus subtypes that have been isolated in pigs: H1N1, H1N2, H3N2, and H3N1. However, most of the recently isolated influenza viruses from pigs have been H1N1 viruses.

Swine Flu in Humans

Can humans catch swine flu?
Swine flu viruses do not normally infect humans. However, sporadic human infections with swine flu have occurred. Most commonly, these cases occur in persons with direct exposure to pigs (e.g. children near pigs at a fair or workers in the swine industry). In addition, there have been documented cases of one person spreading swine flu to others. For example, an outbreak of apparent swine flu infection in pigs in Wisconsin in 1988 resulted in multiple human infections, and, although no community outbreak resulted, there was antibody evidence of virus transmission from the patient to health care workers who had close contact with the patient.

How common is swine flu infection in humans?
In the past, CDC received reports of approximately one human swine influenza virus infection every one to two years in the U.S., but from December 2005 through February 2009, 12 cases of human infection with swine influenza have been reported.

What are the symptoms of swine flu in humans?
The symptoms of swine flu in people are expected to be similar to the symptoms of regular human seasonal influenza and include fever, lethargy, lack of appetite and coughing. Some people with swine flu also have reported runny nose, sore throat, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.

Can people catch swine flu from eating pork?
No. Swine influenza viruses are not transmitted by food. You can not get swine influenza from eating pork or pork products. Eating properly handled and cooked pork and pork products is safe. Cooking pork to an internal temperature of 160°F kills the swine flu virus as it does other bacteria and viruses.

How does swine flu spread?
Influenza viruses can be directly transmitted from pigs to people and from people to pigs. Human infection with flu viruses from pigs are most likely to occur when people are in close proximity to infected pigs, such as in pig barns and livestock exhibits housing pigs at fairs. Human-to-human transmission of swine flu can also occur. This is thought to occur in the same way as seasonal flu occurs in people, which is mainly person-to-person transmission through coughing or sneezing of people infected with the influenza virus. People may become infected by touching something with flu viruses on it and then touching their mouth or nose.

How can human infections with swine influenza be diagnosed?
To diagnose swine influenza A infection, a respiratory specimen would generally need to be collected within the first 4 to 5 days of illness (when an infected person is most likely to be shedding virus). However, some persons, especially children, may shed virus for 10 days or longer. Identification as a swine flu influenza A virus requires sending the specimen to CDC for laboratory testing.

What medications are available to treat swine flu infections in humans?
There are four different antiviral drugs that are licensed for use in the US for the treatment of influenza: amantadine, rimantadine, oseltamivir and zanamivir. While most swine influenza viruses have been susceptible to all four drugs, the most recent swine influenza viruses isolated from humans are resistant to amantadine and rimantadine. At this time, CDC recommends the use of oseltamivir or zanamivir for the treatment and/or prevention of infection with swine influenza viruses.

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by ChitChatNine, Apr 30, 2009
Thanks for the info.  Here are a few CDC Links:


242516 tn?1368227505
by Enoch Choi, MDBlank, Apr 30, 2009
good articles, adam!

Due to the demand at my first health chat (see the archive at I'll be hosting a second Swine Flu chat

Topic: Swine Flu Part 2
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Do you have swine flu? Dr. Enoch Choi, MD from Palo Alto Medical Foundation Urgent Care will help answer questions on how to tell swine flu from a cold, and from seasonal influenza. Swine flu has not yet been proven to be a serious enough virus to declare this to be a pandemic, but nations around the globe are discouraging travel to USA and Mexico. Just how dangerous is this virus? How can you protect yourself? How can you stay healthy? Come ask these questions and more from a physician on the front lines, treating folks coming back from Mexico with upper respiratory illnesses that match the CDC's protocols for treating suspected swine flu patients.

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by Teddybear09, May 01, 2009
sounds like joe public is being sold crock by all the governments around the world.

756668 tn?1287228987
by Ariom63, May 01, 2009
I am freaking about this..because my neighbor came over...and started talking about it because she knows that on May 14th I have a flight booked to Houston...where my son and his wife live.  From there we are driving into Dallas Texas where she will be graduating with her Masters. I will be then staying there to visit with my parents and my daughter. I will be returning Atlanta on June 1st with my 8 yr old grand-daughter.  I just found out today that her school is shutting down may 4th through May 8th.  On the schools website they said they are taking precautions given by the State Health dept.  I am not worried for myself traveling at all.  I actually I am looking forward to getting my grand-daughter out of Texas to spend the entire summer with me.  I do this ver year to give my daughter a much needed break.  

For some reason I feel as though we are in some sort of movie..where things are alot more serious than there are telling we all don't freak out at once...I just keep thinking our Gov lies so much as it is...why wouldn't they be lying this time????  

Theese are just my thoughts on the swine out break....

Avatar universal
by rhinohel, May 02, 2009
it may be all to distract all the jo sheeple from what else is going on...

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