Spring Health Update.

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breathing issues


blood sugar levels



Probably just from working hard yesterday in the sun and carrying more than I should have.  Feeling a little bit off and funny today.  Grass will have to wait a couple days.
BP and HR have been slightly elevated some (compared to my normal) along with sugar.  It looks like my typical Spring/ Summer roller coaster is back.  Also have been coughing/vomiting (mucus like phlegm) now for about 3 months and having some blurred vision at times.  
Pea size lump in my throat has basically went away and lymph nodes under my arms are going down.  Thrush in throat is clearing up.  Stomach pains and bloating is going back down.  Just a small stitch in left side.  Winter spasms have eased up and basically went away.

After typing this out I guess I'm doing better.  LOL

Still getting lightheaded and have palps a bit more though, IBS is acting up probably from drinking a lot more water.  Birthday beers a couple nights ago probably didn't help there.  lol.  Legs are a bit heavy, edema and shorter of breath.  Probably due to the warmer weather.  

At least the spasms have pretty much left.  ;~)

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by Me967, Apr 29, 2009
Feeling a little wired and shaky today.   Heart feels like it is racing hard and heavy; but, my resting rate is not that bad ( 135/93 & HR 90).  
When I just walk upstairs and back down though it is jumping to (169/103 & HR 118)  I noticed it has been on the rise along with my sugar (132).  Tried to eat breakfast and could not due to the stupid vomiting and not really hungry anyhow.  Probably just my nerves today.  Sugar level is actually with no food today.  ( I KNOW I SHOULD FORCE MYSELF, but just totally blah today)

Maybe that is why it is higher, though it seems like without being able to eat it would be lower.  I don't know.  Stupid coughing and gagging spells are sending my head threw the roof today and of course my IBS and TMJ is in on the fun too.  

Thought I would keep track of it for a little while.  Getting spells of lightheadedness and blurred vision again and with the colder weather today I have my muscle spasms back.  Urggg.  At least my breathing is better with the colder weather.  LOL  Got to laugh about something on your off days I guess.  ;~)

There's always a sunnier day tomorrow right.  LOL

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by Me967, May 04, 2009
Ok...decided to toughen up on my ranges.  Hopefully I can get it a little tighter between 80 - 110.  

I was starting to slack again with eating 3 meals a day. (Due to spring and working in the yard and just not watching the clock on eating.)  Urggg....my whole problem I think all along.  Too used to eating one meal a day.  Kicking my butt again to get back on track better.

Next time I get blood work done, it will be interesting to find out if my thyroid could be messing with all of this also.  Feeling better today....knock on wood.  LOL  Could do without all of this rain though and colder weather.

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