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Searching for Dental Help

Aug 14, 2013 - 0 comments

dental nightmare






need help


lost cause

I am disabled due to braking my back at 15, many back surgeries & pain.  They started me on pain medication when I first broke my back.  I was put off and on different pain pills before the year of 2000.  And since 2000, I've been put on pain killers, Celebrex, Zanaflex & a few others. I have the worse dry mouth ever!  I've had 3 dentist tell me it's the worse they have ever seen.  And besides that I have acid reflex which hurts daily no matter what I eat it hurts.  From these two problems my teeth have all gone bad I have more bad then good.  I've already spent over thousands of dollars trying to save my teeth, but just as fast as I can get something fixed I have 2 problems for each one I fix.  I've gotten quotes from 3 different dentist and the cheapest one quoted me: $35,000 for dental implants 4 in 1 done in 1 day. I would also need to pay to fly round trip to Las Vegas from New Orleans twice and hotel stay too.

My next quote was for $59,000 they would save all the teeth they could, do root canals, caps, bridge and implants.

And the third quote was for $60,000 full implants suppose to the the best.  I would also have to pay for gas to Dallas Texas for 3 times and I would also need to pay hotel stay too.

Since I am on disability making less then $700 a month I seem to have a major problem.  I can't afford any of the quotes giving to me.  Now what am I suppose to do? If I try and get a job I could lose my medical insurance plus with my back pain I most likely couldn't do a normal job either.  I do have a few good days, but they come and go and they never give me notice as to when they are coming or going.  

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