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Do you exercise?

Apr 09, 2008 - 1 comments



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Chronic Pain

A couple of years ago I was starting to have issues with my hips. I thought it was after a pregnancy. I never really healed from that, but I had no diagnose.

It got as far as to me using painkillers (codeine) daily for about a year. It was not getting better at all!

It was around that time, one of the passing-through physicians said: "It's psychosomatic" and gave me no solution.
3-4 months later, my regular physician decided to send me for rehabilitation - at least a specialist to have me evaluated properly.

Now you wonder why I ask you why you exercise. Or maybe you don't.

What physical activity does:                                                     What physical activity doesn't do:
- Increases "happy hormones" (natural cure for depression)           - Fix your car
- Muscle tone                                                                            - Groceries
- Stronger skeleton                                                                    - Find your keychain when you lost it
- Increases your immune system

- This and that and a horrible lot more!

I think this is unfinished as of right now (sorry, I really ran out of time). This proves how much I actually know - but guys? Look into the option of overcoming backproblems, depression, shaping up your heart a bit and overcoming even fatigue! There is no other way to start than to GET STARTED!

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by karen608, Apr 21, 2008
Yes, exercise helps, even if someone eats a rotten diet, it still does help with stiff muscles, lung capacity, and helping one sleep better.  I've know this fact all my life, but then why do I go through times when I shun exercise like it was poison?  Now I am back to walking a lot, riding an adult sized trike, since my balance is somewhat questionable, etc.  And yes, I feel better. But I also improved my diet. Glad you thought of this to help your aches and pains. For your age, I thought it was odd you focused on them so much. Just wait until you age a bit. But since you know about exercise, I think you will do just fine.

I liked your two headings.
You could add that is annoys your girlfriends if you exercise and lose weight and get some nice new clothes. while they are still sitting around, hurting and eating chocolate.... : D

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