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When we got Our first ever positive pregnancy test

Aug 14, 2013 - 0 comments

July 21 husband and I went to Shoney's for breakfast as we do every Sunday. After breakfast we went to Walmart. I was starting to feel nauseous after breakfast but didn't think too much of it. So I went n Walmart and got what I needed really quick. When I came back out to the car I was outta breath and still feeling sick. Seconds later after I sat down I threw up!!!! Hubby asked was I ok I said yes now that I got that out. So he went inside got me a Sprite to help settle my stomach and we went home. I slept til about 4p.m. No other problems that week other than a increase in appetite. I thought nothing of it because my cycle was due for July 25th. July 25th nothing, I didn't think much of it because I don't have a reg 28 day cycle. So July 26th I ordered pizza from Dominos for dinner. I ate the pizza and about 10min afterwards I started feeling nauseous and my pizza came up. I had a appt with the radiologist July31 to check or tubal blockage. On July 27 hubby and I did the do, afterwards there was a lil blood. I took it that it was my cycle so I washed up and put on a sanitary napkin. Then on July 29th at work I was feeling like something wasn't right. So when I got off work I went to Walmart and got First Response HPT. By the time I got home I really had to go. So I peed in a cup and dipped the test inside. A line test and a digital. To be honest didn't think much of it, figured it would be negative like all the ones in the past. So 1 min passed and I looked over at the line test and to my surprise there were two lines!!!! I could not believe it I was in total shock. So I waited the remaining two mins to see what the digital test read and it read YES+!!!!!! All I could say was you have got to be kidding.... My husband works at night and I was so exited I couldn't wait 12 hrs until he got home. I sent him a pic of the test and a caption that read "Hi Daddy SURPRISE"..... He called home and said Dear is that what I think it is.... We have been married 13yrs and TTC for 9yrs. He was so happy I could hear joy and tears in his voice...... It was an awesome and very welcomed surprise!!!!

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