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Aug 15, 2013 - 8 comments

So today is my 6th wedding anniversary.  *I am confused* So since our last big fight where I told him I didn't like him at all and didn't want to be with him.  And he said basically the same.  (this has never be said by both of us) Things have been calm.  I am just figuring we are waiting until Dec. for the separation.  Our Anniversary has been approaching.  I made no mention of it and just figured it would be another day.  We have never been big celebrators.  The first year we went to Cancoon more for a vacation than to celebrate.  The second year we happened to be in Peru visiting his parents and we went out to dinner and Karoeke.  Since then it has just been a dinner, movie whatever.  Like any other weekend.  So a couple days ago he called me from work and said I know what we can do the day after tomorrow (today) and I said what?  He said do you want me to tell you?  and I played dumb like I don't know should you tell me.  I didn't want to say for our anniversary if he was going to say we should go get that load of barkchips we talked about laying or something lame like that.  He said ok we will talk about it when I get home.  So he got home and we were watching the 1 tv show that we watch. and about an hour later I said so what were you going to tell me and he was like do you want me to tell you?  And I said I don't know what your talking about so I don't know if you should tell me or not.  Ok, I'll tell you because I need your input anyway.  I was thinking we should take that dinner boar cruise we have seen.  I was like yea?  when.  He said for our Anniversary. When else?  I said ya that would be cool. but inside am like wth?  Aren't we separating?  Why are we celebrating what is ending?  It is a trial separation so who knows wtf he is thinking.  So I guess we are going tonight.  He booked it.  Weird.  Men, and they say we are the hard ones to understand.

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1351078 tn?1416316746
by retta483, Aug 15, 2013
well have fun !

3233386 tn?1447028295
by mandaszoo, Aug 15, 2013
Sounds weird celebrating your non love Perhaps he does not want the separation. Why December ?

1386655 tn?1452100656
by journey2motherhood, Aug 15, 2013
Wow ok I guess I can see why you are confused.  I guess maybe he's trying to work it out?  Not sure but I guess if you would still like to maybe this dinner cruise can kindle up some new romance.  Good luck and Happy Anniversary! ( At least if that's what you want ) And yes they think we are hard to understand.

982214 tn?1471458381
by krichar, Aug 15, 2013
Here's my take (not that I'm an expert in any shape way or form as my DH can be a tool too) but maybe if you said you didn't like him first he was just lashing out from hurt and is actually trying to rectify it? I don't know... My Dh is the same, if we have a huge argument it's never discussed again and he continues on like all is fine then all of a sudden plans something weird like that...

Has the impending "separation" been discussed since? Well whatever the reason have fun!!

4548024 tn?1474842725
by renae176, Aug 15, 2013
I agree with retta, have fun, Maybe hes trying, , i dont know if thats what  u want, but at least hes trying, Have a good time

1098165 tn?1340760837
by Melissa_71, Aug 16, 2013
O's such a rollercoaster it seems. hope he has a change of heart and really wants to rekindle the flame? : ) just dont push him overboard k? lol have fun.

296076 tn?1371338074
by melimeli, Aug 16, 2013
Who knows..  So we went and it was fun.  The dinner was good.  The view was amazing.  It was around 3 hours.  On the way he held my hand.  No kisses or anything.  We actually get along ok, converse great there is just nothing there anymore.  I used to try but it has been so long one sided that I stopped.  He is so up and down.  I don't even know.  I just don't feel it anymore.  Pretty sure he doesn't either.  I don't know what the anniversary dinner was about and I didn't bring it up.  ok girls thanks for reading!

1272624 tn?1395437957
by plumber43, Aug 17, 2013
     I've been married 3 times, don't judge, if you really want it over then maybe you shouldn't have agreed to go. I believe he still has feelings for you or he wouldn't have taken you on a cruise for your anniversary. I think there's still hope for your marriage but it will take alot of work. No one waits until December to separate. When I wanted out I just left. No waiting. I don't want to be nosey but are you still sharing a bed? Marriage is hard. That's the truth.
Think about it!
Love and hugs

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