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how it started....

Apr 29, 2009 - 3 comments

the paranormal

hello my name is mike and i am going to tell you how my paranormal start began! when i was a little kid me and my family would see and hear things that were diffrent from the normal thing that go on on the day to day life! it first started when back in the earlie 90's, my mom was a very crazy partier and when she threw a party you knew it cause our apartment would get packed the neigbors would call the cops and it was a never ending cycle! well one day my mom's friend brought over a QUIJA board! they played and they opened up a door way to the other side and after that my life became a living hell! at that time we had a upstairs downstairs apartment and when we would go to sleep the tv downstairs would turn on and i was little i didnt understand why well my mom would say its nothing! and as time went by they problem grew and we would hear voices and see shadows moving well we contacted our local cathlic priest and he told my mom ar you on drugs! so right then we new that we were alone  so we had to bless the house or selfs! well years went by my mom had more kids and we moves house to house and when we would move in to a new house we for some reason attracked these ghost...why us not sure but they would either follow us or they would be there so i have had my dair share of paranormal activity happen to me! so i told my self when i am older and i have then chance i amgoing to make my team and help all those who have the same problem i did so here is my storie if you have any experiences please feel free to tell me thank u and GOD BLESS


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by rebel5, Apr 29, 2009
What a great story, what an incredible gift to have im sure its a bit like a double edge sword at times, I have relatives with the gift and i often wonder if i have it as ive had many experiences.

Your doing good things xoxoxo

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by lonewolf07, Apr 29, 2009
Most of my extremely limited experience with malevolent spirits (bearwalkers, skinwalkers - I'm Native American/Canadian)   I've been able to deal with by going to our medicine woman.  Many of them come in dreams involving animals, some of which are our "spirit guides" or "helpers".  I'm not particularly religious but when things like that happen, I smudge, burn cedar or pray not only to our Creator but to all my ancestors to drive away any evil entities.  I don't want them around me.  There is a herb or root called "la belle angelique" that can be put in your mouth to keep anything evil from getting to you that way.  Have you tried smudging your house or do you prefer to keep the entity around?


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by mobius210, Apr 30, 2009
well now that im no lobger going threw this i am helpinjg htose who are having this problem now! thats why i go and investigate!

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