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New Protocal

Apr 09, 2008 - 1 comments

Hi Everyone,
I am looking forward to a new protocal prescribed to me today by my RE.  I have been checking for ovulation for cycle #3 but he switched it to BCP and Lupron so I have to wait for day 5 of my peroid!  I didn't want to waste a month so we are going to have IUI done (natural cycle) the day after I O!  This should be Sat. morning if my calculations work out.  So, SDScientist, we will be in the wait together more or less!  8-)

However, not to get my hopes up, we are preparing for cycle #3 getting the meds ordered and all. Yet, I do have a little flame of hope left.... 8-)  My fingers are crossed!!

SSBD to everyone this cycle!!!!!  Come on positives!!!!!!

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by SDScientist, Apr 11, 2008
Bring on the wait baby!!  :)  Well, we have nice plans on Sunday so that will take our mind off it for one day.  Too bad there is not some type of martini that takes the edge off without the having alcohol in it.  I am going back to my idea of a daily valium during the wait.  Yeah that is what I want.

As big of a pessimist that I am, there is always a glimmer of hope...if there wasn't I wouldn't keep doing this (especially to my poor arse which is black and blue right now).

See you Sunday.

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