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Mornings greet me with daily headaches

Apr 29, 2009 - 2 comments



daily headaches



I'm really getting tired of these headaches. I wake up every morning with left sided headache.. not sure if it's because of my increase in KeppraXR, although co-insides with when he upped the dose. takes me half the day to get rid of it with high doses of Advil, Ibuprophen not being good for me b/c of my blood thinners.. I'm taking them anyway cuz if I don't i can't move my head off pillow..

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by ANITRA1, Apr 29, 2009
Have you had a cat scan or a mri of your head? Also if you don't drink enough water it will cause them & also many people have parasites & they cause headaches. My friend recently got diagnosed & so I would ask your doctor for a mri & to have a blood test done for parasites & try drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day. It is better to know & treat what you might have then to just accept that you have headaches everyday, that is not normal something has to be causing them & you could have a real serious issue that could get much worse over time.

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by KixNgo, Apr 29, 2009
Thank you.. yes back in dec I had an MRI b/c of my epilepsy.. but will definitly call him and get back in..

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