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Apr 29, 2009 - 0 comments

post tx


post treatment



Not such a a great day yesterday, felt very stressed, unstable and irrational in the morning.  Did some research on withdrawing from the Temazepams and it seems that could be the culprit.  I was so shocked by what I read on the net about them that I felt I couldn't swallow another one, so last night I didn't take any.  I had 10mgs of Phenergan antihistamine instead.  I also went to the osteopath in the afternoon and had some cranial on my neck which was fully jammed and locked.  That coupled with the Phenergan totally knocked me out and for the first time since stopping tx I feel that I had a decent night's sleep.

Continued to have hot flushes yesterday and so have decided to go back on to NHT, started with progesterone this morning and will be adding estrogen in a week or so.  Also started on a proper supplement regime.  Have decided to go with Cod Liver Oil for the Omegas + Vit A + Vit D, Usana Essential Vitamins and Minerals (no iron), plus additional CoQ10 and B12.  I am undecided about adding the resveratol, milk thistle, and TMG, will continue to research that.  Will add Glutathione.

Am feeling somewhat more energetic and alert today, I imagine that is a result of all the above plus the fact I'm now 5 full days clear of riba, and nearly 14 days since my last Interferon shot...  Also my arms, elbows and wrists have stopped aching, yay!!

All in all, feeling better than I have had in a long while...

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