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Dreams etc.

Apr 29, 2009 - 0 comments

end of world





















I slept very poorly last night. I crashed at around 5AM and I tossed and turned and woke frequently- in between too hot, too cold, dog barking, sore throat and various other discomforts.

The dreams I had were from run of the mill to strange and I've lost a lot of the details.

In one dream, I dreamed that Sean from Rescue Me was gay and wondering if he should come out of the closet or not.

In another dream, I lived in my parents old house in my old neighborhood and I was sneaking a cigarette. I saw a coupon for movie rentals that was 3 movies for $8.00. I had a brief discussion about directions with my mom.

Another dream was cartoonish. There was a house at the edge of a cliff and some kid started digging holes. Someone else was freaking out about it, so I started filling them back in but I also filled them with towels and blankets. At the end, the house was being held up only by a "bridge" that lead from the house to the rest of the land. But then someone dug it up and the house went crashing down.
My body was inside the house but my awareness was outside.
When the house "landed" it became a "normal" dream, though I was still a kid and another kid was with me. He started humping my back lol and I shooed him away telling him to knock it off. He said his brother said he needed the practice for when he was older. Then he started scraping slime off the bottom of his shoes. He had a collection of the stuff but he insisted on giving me some. I told him gross and that it smelled like dirty feet, and then he stuck some to my back. He also had a bunch of bubblegum machines that he put stickers and little toys inside and a lot of his friends and others would buy them.

In another dream, I was telling people that I hated a concaved area on the top of my head (not there in RL). Then I told them about the dream I had about spiked hair lol. Then someone was looking for a legal term that's also found in the Bible about forgiving someone their sins. I through in adjudicate, omit, abolish, blot. It was blot and I said "yes, to cover over as if to erase completely". Then someone was talking about my age if I was freaked out about being over 30 and I laughed and said no. Then I told them how yesterday, even though I'm one of Jehovah's Witnesses and my sister KNOWS I don't celebrate birthdays, she sent me an email saying "just thought someone should recognize that 37 years ago today you were born" (she had really sent the email). I laughed and replied for her not to make me any older than I already am- I'm only 35 years old. But the people with me lost interest and were talking about something else. But right before that, a girl said I should come sing with them some time. I thought she was referring to a Church group, but I thanked her for the offer.

Same dream... I was picking up trash and placing it in a can but the bag had slipped. I sighed and said I'd have to turn the can upside down and clean it.
Then I was going through a garage, picking up odds and ends but mostly my clothes which needed to be washed. There was also bread crust on the ground with peanut butter on some pieces that the dog didn't eat. I put it in the same bag with the clothes lol and I told myself to remember it's there so I don't wash the bread with the clothes.
And then I went inside what looked like a large shipping crate. I spread a blanket out on the floor and waited for another person to join me. It was going to be dropped, and I was dropping with it. A lady and her daughter joined me and I thought strongly that the child shouldn't be there because it was too dangerous. I kept distancing myself from the lady, and kept unfolding the blanket to give us more space. She started to explain that when people are grieving it's recommended you hold them close to your chest because the chest is the hottest part of the body and the heat helps comfort them. As she said all that, she had placed her head against my chest. And then I shook her daughters hand, who was oddly a bit older and the woman explained that it was her adopted daughter, but also her biological daughter, and then they left.
Earlier in that part of the dream, someone asked me if I was 28 plus 2 years or some such but I laughed and said I didn't know- that I was horrible at math.

Then the dream changed and I was looking at a computer screen where someone had gone for free downloads. It was far away though and I couldn't make out all the letters at first, but on my 3rd attempt I read:
And then I woke up because my stomach was ceaselessly growling.

But now I'm going back to sleep for a half an hour before parenting classes start at noon...

Oh yes... I also dreamed of a hidden food picture. I was supposed to circle every piece of food I could find. Some were very to see but others weren't... and then insects started flying the picture (part of the picture though lol) and they obscured my view. I tried tapping on the picture to scare them away, but it didn't always work.

I fell right back to sleep for 30 minutes and don't recall any dreams.
And I just received a phone call saying she was going to be about 30 minutes late, so I'm going to go to sleep for 20

Bah! I couldn't fall back to sleep right away and only got about 5 minutes of sleep... I turned the alarm on my DSi off and laid back down and slept for about one minute before the knock at the door woke me. I don't recall dreaming anything concrete at those times, but after the 1 minute nap I woke with the word "restoration" on my mind. And during the first attempted nap I had a dream story running through my mind that I've since forgotten, but I don't think I was completely asleep.

I had the class, and now I'm pretty awake. We meet again at 8AM *wahhhh* on Friday.
I'm doing good without my smokes so far today. I need to pick up some nicotine patches later though as I am now using my last one (which I put on right before going to sleep "last night").

Wow... I've slept for forever today!
Sometime after my last edit, I watched Heroes then went back to sleep.
I am exceptionally hungry and thirsty though, so I have to hunt down my hubby for money.
I'll leave tidbits for now...

End of the world, power, water, trash pick up cease except once a week for dead bodies. Battle on hillside, lady and her baby injured and slide downhill. I grab the baby just in time. Someone else dies. Helicopter shoots at us, take cover. I leave concealment to find hubby, walk down street where I currently live but with new houses. I fly and teach someone else how to fly, have a laugh about outcome of teaching a cat to fly.
I go into RV looking for hidden smokes, take unexpected **** on floor. **** has very thin and numerous pinworms in it. I go to restroom, pick up **** and dispose. See man outside getting fuel for his helicopter. The driveway to home is now a gas station lol and I see Marcy B fueling up. I try to get on internet, but my computer is missing.
Back at house on hillside a woman is hungry but her children wont stop fussing. I tell her it's perfectly normal for children to fuss for short times and she needed to eat regardless. I took trash to road which contained a corpse. People walking by laughed about knocking it over.
Hubby could still pick up internet via satellite connection. He wouldn't let me on his though lol. He was doing business with a supposed JW who I didn't trust in the least. Man smoked cigar, hubby smoked Kool menthol blue and gave me one.
At some other point, I was racing up a very long wooden stair trail. It was very rickety and once at the top my "wife" (?) was shot but not killed. I was then a guy and we ran around quickly trying to secure the area. We wanted to know the truth about what was going on out in the world. I said if satellite internet was still working then it couldn't be ALL bad.

There was also something strange about a little girl or cat being trapped in a crib with a net surrounding it. The (?) wanted out, so I left a crack for it to come and go as it wanted.

I woke at around 6:30!

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