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Learning to accept what isn't cured?

Apr 30, 2009 - 2 comments




Today was less good than usual, not sure why. But I just went along feeling depressed & got on with what I had to do. Maybe this is as good as it gets?Had so many breakdown episodes that I've lost count. Now I seem to be able to control the mood to a limited extent. ie Not freaking out with anxiety/depression or thinking suicidal or other morbid thoughts. Small setbacks such as the PC going down etc can have an effect on my mood, but am able to overide them now. Just wish the effort to stay positive was not so demanding & I could relax & feel 'normal' whatever that is?. Best wishes to anyone else with similar condition ~ Gofio

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by Bon-Bon, Apr 30, 2009
Hello gofio.  

In the past, I batteled most my life with anxiety/depression/panic.  I don't need to outline all the feelings, episodes and symptoms that can go along with likely know them all too well and... probably then some.

I came across your journal and do hope you don't mind my posting my experience in enjoying permanent success.  It is my heart-felt desire to help someone else as GOD has cured me.

I am Christian.  
I believe in THE ONE that created me, heaven, earth, all that was, all that is.  
I believe in HIS only begotten SON - Christ Jesus- what HE did for me and for all those who would believe on HIM.  

Our Creator does not force Himself on anyone; as a result, I don't force my believing in HIM on anyone.  God will call on and manifest HIMSELF to those "HE" will.  And everyone has their right to make that choice.  

It is however, my will, to share what I have been given by my Father God to those who are also seeking to be made well, enjoy life and have it more abundantly.  There are those who will be acceptable and go about building a victorious life and there are those who will remain unacceptable and continue their current situation/s.  I place no judgement.  

A persons' faith, directed in our CREATORS righteousness, need not begin any larger than a mustard seed in order to overcome.  

We don't need to know all there is to know about our Creator; nor, in a human body are we capable of bearing all HIS knowledge.  We have access to the Bible if we feel prompted to go there and anything else we want to know, we can go to HIM in prayer.      

As Christian, we are not better than others who have not yet come to the knowledge of where our true source of power origniates. We are all made by the same Creator. However, Christians have become aware of "WHOM" we draw our strength and power from; as a result, we become better prepared and equipped to win battles, go through trials and tribulation/s in this world, resisting, standing firm and being successful against darkness.  "You" are prepared and equipped.  You can and "will" win this battle and will do so - very soon!      

It's not to say, we will not have things to come up against; nor, make wrong decisions from time to time.  It is however, important to know how we deal with those situations when they do arise; because, it will determine the outcome.

I believe there are two forces at war and as a man of battle, I believe you can understand the depths of it... all the more.
2.  The kingdom of darkness

FAITH is POWER.  It is believing without seeing.  It is belief that the thing in which we are thinking can come to pass.  
Now, FAITH can work both ways.  We can cause it to work for, or, against us.  We choose.

It is my belief that through our Creator, we've been given free-will and each of us - a measure of Faith; in order, to decide which kingdom to serve (notice this can sometimes be a moment to moment decision and from day to day).  With that in mind, we will eat the fruit thereof whether it be good or bad.  (I believe that is the reason one moment we feel fine, the next we may not, etc..)

Our Creator is a God of Love and War.  HE has not given us a spirit of fear; but, a "Spirit of Love and a Sound Mind".  Our Creator has let it be known that we are to meditate (think upon) anything that is of "good report" and when we choose to do that, we are operating within "The KINGDOM of LIGHT".  Therefore, we are giving permission for "The KINGDOM of LIGHT" to go forth and manifest those good things we are meditating (thinking) upon.  That manifestation can spring forth speedily and other times take awhile longer.  (Patience is a fruit of the Spriit, in which it needs time to develope to maturity; but will develope.)  

On the otherhand, the "spirit of fear" operates out of "The kingdom of darkness".  When we allow ourselves to meditate (think upon) fear/anxiety/depression, we are operating within the kingdom of darkness, many times not even realizing it.  Therefore, we are giving permission for "the kingdom of darkness" to go forth and manifest those things we are (meditating) thinking upon.  Sometimes that manifestation takes place speedily and other times takes awhile longer.

Whatever we are meditating / thinking upon at any given moment.  That is FAITH hard at work!

Once we've realized what we've done, we can then go to work putting a stop on the negative effects we caused when we allowed our Faith to work against us.  

Blessings and Pleasant thoughts to you and yours this day and always.

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by gofio, May 01, 2009
Many thanks for your very detailed post. Unfortunately  I have no belief whatever in the supernatural. It may even offend you to know this ~ but I am happy with my lack of any belief. I appreciate your good wishes & am pleased to know that your faith sustains you. Sometimes between episodes I've been very happy, but something comes along from 'nowhere' & I'm back in the bottomless pit again. Fortunately I can count some of my many blessings, & am developing a technique to get me through the less than good days. As long as I can get relief between bouts of extreme sadness I will continue to have hope that I can live with what cannot be cured. Best wishes, I thank you for your interest in trying to help me. Gofio.

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