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8/21/13  8w2d

Aug 21, 2013 - 5 comments

not feeling so well very nauseated . going to have to start testing for blood sugars 4 x a day . I wanted zero stress the first trimester and that has not happend yet. er trips countless tests and now this i just want the first trimester to hurry up . im sick of hearing risks i told the dr i know all the risks im a vetrian mother here i dont want to hear negative only positive ive come along way . so im not going to see the genetic dr i dont care about there tests and im not going to see another dietician unless i have to they say i do but ive been before and unless im on insulin i am not going . im staying on metformin until the 2nd tri too !  i think its time to ignore my phone !!! anyways 31 more weeks until my c section and im praying for my shrimpy every day to stay strong  and keep on growing !!!  Im not too worried about my diet because I cant eat hardly anything lol it makes me sick . so im sticking with high protein stuff . good thing i can tollerate eggs still .  Im going to get threw this Im going to bring home a healthy baby :)

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2020005 tn?1476662562
by KTowne, Aug 21, 2013
I'm praying for you too Retta, just think of the day you're delivering your little prince or princess whenever you get stressed, just think of the moment you'll be holding him or her for the first time and relax, you deserve this! :) You have a great positive attitude!

1816154 tn?1463433618
by hansen20, Aug 21, 2013
Prayingfor u n baby. I could not ate anything at all with my son but with my girls I liked eggs :). I think we all can't wait to hear good news for you hun. I hope you have a healthy 7 more month's. You deserve this lil miracle

334926 tn?1436815123
by butterflybabies, Aug 21, 2013
Try wearing sea bands. They helped me sooo much

2006473 tn?1422036901
by Mrs_teddy_bear, Aug 21, 2013
Preggie pops are natural and they helped a little. I don't know if you can take it but my doc told me to try the B6 and unisom. It has helped greatly. I am sorry your first trimester isn't going as smoothly as you had hoped. I hope it startes to calm down soon and your little one grows big and strong for you.

4769306 tn?1517011053
by KeeLolo, Aug 22, 2013
Absolutely, I with you, you are going to bring home a healthy baby......praying daily!!

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