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Hepa B Positive

Aug 23, 2013 - 1 comments

Hepatitis B

Hi To everyone, can someone help me ? I am hepa b positive and I want to know my condition. I have already gone to the hospital but the doctor didn't  discuss me my condition. I have here my blood tests result

HbsAg Screening - positive
HBeAg-  cut-off value (1.00) Patient's count (0.923) - Negative
SGPT-  9.0 - 72.0
Anti HBs cut-off value (0.771) patient's count ( 0.331) - Non reactive

Pls help me. I'm so depressed, I don`t know how did I acquire this I'm still virgin and I don't use drugs.

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by H2plusO2, Aug 27, 2013
Hi deizz11,

Don't worry life must go on just surrender your yourself into HIM.  The only problem we face was we're denied if we apply for the job abroad but it doesn't mean we lost our hope. In every situation happened in our life there was a reason behind.

God Bless You,

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