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Just one more thing

Apr 30, 2009 - 0 comments

I went today to my IM Dr. to get a cortisone injection in my right knee.  I hope it will ease the pain.  But I had a bad experience driving home.  I was swerving all over the street trying not to hit any cars. I stopped at stop signs and lights no problem.  but driving scared the hell out of me.  We live real close to the Dr.'s office.  I have never  had that happen, I had no meds. in me. I just wanted to get home.  

I have not driven since the end of September, because I broke my right foot in October..
I came home and tried to calm down.  When my hubby, Mike came home I told him what happen and then lost it. I may lose my driving privileges. My is very special to me my Aunt wanted me to have it.

Besides actually taking my life, WHAT ELSE IS THIS DAMN FIBRO. GOING TO TAKE FROM MY LIFE AND MY FAMILIES LIVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am so frustrated with this disease and osteoarthritis.  My memory is really bad and getting worse as we move on.   So just in case I ever say anything wrong or I don't finish a sentence, God forbid forget your name I telling all of my MH family & friends thanks so much for loving me, letting me be me, And please have patience with me.  I am not going anywhere or doing anything to myself.  IF my doctor advises me not to drive anymore, It is just one more thing that has been taken from me. In short my Aunt wanted me to a good car when she died. I did that, it is from my Aunt that loved me.

And so far the cortisone shot is really, really sore all the way down my shin. I thought it was suppose to make it feel better.  I can't even walk on it. So I am off my feet for 3 days, at least I have my scooter:)  My back pain has never hurt this bad .  My Dr. said I could take the Morphine and a Vicodin to ease the pain.
I want to send my Blessings and love to those that I know are in worse health than I am. I am proud of you and how you handle your health issues. I hope that one day I will have the strength that so many of you do.  I want to still help others here and try to do some good.

Thanks, for everything


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