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Still wating for the second opinion

Aug 25, 2013 - 0 comments






OK now it is 8 weeks since thyroid surgery and still no definitive answer regarding final diagnosis. I have been chasing up people so I now know the report is now back with the initial consultant. It is still one heck of a stress time -  my insomnia, total lack of concentration and slight depression have started again.  I am supposed to start my teaching in two weeks time and I only hope I can do my job. Fortunately, I prepared everything over the long summer vacation whilst recuperating from surgery.  I  really didn't expect not to have a diagnosis after this length of time. My instinct is that the longer it takes,  the worse the prognosis will be. My wish is that clinicians would make the effort to give patients some indication of the time-line when decisions are likely to be made. It would really relieve a lot of stress. Just a note via from the secretary apologising for any delays and indicating that they want to get the correct decision so future treatments can be more directed. Then I suppose, they have many patients, and I am just one of many with a similar problem - but the problem is unique to me!!!!. At a guess, I suppose a letter from the consultant will arrive this week with a bit of luck (or not). I am not overoptimistic about this 2nd opinion and I anticipate a year of more surgery, radio-ablation and feeling absolutely terrible from a lack of thyroid hormones. I feel absolutely helpless at present. Oh well.

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