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May 01, 2009 - 2 comments

I am so sick of this doctor.  I like him okay, but he is not treating me right.  Last week he put me on a hear pill for the heart palpatations.  I am so tired of him not treated the condition....he is treating the symptoms.  That just won't work right.  The mornings I feel fairly okay, but by mid afternoon...wham.....I am tired.  By the early evening, forget it, I can hardly move or think!!!!!  That is just not me.  Something is very wrong!!!  I need a new doctor!  I want to cry today!

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by BARBIE123841, May 01, 2009
awww. and dont mistake that for pitty, that was sympathy, i know exactually how you feel! i have recently changed doctors due to him, treating me as i was just another addict on the street! all the docs here want to do is put people on methadone! for what reason is unknow,although it does help with pain, it can also take you under just the same! my doctor asked me well whats on the streets, you know! i was so upset, that was not professional at all.. i was talking to my mom adn she said be careful what you wish for, i told her all i wanted was a new mri, so i can get better! well i got it alright along with more pain!!!1 she was tru i never said how i wanted to get it! this accedint just might be my life saver...i had an mri the day after i went to the doctor, i was shocked how fast it got done, i will find out today or monday! i am so sad but relieved in a way! i think you too are gonna have to just change doctors, you see sometimes, doctors care, but thats their job, fix the sick and hurt people...we all know some peopl have got over on them, so it kinda makes isnce to me!i hope this helps

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by vintagedoll, May 01, 2009
My dr. hates it that I know more about my thyroid than he does.  He said where you find your information "the internet"?  I said YES!  From then on, he just passes me off....Dr."Dumb"....I soooooooo need a new doctor.  I have been to the gynecologist and the Endocronologist and they sent me right back to Dr. Dumb!!!  O lord have mercy.  He has overmedicated me twice and then undermedicated me.....he won't change the medicine, which "obviouosly" is not right for me!!!  He hasn't done the right tests for my thyroid either!  That is why he is called Dr. Dumb by me!  He is killing me!  I really feel like I won't be around long.  People just look at me and think that I overeat, etc.  it is embarrassing!  I want to go back to bed today and just cry....this is "NOT" like me.   I need major help!
Thanks for your least I know someone cares.  What is your condition? Did you have an accident and that is why you have pain?  Just curious.
Take care!

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