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Giving Birth and Not Knowing You're Pregnant

May 01, 2009 - 4 comments

So this is a totally true story.

Let's rewind to a few weeks ago.  My mother's good friend Barb is 26 years old.  They teach together.  Barb has a little sister who is my age (22).  They all go out to the bar and drink about once a week.  Nothing crazy, just grabbing a beer after work.  The little sister drinks a little more than they do.  She also smokes at the bar.

3 days ago, Mary (the little sister) went to the ER because she was having bad cramps and thought she might have appendicitis.  She called Barb on her way there.  Barb met her there, they got her in and made her take a pee test.  They always do.  They came back about 20 minutes later saying they couldn't give her anything because *drum roll* she was pregnant.  BIG SHOCKER.  

Now, you think that's bad?  2 hours later, she gave birth to a healthy 7lb baby boy.  Fully developed.  They told her that she had been pregnant the whole time.

How do you not know that you're pregnant? I understand not having a period (she's a bigger gal  and has had trouble with that a lot). I understand overlooking mood swings and even bigger boobs.  But wouldn't you fell that baby moving around?  

I just don't get it.  So then she got the joyous job of telling her parents (who, by the way are pastors and under the impression that she was a virgin) that not only was she NOT a virgin, but they now had a grandson.  I felt really bad for her.

She's a good girl, she really is.  And I can't imagine what she's going through right now.  Nothing's been decided on whether or not she'll keep the baby.  

I just wanted to write about that.  It was crazy to me.

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by msniki412, May 01, 2009
Wow, that is crazy! You know but I wath one of those discovery channel segments about a similar thing that a lady was pregnant and didn't know until she gave birth. It's weird to me. I mean Ive never been pregnant so I dont know what it's like, but honestly like you said at some point you would have to feel movements from the baby. Well hopefully her parents aren't too angry with the fact that not only she isn't a virgin, but suprise is also a mommy too! Im glad the baby was healthy though, that part she was very luck with.

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by Cheyenne_08, May 01, 2009
Well, I have to kinda take their side for a second. I could never imagine not feeling a baby move until I was pregnant with Ashtyn. I had excessive amniotic fluid, and the doctors told me multiple times that I would not feel Ashtyn moving around so not to panic. If a woman had something like that, I could imagine not feeling movement.

I am really sorry that she had to tell her parents that!!

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by mrspace24, May 01, 2009
cheyenne- That's a really good point.  I've never heard of that before but it makes sense!  I'm not doubting that she didn't know.  And I'm not trying to be harsh about her at all.  I'm just shell shocked.  I can't even imagine how she's feeling right now.

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by suzi-q, May 01, 2009
I think it is truly an amazing story and what a conversation to have to pass on to future generations!  I would love to see the parent's reactions!  Go with Appendicitis..come home with a baby...please keep us updated!!!!

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