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Been a week. Think I might get away with no withdrawals?

Aug 27, 2013 - 0 comments








So, it's been a week since I took my final dose of citalopram/celexa. I've had no withdrawals and have actually had a better mood than on the meds, on average. I think this medication kind of 'flatlines' your don't get the lows, but equally, you don't really feel happy either...actually you don't really feel much of anything, hence 'flatline'. Mostly, you just feel 'okay'. Neither good, neither bad. Just okay, fine. Fine/Okay, by the way, is a wonderful feeling when you've been so unhappy it literally hurts to move, but really, do you want to go though your life feeling 'okay', no matter what? You're in a situation where you should be panicking...instead you feel 'okay'(although this is handy when you need to be the cool head in a crisis). You win 25 million dollars...and you feel 'okay'(to be honest this hasn't actually happened to me, except maybe in a fantasy lol).

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