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Alive and well!

Apr 10, 2008 - 1 comments

There's been a lot of water under the bridge since I last posted.  I won't take the time to give you a play by play account of my life since then but I'll try to give a brief summary of what's important.

The doctor said I would not clear the hep-c virus and that there was no point in continuing the treatment.  I completed 28 weeks of the 48 weeks treatment plan.  I've been off the medication about six months now and I feel better than I did before the treatments began.  I've not done anything very productive for about 1 & 1/2 yrs. now but I have just accepted a position on the staff of the last church that I pastored.  I will have a somewhat active role, but not a full time pastoral role.  At least, I will hopefully begin to feel more useful.  I've changed my eating habits and I will be exercising more, ......... I hope!  

What happened?  I'm glad you asked.  One Sunday night in church, while the whole congregation was standing and singing, the words of the song impressed me so strongly that I made comments to my wife and my mother about it and believe that at that time I was given assurance from God that I was going to be alright.  What was that song?  Again, I'm glad you asked.  The name of the song was "Can't Nobody Do Me Like Jesus".  The words that really impressed me were from the verse that says, "He heald my body and He told me to run on."  At that time, I didn't know what the doctor's report was going to be the following Wednesday, but when I heard his report, I knew that God had prepared me for such and so I took comfort in the words of the song.  To God be the glory!

If you want to know more about that or my progress through the treatments, go to my blogspot and click on the label "My Progress".  (  

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by alagirl, Jun 04, 2008
I think you and your wife live fairly close in proximity to me so I was curious as to whether you were treating at a teaching hospital in Tennessee or going to a smaller clinic in Tn where you only see a gastro?  In fact, I think there is a hospital in TN that even has a liver bypass machine - and there aren't a lot of those around.  I treated with a a very good gastro but wished I had begun consulting with UAB earlier in treatment.  It made a lot of difference.

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