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Pain is off the charts

May 02, 2009 - 2 comments

I went in to my IM Dr. on Thursday, Apr. 30, 2009 so my Dr. could give me a Cortisone Injection in my right knee that has been in major pan and very swollen,  I guess it is going to take a few days to ease the pain, because last night and today my knee has hurt worse than before the injection. So it is frozen peas on the knee for 15 minutes 3 times a day.

I talked to him about the extreme pain in my back and knee and that the morphine was not helping as long for the pain, so he said I could take a vicodin if I needed it for the Pain.  I did that last night and I slept good.......

On my way home from my Dr.s office which is not far from home.  I had not taken any Meds. I would take it when I get home.  I drove myself  to the Dr.s  it was a the 1st time I had driven since last October when I broke my foot. I was okay going over. Coming home I was all over the streets,trying not to hit any parked cars.  I had a panic
attack. Which made it worse.

I am so depressed. I  just cried. Fibro has taken so much I am so tired dealing with  all the changes in our lives , I just so tired of all the pain the never ending pain.This pain is unforgiving and getting worse. I go for bone density test on May 30 th.

I Hate the Chronic Pain, Fibro.!!!  I don't like the way my My Hubby acts when we are out and I am using me scooter, like I am a child or  I can't handle that.


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by kitonthemoon, May 05, 2009
Hello girlfriend,

Hope you've got my phone message.  

I'm sorry that you're in constant pain.  If it is any comfort to you, I'm not doing any better in ouchy department and really can sympathize how it makes you feel.

So, after the 'COLD PEA-PACK", did you have it for dinner?   Giggles.  Just kidding with ya!!!  I've using lots Chinese herbal rub to relieve my pain.....I smell like a walking-Chiense-herbal-shop.  Serious!!!  It is rubbed all over my body.  

Have a chronic illness and see no relief in sight is a depressive feeling.  I sooooooo get it.  But, somewhere along the way, girlfirend, we will have to surcome to that reality and find ways to make our lives livable and happy again.  If not for anything, it sure beats hating our existence, make sense?

Try and believe the fact that hubby doesn't love you any less than before you had fibro.  Perhaps, he is mourning and feeling your pain, but not know how to express it.  AFter all, if he is like my hubby, he is feeling helpless because he sees his role as your 'rescuer', not stand-by-er...he doesn't know what to do to make you feel less pain.   Lots men mask their inner pain by joking about it.  TALK TO HIM, REALLY REALLY TALK.  

You know I'm always me around 11 am.  Hang in there, Shar!!!

Lots love and hugs,

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by SharJ, May 05, 2009
Hi Jazzie,

I'm in for a lecture right?  A  loving lecture?  I will call you tomorrow after 11am.  I promise. And yes I did get your phone message. I was in my garden when you called.

Love & Hugs,

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