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May 02, 2009 - 1 comments


The ‘ole saying that it was ‘then that he carried me’
Comes to mind.

Please then lift me & my burdens….

Take them away to that place where old dreams & nightmares go

Release my troubles like the waves.
Don’t let the ‘sharks back in’.
Please dear savior never the sharks.

Trembling is common, from my shoulders to my heart,
My brain to my end.
Let the shaking subside for a brief moment

Let my heart beat free without pain
Forgive me for my past….
Does it always have to be me that loses?

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by merryxmas, May 02, 2009
I lose without you.  I want to be with you and no one else, but you.  You lose without me, and we end up with two lonely broken hearts.  I will be physically living with you and loving every minute of it.  But collecting my mail from another address until my coverage goes into effect.  If I don't do it this way I will Have No prescription coverage for my meds which I can't survive emotionally without.
I Love You Babe.

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