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Tramadol & Ultram Withdrawal & Taper Recovery Room Part 8

May 02, 2009 - 190 comments











ultram withdrawal









Welcome Everyone!

Make yourself Comfortable :D


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by Miss_Amy_2009, May 02, 2009
Hi All...I've been on other boards..being a newbie and all, my posts were kind of scattered and I wanted to try to get them all on ONE thread....  

Below, you will find what I've been going through during my Tramadol Tapering Experience...I'm on Day 9 today (thought I was on day 10 this morning...but turns out I was getting a day ahead of myself...)

It's a LOT to read all at once..but if it helps ONE person...then it was worth compiling it all onto this board...


To: Prescribed Tramadol -Trying to Quit! ---- Current weaning process .

After finding these threads, one thing for sure is that I feel good that I'm not alone...I came to the boards for help/support and although I still need support for this prescribed addiction, I feel that I may be able to help others through my own I'll try to post what I'm doing and what I'm experiencing while I go through my weening process..but let me just say, that I have consulted with my doctor before doing so and recommend the same for all that are interested in getting off of tramadol (or any other drug, for that matter)...
I am here to share my story of my addition/weening experiences with TRAMADOL. I was initially prescribed Tramadol/50mg/2x/day for chronic back/neck pain..which lead to same dose/4x/day. About a year or so ago, I was able to cut that down to same dose/2x day. (Although I had some withdrawal symptoms (w/d's included, anxiety, sweating, lethargy, etc), I found it easier to do after a facet block procedure that I had done for my back pain.
I have just recently decided that I want OFF of TRAMADOL.  Like several of you, my doctor gave me the prescription and told me that it was NOT addictive, but possibly habit-forming.  If you take tramadol and/or read enough of the boards, you will find out (like I did) of how addicting this drug really is...
One thing that people that are trying to get off Tramadol need to know is : You should NOT stop taking it suddenly. It's DANGEROUS!
I talked to my Doctor and he recommended weaning off of them gradually...Soooooo..... I started out by cutting two 50mg pills in half...and taking 3 of the 4 halves (25mg) 3x/day...this decreased my dose by 25%....which I found out later, that it’s TOO much of a decrease...I found some info that said you should cut down 10% at a time.. It sounds easy enough, but 10% is actually hard to do when you don't have a pill cutter...or even if you did, I imagine it would still be difficult to do with such a small pill.
I have been breaking my pills into I have 4 small "crumbs" that I can't imagine breaking down any further because of how small they are already...I was thinking of crushing them just so I could make the proper doses as I go lower and lower in mg’s…(Is there another way???)
So after learning that 25% is too much of a decrease, I was already down to 62.5mg/day from 100 mg/day….Let me tell you that the w/d's are very uncomfortable....but my determination and strong will IS going to get me through this…I want OFF of Tramadol!!!  I’m just glad that I didn’t go into a seizure (yet?).
I have learned a lot about Tramadol by reading other addition to “listening” to my own body….

Just to let you know what I’ve been doing, here’s MY weaning process SO FAR which I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND this to anyone…as I JUST found out that I SHOULDN”T HAVE decreased the dose so much.  Today is my 5th day of weaning....I just want to share my w/d experiences and my mistakes in my weaning process.

Starting dose:  50mg/2X-day  (100mg/daily)

Day 1 –25mg/3xday (75mg/daily)
Day 2-  25mg/3xday (75mg/daily)

These two days seemed to be ok but I was anxious right before it was time to take the next dose. Each dose is about 6 hours apart, so the biggest gap in my dosages was after a night of sleeping..which is 8hours..always woke up reaching for the pill, first thing...but then's always been that way.

Day 3 - 12.5mg/5xday (62.5mg/daily)
Day 4 –12.5mg/5xday (62.5mg/daily)
Day 5-  12.5mg/5xday (62.5mg/daily)

Last two nights..w/d's woke up me up at 3am (took 12.5mg)
This dose turned out to be the first dose of the day...the others are taken @ 8am,12pm, 4pm, 8-9pm, and it begins again at 3am.

I'm still afraid to lower the dose again...although it may sound like I'm cruising through the weaning process...let me just say that IT"S NOT EASY!

If anyone's interested, I will continue to post my progress/withdrawals...

I may just keep posting for venting purposes...Please wish me luck in this journey...if you have any questions...I'll be happy to try to answer them...

Day 6

Here's how I've been feeling:

It seems that the w/d's come in waves...I have anxiety pretty bad here and there throughout the day but it's worse at night. Initially, I was planning to cut the doses around every three days...but I'm not certain I can do that right now...As bad as I want to get off of Tramadol, I feel that it's important to slow down in my tapering..

Although I can manage to go to work, I don't feel like doing much else and if I do, it's a pretty big effort. Sometimes, I wonder if I'm depressed because I don't want to do anything or if I'm not doing anything because I"m depressed. I sweat at night but I'm not sure if it's because of the w/d's or if it's just hot in the house. Ugh!  

If anyone has any suggestions on a better way to do this...PLEASE post a comment!

One thing that I'm worried about is how to make the doses any smaller than they already are.....(each 50mg pill cut into 4 quarters)..Right now, I'm taking 5 quarter pieces a day which is 12.5mg/5xday = 62.5mg/daily.

Since I don't see a way of making these doses smaller, I'm thinking that I should make the doses bigger, yet only take it twice a day 25mg/2xday = 50mg/daily...even though the dose is higher..With this, I would be tapering down another 12.5mg....and only take it 2x/day, instead of 5x/day..If I can do this without much more suffering...I'll be half way to the finish line...

It sounds good enough...but honestly, I'm already having a hard time..and I'm afraid that I'll suffer worse than I am now...but then again..this whole weaning process has been nothing but suffering and I expect that it will continue until even after I'm Tramadol FREE!

As uncomfortable as I am with the w/d's, I can handle them..and I am also confident that I will make it to the other side - I really hope that these horrible w/d's don't change into something different than what I'm already experiencing..the fear of "the unknown" (i.e., siezures, etc) is what makes me scared and somewhat hesitent...but I'm determined to push through this..while hoping for the best and preparing for the worst....I guess it's the only way I can go - not around, but THROUGH!

If any of you have successfully beat this addiction, Please Please Please respond and tell me how YOU did it!

I'll be posting my thoughts, feelings and progress each day...maybe more if I just need to vent...  :(

Thanks for listening...

Day 7

I didn't wake up for the 3am pill...which means I am down one dose today! What a great way to start this day! It gives me hope that things will get easier...even though I know that the very end of this journey will probably be the hardest. I feel good about it but will feel better if I sleep all through the night tonight and skip that dose again..then I will know for sure that I've made some real progress! Keep your fingers crossed for me.

IF I have kicked that one dose, I am down to 50mg...I know this isn't much to some of you, but remember that I was up to 200mg a day for about 2 of the last 5 years. I understand that even that isn't much for some of you..but the w/d's are ..well, w/d's! I think I'm having a hard time with this because I've taken them every single day for 5 loooong years.

I want to tell you all how much of a denial I was in...solely because the tramadol was prescribed. I think this happens to a lot of patients that trust their doctors. Especially when they say "it's not addictive". You think you're making a good choice (at the time). In hindsight, I wish that I was told about how it's actually made to work and mostly, how difficult it is to get off of it. Maybe I would have made a different choice. I excuse the doctor that prescribed me this medication because I believe that he had good intentions and believed what the pharmaceutical company told him. He may have learned differently since then, but he's no longer my Doctor so I wouldn't know.

I'm not sure if anyone's been following my posts....but it would be nice to know if anyone can relate to what I'm going through....

I'll be posting more later, to let you all know how my day is going...I hope that you all find some other "method to your madness" in an effort to stop using...prescribed or not...

TRY to take care of YOU! If you don't, no one else CAN...


Tapering with 50mg pills....HELP!
Can someone tell me which is better to do???

Right now my current tapering dose is:

12.5mg/5xday = 62.5mg/daily down to 12.5mg/4xday=50mg

Sooo...I have a 50mg pill to deal with now...and I'm wondering if I should take 12.5/4X a day OR day or 50mg/1X day.....

The pharmacist said that one pill only lasts about 6 I'm concerned about the w/d's on all three of those methods...I guess I'm looking for the lesser way of suffering, of the three.

Does anyone have any tapering techniques or experiences to share?

Questions: Tramadol Tapering and Pain Management
I was prescribed Tramadol 50mg/2X -day almost 5 years ago for back/neck pain.

After the first year, my dose was raised by my doctor to 50mg/4X-day...I reduced that back down to 2X day.

I'm currently tapering 100mg/day with 50mg pills...and have gotten down to ONE 50mg pill...

My question: Can someone tell me which is better to do???

Right now my current tapering dose is:

12.5mg/5xday = 62.5mg/daily down to 12.5mg/4xday=50mg

Sooo...I have a 50mg pill to deal with now...and I'm wondering if I should take 12.5/4X a day OR day or 50mg/1X day.....

The pharmacist said that one pill only lasts about 6 I'm concerned about the w/d's on all three of those methods...I guess I'm looking for the lesser way of suffering, of the three.

Can someone tell me which method to use? or another that is better?

Also, at what mg is it safe to take at the last dose and exactly how should I do this? I've heard that I should taper at 10% or 1/8th at a time....but I've been tapering by as much as 25%....but have since slowed that down due to the withdrawals...

Again, I'm taking 12.5/4X day it safe to try to go down to NOTHING at all? or keep tapering? (i.e. one of the methods mentioned above)

One more thing...

Once I am Tramadol FREE.....How do you suggest that I deal with my chronic pain?
I've been prescribed Skelaxin 100mg/4x (as needed) and I haven't taken more than 50mg (breaking one in half) at a time...and not daily....I'm wondering if taking one here and there will help with my weaning process and there after. I refuse to take them daily because I'm not trying to trade one addiction for another..

Any suggestions would be appreciated....If more info is needed, please let me know....



Day 7 continued....

I'm sorry to post another one....but I think I'm actually posting again for my own keep track of my progress.....kind of theraputic, like keeping a diary...and seems to help me stay focused...

I've tapered down my Tramadol to 12.5mg/4x day

and so far, I think today's the best day I've had...I think my body is getting used to the small doses...I think a lot of my anxiety is coming from being alone and worried about having a siezure....but all in all, I'm feeling confident that my relationship with Tramadol will soon come to a close....I will know for sure by tomorrow, as the worst part of my day is actually at night...I'm interested to see how tonight goes...but I'm fairly optimistic...Stay tuned...

Sometimes, I wonder if I ever should have been prescribed the beginning, I don't think they knew what was actually wrong with me..just that I had pain from a car accident..It appears that over time, things started coming together..I have a new family doctor now and I'm satisfied with him...Throughout the last year or less, I've learned that tramadol IS addicting..even though I was told by the doctor that prescribed it that "it's just a higher level of Alieve and isn't addictive"..I've learned about the psychological impact, etc....which brings me back to wondering if I should have ever been prescribed this in the first place..Myofascial Pain Syndrome is sometimes confused with Fibro because the symptoms overlap....there is a LOT of controversy about I read books on the issue and basically, there needs to be an alliance of doctors of different fields (including pediatricians) to work together to come to a better result of caregiving....unfortunately, this hasn't happened yet. So I can't help but wonder if my condition has ever been properly treated...but since I don't think I am a candidate for tramadol....I'm getting off of it...and am eager to try something non addictive to manage my condition....

I am being treated by a doctor...always have been...including many others. including specialists...I don't think it's uncommon for people to be prescribed medication and become addicted...and go through the (as you call it and I agree) the tricky part of separating the two..that is where I am see if there are other options for managing my condition....and/or if there was ever a need for tram in the first place...

I was prescribed skelaxin last week...I am using 1/2 doses of a 100mg pill replace the Tram...(Rx'd 100/4X daily..but only taking one pill at the most (two halves) in a day)....

Well, today is DAY 8....I woke up to that desperate feeling of needing tram...and immediately reached over (with anger) and took the 12.5 dose...I'm happy to say that between now and this morning, I haven't taken another one....(even though I know I will before the day ends...probably 2...which would still mean that I have cut down the 50mg daily dose to 37.5mg....I want so badly to just toss them all..but I can't figure out a way to deal with my condition outside of taking the skelaxin and tylenol....I'm not sure if it's going to be enough. Keep in mind that I was prescribed to take 100mg4X of skelaxin and have only taken 1/2 of a pill at a time (twice a day at the most) so far....Doc said it wouldn't cause drowsiness..but pharmacist said that it will if I eat..and it does...I have to eat so I am drowsy..even off of a 1/2 pill! I have to work, drive so I have to function...The choice between being knocked out on pills while not being able to function OR being relieved from my not an easy choice..I have a job to keep and bills to pay...In regards to Tram...I am often thankful that I don't have children..How would I be able to do everything??? How do you guys manage taking care of a family, outside of yourself??? I also wonder how I ever will...choosing between medication and having a baby...I'm 38...time itself is challenging me enough....Ugh...

It sounds like a lot of the people on this site have bone related pain...mine is a muscular-skeletal issue...I was in a car accident and due to the impact, my muscles don't relax like they should anymore...which causes the constant discomfort...

I've had trigger point injections, facet block, physical therapy (cranial sacral and myofascial release, TENS units, traction, ultrasound (penetrating heat therapy), chropractor adjustments, wet heat therapy and muscle strengthening...

Day 8

Down to 12.5/4X day = 50mg for two days now...

Whatever I'm feeling before the next dose is due...drives me nuts..I feel the hold it has on me and I HATE IT...especially in the morning...because I feel like I'm ALMOST there and then in the morning, I can't think of anything but getting that 12.5 mg in my body before ANYTHING ELSE! Is this what they call HABIT forming?  

I'm confused about how this drug really works....I've heard that it effects the brain....but I'm convinced that it IS addictive....low doses in comparison to other..or not..I think it's addictive either way...I do not believe that I'm struggling more than most of the people on here..but I AM struggling..for whatever reason..Otherwise, I really don't think I would be in this forum. I wasn't even the type of person to participate in forums...until now.

If it's all in my head..then what is waking me up at 3am when I'm not awake to think about it? Why was I sweating the first 3 nights? Why am I feeling other aches in my body? have my legs kicked? Why am I sneezing all the time now? Why did my immune system feel weak?, The anxiety/worry is the worst part to me...I'm thankful that I can sleep...and things ARE getting better...The discomfort is there...especially in the morning..

I have to continue with some type of pain I'm going to strengthen the muscles that have deteriorated and pay for my own massages (had a prescription but my insurance won't cover it). I'll get trigger point injections and take an anti-inflammatory...and Skelaxin (was told it wasn't addictive by Doc..but pharmacist said all muscle relaxers are addictive - I believe the latter) I will take them carefully and NOT daily..just to loosen me up enough to bare with it... I hope I'll be able to manage it somehow...

I want you guys to know that I don't even like saying "pain" when I refer to my condition because it's more like a tightness that is extremely uncomfortable and never goes away...I am fortunate to be able to do most things that I like to do..However, I am limited (probably through conditioning of being "careful" not to over do it) because of a fear of pulling muscles...which happens quite frequently in my back and neck since the muscles are so tight...(imagine pulling a neck muscle 3X in a month..feeling like you have whiplash....each taking a week to start feeling better and then it happens again..and again...same with the back....)...

I have always told my doctor that it's not really a PAIN...(the type I imagine you all to have)'s an extreme ache and tightness...and dealing with it day after day wears on a person...just the same as it would if it was pain....who wouldn't get depressed?
I spend a LOT of my time in bed...for someone in their mid (now late) 30's that used to be very social and now a couch potato that goes to bed, directly after work.....Not sure if I"m depressed about feeling this way day after day, or if I'm depressed because I can't spend time with my loved ones because I'm going to bed while people are eating dinner together....

Anways...I've always been grateful to be ABLE to walk..and to function in daily living.....but I've somehow started using the word "pain" to get my point across because I look so normal to people that they don't understand what's really going on with me, when I tell them I can't or don't feel up to doing something....I figure that the diagnosis has the word "pain" in it and it's just easier to say that than explain how my muscles are all screwed up...

I want you all to know that I REALLY REALLY REALLY appreciate your feedback...IT"S COMFORTING to just KNOW that there are other people like me out there after being told by some doctors that "it's all in my head"...until I got an MRI done by a specialist..Please know that I'm not here to compare my level of pain/discomfort..I know that so many of you have much more severe conditions to deal with....I'm here to vent and find a way to live without medication....

Thank you so much for listening...

Day 8 continued....

Well, I was able to stretch the time between doses today...which allowed me to drop a dose (unless it wakes me up in the middle of the night again -which has NOT happened the last two I have my fingers crossed.) If I am able to get through the night (which seems to be the hardest part for me) then I will have successfully have dropped a dose a Tram today...which will bring me down from 12.5mgX4=50mg/daily to 12.5mg/3X=37.5mg/daily...hopefully, this will happen..but I won't know until tomorrow morning after I make it through the night.

One thing that I've noticed is that drinking lots of water makes me feel I've been trying to do that more...I sat in a jacuzzi for about 20 minutes today...boy did that feel GOOD! Do they give prescriptions for those for musclular-skeletal disorders?? (seriously)

OMGosh! I keep sneezing!!!! what is UP with THAT? There's another girl on a different board going through a LOT of the same symptoms that I'm going through with tramadol weaning....I haven't had a chance to talk to her yet....but I plan to...I haven't even read any of her posts today because I'm trying to respond to you guys as soon as I can...and let me tell you: you guys are tough to keep up with..LOL...I can't thank you enough for your's helped me in so many ways....THANK YOU. :)

Ok, sooooOOooo back to how today went.....

I've been sneezing for at least the last few days, if not this whole 8 days....I probably just didn't realize that it was going to be a daily thing until now...I have no other cold/flu I initially thought it was dust in the air..but now..I think it's related..especially since I saw another girl post that she's been sneezing a lot too during her weaning...wierd!..but I can deal with sneezing...

I had anxiety today on and off..but mostly at the tail end of my stretched out doses..which means that they are subsiding because I was having them for longer periods off and on in the days prior..and they were way more intense...I would take my next dose thinking that I would have a siezure or heart attack if I didn't...but now..not so much....that is where I"m seeing the light...even though I haven't felt that it's time to let go...I know the time is coming and I'm still making progress every few days...

I still wonder each night if I will sleep all the way through..I have read about so many people that have RLS which I think keeps them from sleeping at all..I'm so glad I'm not going through they're up for DAYS...I have headaches...but I'm not sure if it's body aches...the lethargy is still there...but I can handle all of this better now because I know they are not as bad as before which gives me HOPE that they will be gone soon....

My focus is turning towards my transition from tram to some other pain management...I have the "plan" that includes skelaxin, massages (not covered by my insurance), exercise (walking on treadmill and neck/lower back strengthening exercises), and more trigger point injections...but I'm always wondering what I would do if it didn't work...then what? tram again? NO WAY!

Speaking of Skelaxin...My doc prescribed these to me when I told him that I was struggling with getting off of Tramadol...He suggested weaning and prescribed me Skelaxin and massage/2X per month..which sounded like a great alternative for tramadol....but my insurance doesn't cover I'm stuck with (non-addictive?) skelaxin..prescribed at 100mg/4X day...but I'm only taking 100mg/1x day in half doses....

I took 2 halves of newly prescribed skelaxin 100mg in the am and one in the pm...they seem to help me with some of the anxiety which usually leads me to taking a dose.. With that said, I'm wondering if I'll have to increase my 100mg/1X day dose to more as I decrease the skelaxin...and if I feel that I need to, how will I function? Doc said they don't make you sleepy...Pharmacist says all muscle relaxers will make you sleepy and that skelaxin isn't as bad as others and usually only makes you sleepy after eating...well, I have to eat...sooooooo....what a trade while sleepy or be normal with my condition...ugh..The tricky part is...I'm feeling more of my condition as I lessen my tram will be there in FULL once I'm the skelaxin is helping but I'm only taking small doses of that at a time...and I'm concerned that I won't be able to function with taking more...and I don't want to take more..I HATE PILLS ..even the non addictive ones...Like many of you, I feel as though it's a catch 22 situation.

I haven't really gotten much of a response about how people manage their own pain without tramadol..except Cyndie's post about her own skelaxin prescription.....

Thanks again for your comfort that you give so freely...



Sorry it took me so long to come back....I've been posting on another thread...but I think this one would better suit me....
mostly due to Sandie1977's Tramadol situation...very similar to mine.

Speaking of that.....What happened to her? I would like to talk to I hope she comes back.

I've been posting on another thread or two..posting my Tramadol weaning process..correction: progress!

I don't have time to repost all of my other posts from the other threads right now..but will...unless you find it easier to find/read them yourself....

I just wanted to stop by here to tell SANDIE: HANG IN THERE AND DON"T GIVE UP! YOU CAN DO THIS!!!

I'll be back....

Day 9

Well, I made it through the night without waking up again…

Down to 12.5mg/3X day of Tramadol

I had a headache again….so I took two Tylenols for it.

but the lethargy is bothering me the most today… I don’t feel like doing anything right now..not even this..

I’m still sneezing…

My legs are starting to get a weird feeling again..same thing that took me to the doctor before tramadol was prescribed……and the only way I can describe it is, it’s the same feeling that a woman might have when she has menstrual cramps and the backaches that go with them…I probably should take more skelaxin since I’ve weaned more off of tramadol yesterday..…but I took only a ½ of a 100mg of skelaxin ...I’m coming to the obvious conclusion that something is going to have to replace the tramadol…if I can get over this lethargy..I’ll walk on my treadmill….but I can tell that it won’t be happening today…not up to doing ANYTHING. I can’t understand why I’ve had such a hard time getting off such a small dose of this in comparison to some of you that have taken way more…..

That’s why I want to talk to Sandie1977…..

On the flip side, I feel like I will be Tram free….SOON…..that alone makes me feel in control and optimistic that I the rest of the symptoms will be gone someday…..the worse was anxiety and that seems to have subsided quite a bit..which is what gives me hope the most…I’m almost there!!!
I probably would have chosen to suffer through dropping another dose today..but I’m trying to taper by staying on one dose for three days…I really think I could have done it today..but the anxiety seems to come back if I do it too basically, I took the pill at the same I did yesterday, even though I probably could have skipped it because mentally, I’m ready to just sto taking them all together…but physically, I do what I think is comfortable for my body…out of fear of having a seizure…

I’m wondering if depression is kicking in….ugh.  I hope not.

More later…

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by christinelaabs, May 02, 2009
how are you doing, I too had a sucessful withdrawl from Ultram, for a serious illness.
I am proud of you, most of how are you and your pain today

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by 2Sue, May 02, 2009
HI Miss Amy
i think you are doing really well and if this way suits you thats good too...i tapered very slowly like you,,,but had soluble tablets which helped...just like you i listened to my body and took what i could cope with and it did take days before i could taper symptoms were a hell of a lot worse on the smaller doses but you will get wouldnt have worked for me to c/t. i have three sons, a job and had to keep going. i think i got to 7.5 t.d.s. then only sips before i stopped .
i done the per cent rule will get there but look at these sympoms as tram leaving your body and they will go away very soon.the first few days the pain increases but it does settle down.take one day at a time, and if you have to rest then do it..a lot of us have our fave place on the settee.
read last couple of pages on this forum cause theres a mix of weaners and those within first month off to help you along.  

im six weeks now off tram now and if you read my last post im feeling great today....ive chronic pain and just got a tens which so far is fantastic.wish id got one post op.

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by JHuxlet, May 02, 2009

I am struggling with mood swings and depressions. It's starting to get very annoying. I was taking 100mg four times a day, I have cut this by an 8th of a dose making 93.75(approx)mg X 4.. As my levels have dropped Mood has become an increasing issue for me. At times I get so down all I can do is be in bed, which really does not help at all.

I a taking tryptophan (5HT) four times a day as stated on bottle, magnesium and calcium supplements, Milk Thistle as directed - it helps liver function and can make w/d quicker and can lessen symptoms, vit C and a Vit suplement.

Any suggestions of what else might help?

Tens machines are good for muscular and tendon/ligament pain. As far as I can tell they dont help much with bone/joint pain as much if at all.

Is this Correct?


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by Miss_Amy_2009, May 02, 2009
Thank you for the encouraging words..they really help me!!!

Today I'm feeling very lazy..I don't want to do anything....I'm laying in bed as I speak....trying to drink more water as it seems to have helped before...not sure about that anymore..but still drinking it to see..

I have a TENS...good idea..I haven't used it for a long time but it might be good to use now so I don't need to increase the doses of skelaxin.

I'm doing exactly what you said 2Sue....just listening to my body....and translating the symptoms into a healing helps keep me strong..thanks for mentioning encourages me..

Do you have a muscular-skeletal disorder too???

Looking forward to lethargic that I just want today to be over...wish my body would let me drop Tram all together because I would- Today!  At this rate, it looks like it's going to be another week...but I'm determined to drop the last 3 doses...

I wish I had the liquid form...but I think I can do this without it..It has gotten easier and harder in different ways with the smaller doses...gonna be an empowering..yet torn feeling when I let that last dose go... I can't wait to be Tram Free..

It's nice to know that you've done it Sue...That another reminder that I CAN do this...all the way to the finish line..


More later...

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by BVD660, May 02, 2009
Hey guys,

Amy it looks like you're going through a lot of the same I went through when I was weaning.   I'm convinced that no matter how a person weans, they will experience withdrawal from tramadol.

Weaning definately lessens the symptoms but it doesn't stop them altogether.  I went through the same withdrawal for months as I slowly weaned and looking back I kind of regret putting myself through such misery for so long but I couldn't handle the cold turkey method which I tried on many occassions.  

I eventually weaned down to 12.5mg once in the morning and was having awful withdrawal symptoms for the whole week that I did this.  I wasn't sure what to do at this point (b4 I found this forum and my angel Emily), whether to up my dose or finally just quit so I posted a question to Dr. Jeffrey T Junig the doctor in the addiction/substance abuse forum and asked his advice.

He said this, "With any taper, there will come a time when the person has several episodes of 'mini-withdrawal' during the day as each dose wears off-- that is the time when it is best to just stop taking the medication altogether."  So I decided to just stop and suffer through the next 5 days.  When you finally do stop altogether, your withdrawal won't be as bad as those who just stopped cold turkey.  Like I've said before the worst for me was the anxiety, sweats, and chills.  Those who quit c/t also tend to have flu like symptoms, restless, painful legs, insomnia, etc.  These weren't nearly as bad for me.

Believe me when I say this.  It wasn't any easier for any of us to get off this nasty drug.  It was horrible for me and it's taken me years to finally be tramadol free (19 days - yeah).  Even now, I still have some anxiety, cold sweat attacks, and chills, but nothing compared to during my taper and especially the first 5 days of quitting.

You're on the right track.  Just follow your body and taper as best as you can.  If you're down to 62.5mg per day then your waaaay close to being off tramash*t.  Congratulations!

By the way, today has been a good day for me.  No physical withdrawal far anyway.


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by Miss_Amy_2009, May 02, 2009

First and foremost: Congrats on your 19 days! Yahoooo! I can't wait until I can begin counting my POST Tram days and stop counting these PRE Tram weaning days!!!

In regards to your post, I can't tell you how grateful I am!!!! So much GREAT info!!!

I am "winging it" throughout this process and I desparately needed some direction!! .....and YOU gave it to me by explaining your own experience as well as what the Doctor said..THANK YOU!!! It's SOOO SOOOOOO HELPFUL!!

I needed toknow how to LET GO...So your info is priceless to me right now...Especially the part regarding the last few doses and WHEN to let go of that last dose!!! I've been searching and searching these boards to find out HOW! Thank you for SHOWING me the WAY!!!! :D

I'm really hoping that you'll continue to post your POST tram progress! People like me will be wanting to know what to expect...

Although I'm GLAD to know that I should expect to feel poorly for awhile (this helps me deal with it when it comes)...Your experience actually is longer than what I I appreciate you sharing that with us....I'm happy to know that you're feeling good withdrawal symptoms! YAY!!! That must be a GREAT feeling and I can't wait to get there!!!!!

I've been feeling down, but I must tell you that YOU JUST MADE MY DAY, BOE!

My heart and soul are filled with.....


Thank YOU.

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by Miss_Amy_2009, May 02, 2009

Correction to the post above: (even though you probably knew what I meant to say)

"I can't wait until I can begin counting my POST Tram days and stop counting these


weaning days!!!"

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by Miss_Amy_2009, May 03, 2009

Day 10

Good morning...  

Current dosage: 12.5mg/3xday = (37.5mg/daily)

I took my first dose today but ever since I read Boe's post....I can't stop thinking about just dropping the Tramadol completely.

I think about how FREE I will feel after being TRAM FREE!

I'm not down to the 12.5/1xday like Boe was...and if he suffered through the next 5 days at that low dose..then I am afraid to see what I would feel like...

Lately, the lethargy is the worst...I'm concerned that I might fall into a depression or something soon...if not already???

BOE: You said that even now  (19 days tram free) you said, "Even now, I still have some anxiety, cold sweat attacks, and chills, but nothing compared to during my taper and especially the first 5 days of quitting."

QUESTION: What were you feeling during those first five days after quitting?

I'm going to see how it goes today...might drop another dose if I can stretch the times out again...we'll see...

I think I'm going to feel lethargic for a good while after being Tram Free..and I expect the anxiety level to go back up....but I'm just going to have to suck it up and push through.....Which reminds me of one of my favorite quotes:

"The only way around is through" -Robert Frost

More later....


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by BVD660, May 03, 2009
Hi Amy,

37.5 mg a day....not bad.  You're on your way.  How are your w/d symptoms at that dose?

Feeling lethargic is normal for the withdrawal.  Most of us felt it badly in the first week or so and then it starts to slowly get better.  But it most likely will last for a month or so after quitting.  I am still feeling lethargic some days, it's just very random.  Remember though, it's different for everyone and it may not last for you.  I was on tram for 8 years so I think it will take more time for my body to get back to normal.

Try not to be afraid of the withdrawal. As hard as it may be, try to embrace it and relish the fact that your body in normalizing again and that you won't be dependent this awful drug.  It can be liberating to think of it in that way.  I can't tell you how incredible it is to wake up and not need to take a pill to stop the withdrawal from happening.

My first five days of withdrawal were very hard for me.  Nobody knew that I was addicted to tramadol, therefore nobody knew what I was going through with withdrawal.  Not friends, family, nobody.  I felt horrible, with extreme anxiety throughout most of the days and it was all day long.  My body would just freak out and start to instantly sweat (with "sick sweat" as Emily calls it) and I would be flush and hot and very cold all at the same time.  I contantly had the chills and goose bumps, sneezed all the time, and just felt awful.  I sat in front of a space heater every minute I wasn't at work.  If I were to do it all over again, I would just take a week off work sick because looking back I honestly don't know how I made it through with working.

However, these extreme symptoms only lasted about 5-7 days and then they started to ease up.  After that I would still get these symptoms but they weren't nearly as bad or as frequent.  I still get some of the anxiety attacks, sweats, and chills but they are pretty short-lived and are bareable now.

I have felt the depression on and off also.  There have been good and bad days.  I have a 15 yr old son and daughter that I raise alone and I have tried to spend a lot of time with them which has helped me through the depression.  They're pretty awesome kids....I just hope they stay that way.

Hang in there Amy, you can do this. I know it really, really sucks right now but know there are such better days ahead.  If I did this, you most certainly can.  We are all here to support you!


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by BVD660, May 03, 2009
By the way, I meant bearable, not bareable.  Where's the spell check when ya need one?

874556 tn?1242365911
by sandie1977, May 03, 2009
Hello- Im back!

Ms. Amy 2009 -  I have read your post and Congrats to you on your progress.  I haven't given up, just taking a time out on this site, and trying to fight this alone (well... no luck)

I am still at two 50mg pills a day.  I believe that going from 8 to 2 is good for me, and I will try again soon to come all the way off. (preferably after dr. returns call I made to him to lower my dosing)

As a nurse I have to suggest to those of you who are "cutting" pills. Unless the pills are scored (has a line going down the center of pill) you should not cut them.  Reason is during the process of making pills that are "scored" the medication in each pill is dispensed within the pill at a precise measurement. Meaning that if you cut the "scored" pill you are assured that the medication is exactly half of what the whole pill is.  


If you cut a pill that is unscored then you are NOT taking exactly half of the medication. You are risking taking one half of the pill that is loaded with medication and the other half is not anything but air. So to put it more simply you may think you are dividing your doses in equal amounts, but if they are not scored than you are just "thinking your taking half of the prescribed dose".  (great mind trick)

That is why I havent cut my pills down. That is why I am PATIENTLY waiting for dr. to call back.

I am sleeping soundly at night again!
still have vague brain zaps. and dizziness.

And to think a month ago I was taking eight 50mg/day.  
I HAVE GAINED WEIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My appetite is through the roof.
My energy is lower but not completely gone.

Yes... I am dissappointed that I cant completely quit without the guidance of a doctor. Like most on here who quit c/t. But I am happy that I living the lifestyle (albeit with lower energy) I used to live when I was taking 8 a day.

have a good one

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by 2Sue, May 03, 2009
hi ,ive just read my past posts and from 25mg t.ds. id tapered quickly and stopped within four days cause the symptoms on low doses were bad. (im so glad i stopped when i did cause the fog start lifting within 48 hours..i didnt even know i was in a fog)
that first couple of days off the pain had escalated badly,i even went to casualty cause i couldnt cope with the pain but it settled down within a week.  my head was clearer, i was out walking with the boys and even went on the trampoline ,something i hadnt done for 8 months. i had good days and bad days but overall the fog was lifting.

i have achalasia and had an op on my sphincter muscle between oesophagus and stomach and also a fundoplication so i guess the pain is muscular,,but we dont know why i have the pain im still having tests...tens is definitely working a new person.

i can only say i was going through same as all of you only a short while ago and would never have thought i could feel this well again..
my appetite is back to normal to but ive put on ten pounds post tram..(its just wot id lost post op im cutting down now.
boe is so right about embracing the withdrwal ,
ive told everyone i was withdrawing and im embarraesed now at some states i must have been in, but they were so supportive of me, work included.i dont know how you are keeping it a secret, that must be so hard,,
Sandie is right about the tablets ,soluble is available and it is scored..
im proud of you all, it is the worst time for you.but it gets better.

888132 tn?1304667943
by JHuxlet, May 03, 2009

I had heard the pill cutting thing too on a different forum with a guy who claimed he was a pharmacist. He said that you cannot be sure of the dose when it comes to pressed tablets as various caking and bulking agents are added. He thought that when it came to capsules it is most likely that they are filled with close too 95% pure tramadol HCl. Altough you can not be certain that you a getting a spot on dose, it is quite likely you are getting close to the estimated amount.

I am going to check with my therapist and GP to find out there opinons.

To Jhuxlet

Tryptophan is good. As is Tyrosine. Hopes this helps. Other supplements are same as I am taking. Remember lots of water!

888132 tn?1304667943
by JHuxlet, May 03, 2009

Sorry, I am an idoiot mt last TO was too my. self!!! It was meant to be for KernowTramBoy and other interested people!

Tyrosine (excuse my spelling) acts on the noradrenaline systems and can help in a way simalar to 5HP...

Have also found this page it's very confusing (did not really get most of it!) but it confirms that Tramadol is NOT a mix of an antidepressent and pain killer, this has been bugging me!. Its an anoluge of codeine But it does act in a small way on similar brain systems/mechanisms as some anti-depressants...

sleep well

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by BVD660, May 03, 2009
Sandie, welcome back.  I'm glad to hear you're feeling better.

Sue, that's interesting to hear that you're withdrawal was also awful when you were on low doses. Maybe it's because of what Sandie said about cutting pills that aren't scored.  Maybe we were not getting equal amounts of the drug in our doses.  I have heard that before.  Looking back at the last week of my taper where I was taking a quarter of a pill (12.5mg), the withdrawal was nearly as bad as when I just stopped altogether.  It was a wasted week, I should have just quit then and now I'd be another week tram-free.  Hindsight is always 20/20 though, right?
It has been hard keeping my addiction and withdrawal a secret.  Finding this forum with people who are going through the same hell as I am (was) really has saved me.  I don't think that I would or could have made it through the first week without the help, support, and advice from everyone here.  I am truly grateful.

That's something to think about Amy.  You may want to consider the soluable tramadol if you continue to taper so that you know you are getting the exact amount of the drug you intend.  Sue and I didn't have good experiences with the low doses by pill cutting.


888132 tn?1304667943
by JHuxlet, May 03, 2009


Are your pills capsules or pressed tablets?

I have capsules and have had very few problems. I have had some very, very ,mild w/d's on the first few days of each cut. But I seem to be making smaller cuts and maintaing them for longer before the next than most of you. As long as I keep the reductions small enough and maintain for at least 4 weeks I dont seem to be suffering,other than mood stuff, but the samller the amount taken the smaller the cut needs to be. Unlike alot of people on this forum I have sought an element of professional help as am going through other phsycological stuff due to the incapacitation caused by my injury, so have followed the joint advice of my therapist and GP. Also i have been open with my friends and familiy about the situation as it's not really my fault and it really sucks!.

Their help has been legendry in getting through the last few months, as well as forums like this. Without sounding cruel or twisted its so nice to know others are in s similar position as me!

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by 2Sue, May 03, 2009
Sorry Boe, i did have the soluble ,scored ... sorry if i didnt explain clearly.
it took me four days from 25mgs t.d.s. then 12.5mg then basically sips..i had a couple of days off work so done it then..if id been at work i would probably have waited til my days symptoms couldnt have got any worse, they were pretty intolerable from 50mgs. i just decided to go for it..and never looked back.

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by BVD660, May 03, 2009
Hey Jay,

I've been off the tramadol for 20 days now, but when I was taking it they were pressed tablets.  They were small and round and didn't have a score on them.

I did talk to my doctor about getting off of the drug when I first quit and was having awful withdrawal.  He was clueless but told me to taper my doses if I was experiencing w/d.  He didn't even have any advice on how to taper, so I had to figure that one out on my own by trial and error which didn't work so well at first.

It was finding this sight and the help of everyone here is what saved me....along with some serious determination.

874556 tn?1242365911
by sandie1977, May 03, 2009
I am glad that people on here have also heard about the "cutting" issue.  I learned this in school, and I personally dont want to risk the intense w/d symtpoms.

Anyways, going now. Just wanted to check in.


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by Miss_Amy_2009, May 03, 2009

Your post was quite comforting...thank you.

Your second paragraph describes exactly how I am pushing through mentally and the last sentence in the same paragraph made me SMILE! :)

The last paragraph brought tears to my eyes...I anticipate the day where I can wake up and not take Tramadol..

DAY 10

Same story….I made it through the night without waking up again…

Down to 12.5mg/3X = 37.5mg daily of Tramadol

I felt good today..more energy..yesterday, I didn’t want to get out of bed…I tried to take my dog for a walk twice because I thought some exercise would do me some good…but I never made it past the driveway…Today, I felt better so I was trying to do all that I could, while I could. It lasted most of the day. I don’t expect this to happen every day, as it seems that these moods are up and down..and mostly down… I’ll just take advantage of the energy while I can..and deal with the lethargic feeling when it comes until it passes…that’s all I can do.

I noticed that my appetite has gotten bigger (this is a good thing)...but I had another headache today.

I’m still sneezing…..but not as much as all the other days…..otherwise, I would have asked Sandie if she wants to have a sneezing contest. (hee hee).

Well, as you can see, my sense of humor seems to be back today, which is a good sign… Probably because I’m having a pretty good day…for the most part. I still have my moments of anxiety (usually right before I take the next dose) and mood swings and get irritated (throughout the day) but I guess that's expected...It's nothing like the first 3-5 days…Wow..those were the WORST…

I feel that I can manage my symptoms at this point. However, I find it challenging each time I try to drop another dose…

I’m going to try to skip the middle of the day dose and go down to just 12.5mg in the AM and 12.5 in the PM.... I can’t believe it’s this hard to drop fractions of one pill..but I'm going to reach that finish line, no matter what...

Thank you for your support BOE. It means a LOT. *hugs*


I’m glad you made your way back to the forum. I had read your posts and was following your progress (lurking) while I was on another board…Then decided to join this board instead.

Thank you for posting the info about scored pills and cutting. It makes sense to me, as some of my hours with the fraction of the pill are harder than others, but at this point, I feel that it won’t make much of a difference.  I just don’t want to stop what I’m doing or drag it out further with a doctor’s appointment.  The weird thing doctor’s the one that told me to cut them in half to start weaning…

I hope you will post what your doctor says. I'm interested in hearing his direction/suggestions/etc..

Do you think that by not cutting your pills, that you’re tapering too fast? I was thinking that this might be the cause of your major w/d’s… I was tapering 25mg’s at first and was having anxiety like crazy!  Then I read that it’s better to taper at I tried decreasing the dose by12.5mg. The w/d’s seem unavoidable to me, but became better to manage after that…

I’m so glad to hear that you haven’t given up and that you’re having a comfortable day today. Hang in there! You WILL get to the other side! –See you there! :D

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by strugglingnewbie, May 03, 2009
Hi, everyone, it's been 12 days since I've quit taking tramadol c/t.  The main thing I'm dealing with now is the lack of energy.  I'm really looking forward to the day when that comes back.

Miss Amy,
I have to agree with Boe.  you would be much better off at this point to just quit taking it.  i think you might just be prolonging the agony of w/ds needlessly.  i also think it's really important to do the supplements in case you do have some symptoms.  calcium and magnesium are really helpful.

It's good seeing you back on here.  I hope the doctor is able to help you and guide in how to taper correctly.  

hope everyone had a good weekend


874556 tn?1242365911
by sandie1977, May 04, 2009
Hello -

The thing about me is... When I get something in my head to do it, I just do it.  Like if I decide one day that my hair needs cutting, within 2 days I am fretting about it. When I decide to go shopping for groceries, I go within 2 hours or I am panicky. I have been like this since I was a kid. I don't show any outward signs that I have something in my mind that says "you must do this now".  

Anyways, what I am getting at... is that when I decided to quit tramadol, (on April 3rd) I didnt think about it once I started tapering down.  My method was go down a pill a day until I couldn't handle it. Honestly the w/d's weren't nearly as bad when I tapering from 8 to 2 then they were when I was trying to go to one a day.

So in answer to your question Ms. Amy, I was probably going way to fast. And that is why I have given up trying to go down to one a day for now.

I have lost the determination at this point to completely quit. But like I have said, I have cut 80% back. That to me is awesome. I dont even think about my next dose anymore.  They are timed just right.  6am and 6pm.

I am only telling people what I learned in school as an LPN. Things may have changed. (but I dont see how scored pills are any different now then they were then).  Ms. Amy did your doctor tell you that tramadol is not addictive too? ANd like most of us on here we blindly accepted that as fact, and now here we are... I personally dont trust ANY doctor at this point, but i am needing him to rewrite an RX for lower dosages and tapering schedule that he seems to think would help... We'll see.  At least I know that the doses are what they say they are.  

My friends at work joke with me all the time now.  (maybe some truth to it now) that I am such a happy go lucky person and helpful and not mean.... (they are sarcastic) they tell me to go back on whatever it is that I was on.  So apparently my true self is not a good person.  

gotta go to prison now...  uh... i mean work.


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by Miss_Amy_2009, May 04, 2009
Good morning, ALL!

DAY 11:

Well, today I took my AM pill...but have been thinking of either stopping all together or continue my tapering...I have two more doses of 12.5 to taper off and then I'll be free of this awful little pill!!!

I look at it this way: I can taper down to 2 (12.5mg) doses a day or just let it go all together. It's very hard just to taper down every few I'm wondering if I can actually just stop altogether...we'll see.....

It's only 830AM....but here's how I'm feeling so far....
Sneezed a couple of times today already and it's only 8AM..
I feel another headache coming on...but haven't taken tylenol yet.
I still get anxious before my doses but they're mild compared to the first 3-5 days....
Feeling pretty good compared to last week...
Still focused and pushing forward...

I am SOOOO close! Sometimes, I feel like just stopping the Tram all together...but then I think, why put myself through any more w/d's when I can taper down two more times to be Tram Free? Ya know? I don't want to look back like Boe and see a wasted week in hindsight...but on the other hand, I'm doing what is comfortable for me (without getting too comfortable at one dose, of course)... As long as I keep making progress, I'm happy...Don't get me wrong..I'm seriously considering stopping all together and just getting this over with....Decisions..Decisions.. :/

I think you're doing the right thing by staying at 2 a day until you speak to your doctor. You and I have a lot in common in regards to how we handle things..I read what you said about the "just do it" approach. My brother says that once I make up my mind to do something..I just do it...
I think it's a matter of determination....I'm what I would consider an "extremist"..I'm what people call an "all or nothing" kind of person. I don't like wavering between things..If I do, it drives me nuts. No matter how you continue..I want to say that I'm SOOOO proud of you!!! Going down from 8 to 2 is a BIG DEAL! You've come a long way already..

Well, everyone...I have a tentative goal..and that is to be completely OFF of Tram by Friday...Wish me luck. :)

888132 tn?1304667943
by JHuxlet, May 04, 2009

I came accross theis piece on PAWS (Post Acute Witdrawal Syndrome) found it very interesting and had some good points to bear in mind.

Avatar universal
by Miss_Amy_2009, May 04, 2009

Thank you SO MUCH for creating this forum! It's such a comfortable place to be able to share our experiences that pertain directly to Tramadol....Out of all of the the other "rooms",  I'm so glad that I found THIS ONE.

Thank you ALL for your support and comforting words....Being here with you guys have helped me tremendously! ..I just can't thank you all enough....

Wishing everyone STRENGTH and WELLNESS!


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by ultraumatized, May 04, 2009
hi everyone.  it's good to see more people hoping on the tram-free train.  i hope everyone is doing well this week!

i made it thru my trip to visit the family pain med free, what a miracle!  the problem that i face every time i visit is simple, everyone has medication lying around.  you know what they say-never trust a junkie-well it's true.  it usually only takes enough time to walk thru the door & i'm thinking about how i'm going to hit the cabinets & cupboards as soon as the room is empty.  i didn't make it thru completely honest, i did palm a couple of bottles just to read the contents, but by saturday night, when everyone was sleeping & i had free reign on the house i realized...that part is over now, i'm ready to move on & stop this ridiculousness.  so i stayed in my room, read for awhile & went to sleep.  by the time i got home yesterday i had avoided temptation a couple more times while visiting other family members & i was really satisfied that i had been able to shove that persistent little voice that made me want to eat ANY pill i could find out of the way.  i also realized something else...

when i took tramadol i had a tendency to stockpile other drugs & hide them around the house, it didn't seem so odd at the time, but now when i come across a pill bottle or some other thing i've hidden in a purse or box 'for later' it's really a slap in the face to see how far gone i had gotten.  so i did some more cleaning & flushing (funny i did this once at the beginning of the year already) & now all i have are some very low grade muscle relaxers (that don't make me tired or high) for my neck/back, my anti-depressants & a few otc bottles of alieve & ibuprofen.  the place is now clean & so am i for a change.

the truth is 2 weeks...14 days without trams...& i feel perfectly fine. i've felt that way for days now...i still get that nagging little voice telling me to eat pills & it makes my stomach turn over when it happens & i start to crave...but it goes away.  the elavil i've been taking has kept my serotonin from bottoming out & i haven't had one real depressive episode at all...i've cried a couple of times, but it was REAL emotion, not some hazed over feeling i didn't understand. i'm really surprised at how well things have been going & overall i don't want that to change.  i feel like i'm starting to feel normal & normal isn't nearly as bad as i thought it would's actually pretty darned good.

so with that...i think i'm going to ditch out for awhile.  i'm doing alrite & i think i'm on the road to recovery.  i know i have a slippery slope to about 2 more weeks i'll probably hit that bump in the road & have hard decisions to make again, but i think i'll get it right this time.  if not i'll be back...but i'm not counting on that at all.  i hope the best for everyone, get this sh*t out of your system & never look back at it!  do whatever you have to & make it history!

love to all!

766877 tn?1240836007
by Shadetree, May 04, 2009
Hey everyone...

Welcome to all the new people.

I am 13 days free. Feeling better everyday....It is FAR from over though, I have started researching addiction and paws...(Thanks for the link Jhux)

Here is a site I found increadibly informational. I read through the whole thing...thought I would share.


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by Miss_Amy_2009, May 04, 2009
Ultratramatized:: GOOD GIRL! I'm glad that you stayed STRONG through temptation!!! I hope that I become like you...and don't have much post tram w/d's...with many good days ahead!

All: Did I mention that my appetite is a lot better now?? LOL I'm really enjoying food these days..and welcome the weight gain...I'm going to make sure I start taking my multi-vitamins again...I need all the help I can get!

Having a good day but I expect the worst to come after 2pm when I TRY to skip that mid day dose...keep your fingers crossed for me!

More later....

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by 2Sue, May 04, 2009
well done on your family trip ultra..if you can get thru that at this stage like i thought before youll be fine this time....r u able to book some nice treats for yourself for the next few weeks to keep your spirits up and over that 30 day might help..glad you are feeling fine .

im over that mark so keep up with me.ill be reading.
miss amy and sandie - you are so near, and are doing it soo right for you.

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by Miss_Amy_2009, May 04, 2009
Thanks for your support Sue...

How's everyone feeling today??? Hopefully, better than yesterday! :D

One thing that I've noticed is in relation to one of JHUXLET's postings (see Part 7)...

He said: "From what I can gather as the doses get smaller the reductions need to get smaller respectively..If you just say cut by half or a quater each time this can be way too much and can lead to w/d symptoms, as the doses get less the body seems to get more sensitvie to the loss of the drug."


It sure does seem that my body is more sensitive to the drug loss and I believe it's because the tapering gets higher, while the doses get lower.

For instance..if a person starts out with 100mg and cut ONE of the two 50mg pills in half and takes a daily dosage of 75mg...that is a decrease of 12.5mg...which is a 12.5% decrease (which is still higher than the 10% tapering recommendation that I read about) but if you keep cutting down by a half of a pill, the percentage gets higher from the dose that you just tapered from...because by the time your body has adjusted to the last tapering, it goes by that particular dose..not the one that you started with (100mg) anymore... by the time the person got down to 50mg and cuts one pill in half again and takes 25mg during the day, that is making a 50% decrease which is more than double the amount of the decrease that s/he started with...which was already kind of high to begin with (over 10%).

I believe that is why things are getting somewhat easier for me regarding the daily w/d's, yet HARDER with the tapering...because my last taper was from 50mg to 36.5mg..which is actually a 25% cut decrease...which is still over the 10%...

My tapering today was planned to be from 37.5mg to 12.5mg which is approximately 30% or so....Just thinking that tapering in large decreases can cause seizures gives me serious ANXIETY.....and this is where I struggle...but I can't cut the quarter size part of this ONE pill any further..unless I start crushing them and dividing them..which is starting to sound better and that's what I have to deal with unless I can get the soluble form..but I have come too far to wait for an appt. with my doctor....

I have realized that my body is not ready to go down another dose...especially another HIGH percentage of tapering..Today is the 4th day after a 25% decrease and honestly, I really don't think my body has adjusted to it yet.

So, I'm sorry to say that I'm going to stick to the 12.5mg/3X  for yet, another day...ugh...

I'm frustrated because I planned on moving forward...but I completely understand that this is what's best for me (physically) I'm trying not to get too bummed out about it...

Tram Free Friday is STILL my GOAL!

888132 tn?1304667943
by JHuxlet, May 04, 2009
Miss Amy and interested others,

I was recomend a website by my friend, an ex heroin addict. It's the site of a guy called Terence Gorski and he his a leader in the field of addiction, recovery and addiction counselling.

She said that the this particular article was very helpful once she had done the inital w/d. It is about cocaine but many of the patterns and stages are supposed to be similar regardless of the drug. I have just read and could see how it could relate to Tram.

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by BVD660, May 04, 2009
Hey Shade and ultraumatized.  It's good to hear from you guys and good to know you're doing great.

21 days here, 3 full weeks.  I'm feeling pretty good.  The anxiety attacks still happen but only about once a day and they don't last long anymore.  I still feel a 'brain fog' a lot of the time, like I'm just not all there, but it comes and goes throughout the day.

Amy you're doing great.  You have to do this tapering thing whatever way you feel comfortable with.  You're right that with each taper the decrease becomes a higher and higher percentage.  I knew that but couldn't cut pills any smaller and was really just in hurry to get off the stuff.  For me to string it out any longer was just exhausting to even think about.  I had made up my mind to get off as quickly as I could physically handle which ended up taking 5-6 mo.  It got more tiring for me to put up with my constant mini withdrawal and I had to just quit and move on to another chapter in my life.  You'll know when the time is right to cut out that next 12.5mg.

For some of you old timers here in the forum:

Fred: How were the Rockies?
beeb:  How are you doing?
kev:  How's the spinach coming along?
Em:  Did you make your final taper with Klonopin?


877064 tn?1240288224
by beeb16, May 04, 2009
Hello all.

Day 20 here. Was hoping to recover that last 10 percent, cause i felt that i was operating at 90 percent for about 10 days.
Well, i've realized what i thought was that last 10 percent was not true. I am at 100 percent, those aches pains and slight anxiety are just normal everyday life.
I'm so used to popping a pill to calm me down, give me energy and make me feel like i had a sense of "well being"
it was just tramadol.
I'm sleeping normally,eating well,no more brain zaps, some fatigue but all in all, i feel pretty good.

I also used to believe everything i read about PAWS until i went cold turkey and returned to normal in about 3 weeks.
no symptoms, no lingering depression . For me . I just don't buy it.
I understand for some it may take longer, but if someone says it could take up to 2 yrs to return to normal,don't believe it.

There are so many scare tactics out there and the over-dramatizing of people saying "brain damage" could occur.
I've met a few people who had depression and took tramadol. the tramadol masked the depression so when they went off the trams. they thought they weren't "recovering" because of PAWS or that it was the lingering effects of tramadol withdrawal.
they actually had depression and needed something for depression
I'm sure some will have depression for a month or two or three after coming off the trams, but more than that and i would see my physician to do all the necessary tests.

I feel like i have healed faster than others but i also believe were all different. My early w/ds i felt were worse than others.
days and days without sleep, emotional crying, chills, I wouldn't want to go back there ever.

Early in my withdrawal i said i didn't have another "quit" in me and honestly, i feel so different this time,absolutely know i will never touch this stuff again.
I had quit c/t 4 times before  but never had a clue what i was doing, how to stay off, why i was feeling the way i was.
This time i have absolute clarity, not only do i not want to use, I cant! It stops before it starts. Tramadol is NOT an option for me anymore.
I LOVED it's painkilling, antidepressant, energy-giving effects.But the price was way too steep!

more later.


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by BVD660, May 04, 2009
I have to tell you all that the past couple of days I've been having this incredible urge to run, to exercise, to get off my as*.  I've never been a runner before, but lately I have been feeling the need.

So today I went running.  It's weird because I was a little scared to go, weird I know, but I was a little nervous.  I have to say that it felt really good.  Yes it hurt and burned and gave me a side ache.  I couldn't go far and didn't want to overdo it but made it a mile or so.  It feels good to feel the motivation slowly come back.  I used to be an avid bike rider until I was hurt and started taking tram and lost all motivation.

I've heard others say this before and I now agree that exercise should be part of your recovery if you are physically able.  I'll let you know how I feel tomorrow (I'm sure I'll be a little sore, but the good kind of sore), but right now it feels really good, like I've accomplished something big again.  Everything over the past years while on tramash*t was soooooo mundane.

I am slowly becoming ME again.


894078 tn?1241473989
by AJ125, May 04, 2009
Hello all, I am new to this forum, but have been reading the posts here for the last few weeks. I am looking for some advice on nausea and tramadol withdrawel.

I was on Tramadol for just 2 months, two  50mg tablets a day (100mg a day). I was prescribed them due to severe headaches/migraines. I found out they were making me nauseous, so I decided to stop them. I saw the warning about tapering, so I tapered, but apparently too sharply. I went in one day from 100mg to 25 mg (half of a 50mg pill) and then took no Tramadol after that.

It has now been 15 days since I took any Tramadol. But my symtoms of withdrawel have been slightly different than some of you all?

Nausea, constant, 24/7 every day.
Diareaha for the first week
Flu symptoms for first week
Shaking of hands and arms
Chills, sweats
Inability to breathe
Muscles seizing up in shoulders and neck

Interestingly, day 7 was the worse.

Day 7: The nausea has been the constant and worse symtom, and the shaking has been the second worst symptom.
I wasn't able to eat much for the first week of withdrawels, except nibbling pretzels and ginger ale. I wasn't able to drink water, because it wouldn't stay in my system.

After 7 days of not being able to eat or drink, I became nauseous and dehydrated, tried for 4 hours to puke but there wasn't enough fluids to come up. I fell over a toilet praying I could vomit, but couldn't, and shook, whole body tremors and not being able to breath, gasping for air, dizzy, about to pass out. I had to call 911, and ambulance took me to the hospital. They hooked me to an IV for the dehydration and gave me something to stop the tremors.

But since then, it is still been difficult to drink and eat... any little bit of fluid or cracker makes me nauseous. I was 120 lbs, and am now 93 lbs. I've lost about 30 lbs. Because it's hard to eat, I have little energy. I am scared, because I feel like I am dying (?) because I can't eat or drink with the nausea, just little sips, little nibbles, then I'm sick to my stomach, and have no energy.

The doctor at the hospital gave me valium to control the shaking, and something called ondansetron for the nausea, but 10 pills are $127.00 even with insurance.

Day 14: went to visit my primary care physician, and she was shocked,  was nauseous, week, and shaking in the doctor's office. I told her I was scared, and I started crying. I told her I was worried about not being able to eat, and my lack of energy. She was worried, but she only gave me refills of the same scripts from the doc. at the hospital. She said I should call her in a week if I don't improve.

Day 15: today: I'm an elementary school teacher, and this morning ate a small handful of dry rice krispies. Immediately afterward, I felt nauseated, about to vomit on the children, but I couldn't leave the students alone to run to the bathroom. I was shaking and dizzy, in a cold sweat. I sat down and had an ondansetron and half a valium, and drug myself onward the rest of the day. It's day 15: how can it be just getting worse?

I sincerely hope someone can relate and tell me this is normal. Has anyone else had nausea 24/7 while in tramadol withdrawel? If so, how long has it lasted? I am scared. I feel like each morning when I wake up, I am weaker and thinner. So scared. I hope someone can relate and say this will pass.

Avatar universal
by BVD660, May 04, 2009
Welcome AJ,

I'm sorry to hear you're having such a rough go.

If I understand your post correctly you have recovered from all symptoms except the nausea and shaking?

Could the shaking be caused from the lack of nutrition?

I've had anxiety attacks that have lasted for a few weeks after quitting that make me shake, dizzy, and put me in a cold sweat.  I don't know if this is what you're feeling or not but they come on suddenly and can last a while.  They are infrequent now after 21 days.

As far as I know the nausea is pretty normal for the first week or so but not to the extent that you describe it.  Did you have blood work done at the doctors office or hospital?  If not, I suggest you that you do soon.  Losing 30 pounds in a couple of weeks and not being able to keep any food or water down could be a sign of something else.  I'm not a doctor but it doesn't sound like the 'normal' tramadol withdrawal.  Can you force yourself to eat or do you just throw everything up?

The withdrawal from tramadol is usually the worst for the first week and then slowly gets better over time.  At 15 days the worst is usually over for most.  Most people that I've heard of have gotten their appetite's back by then.

877064 tn?1240288224
by beeb16, May 04, 2009
day 20 here.

Nausea was the one thing i never had.
i had everything else lihghtheaded, chills, dizzy etc..

I hate it when dr's wont admit of even acknowedge that they gave you some bad stuff.

I sympathize with you, to be a teacher and going thru w/d's . gotta be hard.

boe, i agree with the exercise part. if you can do it. It will speed up recovery quite a bit.
Exercise is the one thing that will take away all my w/d symptoms for a brief time (2-4 hrs)


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by Bigman7778, May 04, 2009
AJ.I knew when I went on Tram to always to take with meals,I knew this because my stomach is so acidic that I have to take all meds with food.You may fit in this catagory and have not realized it.Important to stay hydrated!LLike you stated little sips many all day long.Upper GI might be a good idea for you ,suprised none of the Docs you have seen here recently have not recommended it.Nausea, lack of appetite for 15 days,would seem to warrant more investigation.(just my two cents).When my stomach  totally freaks out I find that vanilla milkshake helps(drink slowly) followed by water. Best to all Big.

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by FinallyFred, May 05, 2009
Ahhh, return from Colorado.  Can't say that I have any desire to ever go back.  

AJ, I'm with Boe on this one.  I have been hanging around this room for five months since I  stopped taking this rat poison C/T at the first of December and I have NEVER heard anyone having the sort of long lasting nausia and extreme weight loss that you are describing.  In fact, most people actually start "gaining" weight" after the first 3-5 days.  I'd be talking to my doctor about some other reason for the symptoms you are experiencing.  Whatever you do, try not to be led to go back on the tramadol.  It is indeed poison.  (((hugs)))

If the weaning process is working for some of you newer folks, I think that this is wonderful.  Speaking only for myself, I just knew that I could not spend weeks and weeks flirting with this drug and expect to think that I could actually say "goodbye" to it one day.  Yes, 3-4 days of cold turkey wasn't a great deal of fun, but once I got through that acute withdrawal, I was done.  

I have seen too many well meaning people taper a bit, then promptly reward themselves for their success by  increasing the dose again.  For me, until I could finally say goodbye,I knew that it would be too easy to say hello again.  2-3 months of that doesn't sound like a viable alternative to just stopping this drugc/t and being done with it 3-4 days later.  But I know that that's just me.  And whatever method is working is a good thing for that person.  

Any time we put less of this drug into our mouth than our body screams that it sets withdrawal into motion.  I experienced this at the end of EVERY RX cycle over the six years that I took an average of 400 mg/day.  When I would "treat" myself with 500 mg/day at the beginning of any RX cycle, I would suffer the all too familiar withdrwal when I would drop to say 300 mg/day during the last few days of each RX cycle.  And honestly, that "withdrwal" associated with "tapering" was no better and no worse than the day I stopped entirely.  

There is a certain determination that swells up with being done.  With having put another moment between one's self and that last lovely little white pill.  

Am I an uncaring, hard as*?  To the contrary, I care about every person who is still putting any amount of this drug into their mouth   It's just that while I have seen some eventually succeed with a taper, some succeed with splitting pills and some by reducing amounts by 12.5 mg/day for 3 months, I have seen FAR more die on the vine before completing the journey that way.

Yeah, Fred's back.  And it just kills me to see what sort of needless torture some are putting themselves through when I know full well that many could be DONE with this drug (and in no worse state of health) in the time it might take you to locate a pill splitter.

Courage Strength and Love to all of you.  


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by 2Sue, May 05, 2009
Aj so sorry to hear you are suffering, but im with the others, there seems to be something else causing the nausea and vomiting....sorry for being brash but have you considered a pregnancy test....sorry if im out of order,,,but nauseus dehydration and weight loss can happen in early a mum of three. and that sprung to mind when i read your post.
try and badger the docs for some other tests .
although i did have nausea your symptoms do sound extreme..

sorry fred, tapering worked well for me and im post six weeks and dont want another tablet, and am back to being me...
amy role on friday. try to taper each day from now if you can to get there, it may be hell but worth it.
boe im running to.and aching lol...

894727 tn?1241526669
by nyc2caligal, May 05, 2009
Hi all,
I have a horrible tendency to abuse prescribed medications. For more years then I can count I have been on a wide range of opiates for chronic pain ranging from injectable demoral to oxycontin. Several years ago I went into detox for 7 days and it was successful for awhile. Then 2 or 3 years later I reinjured my back and the doc put me on opiates once again.  Well about a year ago I had a new md and I told him I did not want opiates for my pain.  He prescribed Tramadol 50mg every 4-6 hours. The 1st time I took it I was like the energizer bunny and loved it, I took twice maybe even 3times more then prescribed. Of course with me abusing it so recklessly I would run out before a refill was due, hence ordering online.  I am 43 years old and can take 100 tablets in 2-3 days!!.  When I run out for whatever reason I have went a day or 2 or 3 without and seem to handle it ok without w/d, but as soon as I am able to get it, I can't get it fast enough. I will say that without it or some other pain killer I have the runs horribly. I know I am slowly killing myself, and often won't even go to sleep for fear that I may have od'd and won't wake up. I abuse all meds and I am not proud of it in the very least. Even Benadryl. I take enough meds at times to kill a horse.  I attempted to look up the long term side effects of Tramadol abuse and came across this page. I can't help but wonder what my liver function is like. I know my dependency is physcological and since I was laid of several months ago, I have more free time and with boredom comes more abuse. This is a horrible cycle, it is a 24x7 job. When you have it you are stressed out about how to stretch it, then when you run out you are trying every trick in the book to get more.  since I am not working and am on unemployment I have no medical insurance and often have to pay cash out of pocket. 50pills cost $40 and that only last me a day maybe two. I even go to the county hospital and I get 100 tabs free with 3 refills, but I can only fill it once every 8 days, so in between I am dishing out anywhere from $80-$160. I have had physicals and my labs come back just fine with no evidence of liver failure yet.  I don't know what to do, if anyone here has an idea please e-mail me at [email protected], I notice that that first high is like heroin first high, and then you never get it again but you keep trying and trying.  Speaking of which I have never used street drugs at all, not even pot. I am terrified of death and do not have a death wish, but I feel like I cannot function without some sort of rx in my system. Please any suggestions are welcomed.

Avatar universal
by Miss_Amy_2009, May 05, 2009
Thank you for the article...interesting..

Sounds like your tapering might be contributing to the extreme w/d's..but I'm with the others too...

As always, thank you for your continued support! I'm glad you got some running in your life... Good for you!

On that note: I believe exercise is an important part of getting through this transition....replacing a negative habit with a positive one...As you obviously already know: Walking/Running are two of the easiest things a person can do and is helpful in so many ways..mentally and physically....You can do either of them anywhere at anytime and it's FREE!

Well, here's my update for today:

Day 12

For the first time, I haven't sneezed yet level appears to be good so far...However, I have anxiety that is a bit stronger today...and here's why...

It's almost 11am and I haven't taken my AM pill...looks like another taper might happen today, folks!  Mentally, I'm in a rush to be completely done...that has been my attitude all along...but I'm doing what my body is allowing me to do.....
The anxiety is anxiety worse today...and probably because it's the longest that my body's gone without ANY tramadol..It's been 12 hours since last night's 12.5mg I expect it (anxiety) to get worse as time passes today. The more they come and go and I'm still ALIVE, then it forces me to realize that I CAN make it through....even if I have to go through several more anxiety attacks, it somehow encourages me to keep going ...Ii feel that as I'm losing my fear, I'm actually gaining even more determination...

It's still early in the day....going to see how far I can stretch these pill taking times...hopefully, I can stretch it all day and be completely TRAM free....but I'm trying to keep it realistic...and at this point, the worst that I will do, is taper down another 12.5mg...which will bring me down to 12.5/2x/day = 25mg daily. Not too bad for tapering down from 100mg in 12 days...It's not as fast as I would like, but as long as I'm making progress in a reasonable amount of time....I feel good about it...

At this time, I'm wanting that pill that I skipped but I feel as though I'm able to deal with the nagging feeling and the awful anxiety that comes and goes...and at least try to see how long I can go...second dose is usually around 130 or I'm going to play it by ear and see how I feel around that time....and the same for the last dose of the day which is around 830pm... I'm excited to see what happens!

I think a lot of this is mental as well as physical...we get used to that long term schedule of pill taking..we get accustomed to taking a pill before we even get out of bed to start our day..(this must be what they call "habit-forming???)....

so what I decided to do was to stretch out my last dose last night from 830 to that I would maybe..just maybe be able to get past that morning feeling of needing that worked....I usually take the morning pill at 6AM..but didn't feel that strong urge due to the late dose from last night.....but the urge finally came today, around 9am..I'm still fighting it but haven't given in to that AM pill!  Now, I feel like I'm on an hourly type of focus...trying to make it to 130 to confirm that I've actually SKIPPED the entire AM dose...

Today's victory is two fold....I not only skipped the AM pill...which brings me down another 12.5mg in my tapering....but I'm working towards getting past the habit of automatically reaching for it before starting my day...I'm weaning my mental the same time as the physical...and figured that if I could do that with the first pill of the would help me get it out of that way of thinking that I think we get accustomed to over time....

I know this might sound silly to some of you....but it's my own personal strategy of beating this awful habit...and although I'm winging appears to be working for me, thus far...

Taking it one hour at a time today....Let's see what happens...

More later..


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by Miss_Amy_2009, May 05, 2009
Boy..these anxiety attacks are killing me!!!! It makes me think I can't drop the 12.5mg/3xday=37.5mg daily dose all at once....

I'm trying to keep the future tapered dose(s) in mind too...which makes it a bit more tricky....because I have to spread them apart 12 hours...

The good news: no headache (yet).....and appetite is far, today...

Moving right along....At this point, I see two choices....


go down one 12.5mg dose and take one now and one at bedtime..then tomorrow 10am and 10pm....


just quit all together...

I'm having a struggle with this...mostly due to these anxiety symptoms..which are a bit over the top right now, but I can handle them so far...but makes me worry about getting through the seems that the longer I go without a dose, the more intense the w/d's get...

so taking it "one hour at a time" has just changed to "taking it one anxiety attack at a time"......

It's getting tough....but I'm still pushing forward...

The more I freak out, the more I have to post! post! post!

It somehow helps by keeping me busy and FOCUSED until the anxiety passes....

At the beginning of this post, I was SO CLOSE to taking a dose....right now, I think I can at least wait until the next anxiety attack comes...

Let's hope this continues to work...

Hanging in there..


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by Miss_Amy_2009, May 05, 2009
Not a good day folks......the minutes feel like hours...but if I can make it to that finish line will be worth it!!!!!!

Speaking of which....I've been tram free for more than 13.5 hours now...

Skipped first dose...and 2nd dose of the day is usually taken in one hour...going to TRY to skip that one too....and maybe even the last dose of the day....

Each time I skip a dose, I feel as though I'm breaking down a layer of control that Tram had on my life...I'm NOT going to stop TRYING until I'm TRAM FREE!!!!!!!!!    

I can't wait to get to the other side..... Still trudging forward....

Avatar universal
by Miss_Amy_2009, May 05, 2009
Where is everyone today?

I just read through the posts again...


Yes..I was told that Tram was NOT addictive....which is why I took it without any concerns about addiction...I trusted my doctor at that time....He gave me Flexeril the same day..which I hardly ever took at all...because I knew it was addictive...and now here I am...

I was at 200mg day...cut that in half the day I got a facet block done..They told me no pain meds before I went in for the procedure..gave me anestesia...and I cut my daily dose down 50% from there...had some w/d's but they were short lived...probably because I don't have anesthesia....Now that I think about it, it makes sense why it was easier since there are detox's available involving anesthesia...

Anyhoo...I stayed at the 50mg/2xday=100mg daily for about two more years..

Then I started tapering.... 12 days ago...

Did you ever hear back from your Doctor? What did s\he have to say???


Avatar universal
by Miss_Amy_2009, May 05, 2009
As of 130pm, the second dose of the day has been SKIPPED!

Thanks again BOE for telling me what to expect..and when to give it up without dragging it on with tapering...I hope I can skip the 3rd dose and be DONE forever with Tramadol..

Moving along...with anxiety....but moving along....

Avatar universal
by Miss_Amy_2009, May 05, 2009
Well, I woke up with the mindset of possibly tapering down from 12.5mg/3X= 37.5mg daily down to 12.5mg/2x=25mg daily, but......

So far, I can proudly say that I HAVE TAKEN NO TRAMADOL TODAY!!!!

Sorry for my multiple posts...I'm venting more than anything....but I think this is what I would consider the PEAK of my separation from Tram....

Lots of anxiety today...but so far, I'm dealing with it...Instead of thinking I'm gonna DIE if I don't take it, I'm thinking that this is the DISCOMFORT I have to go through to get to the other side...

I've never felt so anxious, yet strong at the same time...things are getting better....even if it doesn't feel like it right now...

I have to admit that I am not comfortable in my own skin today...because I've stepped out of my comfort zone....taking the bull by it's horns...and although that bull is swinging me around at the moment.....I WILL WIN THIS BATTLE!!!!!

I'm amazed...because I had no idea that today was "the day"..I definitely feel tested..

2 doses skipped... and one more to let go....did I mention LOTS of anxiety????

701000 tn?1231960633
by 1113, May 05, 2009
sounds like you could use some encourgment so here it is.  Sounds like you are fighting a hell of a fight today, and doing a good job of keeping the tram at bay.  i am glad that you fought off the temptation.  that can be extremely tough to do.

keep it up.  i am still fight my daily intake as well.  

Avatar universal
by Miss_Amy_2009, May 05, 2009
Oh thank you 1113 !!!

You're right. I'm having one heck of a day...Going up and down..I'm actually feeling ok at the moment..but each time that anxiety hits..boy, it's a doozy! Ugh! What a rollercoaster...

What is your daily intake? are you tapering? or newly tram free?

I appreciate your encouragement...I really do..Thanks again.

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by BVD660, May 05, 2009
Hey Amy,

Don't feel sorry for all the posts.  That's what this is all about: to vent, to track progress, sharing experiences with others who are in the same boat, and support each other through our battles.  It's tough, I know, the anxiety was the worst for me also.  I could handle the other symptoms, the chills, the sneezing, cold and clammy sweating, but the anxiety was really hard for me.  It does get much better after a few days without any tramadol.  Mine didn't go away completely after that, but it started to ease and by the 10th day or so, it would come and go at random times but not last long.

In fact, today is 22 days for me and I spent the afternoon with some slight anxiety, chills, and minor sweating that lasted a couple hours or so and it is now just starting to ease up.  I'm gonna go for a run again today (amazingly I'm not too sore from yesterday) to see if it helps.

I think Fred makes a good point in that the tapering w/d is probably just as bad now as if you were to stop altogether.  Your dose is so small I wouldn't anticipate that your w/d symptoms get much worse than they are now.  Mine increased slightly but not much after my last taper. It's going to take a strong mindset and determination to not give in and take more, but it sounds like your mind is in the right place to do this.

Fred, it's good to have you back.  You're posts have inspired me and helped me tremendously through my battle with the demon drug and it's comforting to know you're still around.


874556 tn?1242365911
by sandie1977, May 05, 2009

news flash!

My dr. is officially an idiot!  I specifically told my dr. office that I was cutting WAY back and that I am only taking 2 a day now. (been like this for 3 weeks). So, I told the person on the phone (again) that I am requesting another refill, but I dont need/want the regular prescribed dose of 120 pills to last me 15 days.  So what does he rewrite for instead?  1 pill every 6-8 hours and gives me a bottle of 100.  SHEET! what kind of encouragement is that? At that rate I would have to INCREASE MY RATE to 4 a day and finish the bottle, then ask for another refill and then start the decrease all over again. Unbeknownst to him though, he wont be hearing from me EVER AGAIN!


I have come to the conclusion that people out there just dont give a shit.

But I did learn something today, that must have been updated since I became a nurse. You can cut pills that are not scored and recieve the desired effects of 1/2 the dosage.  *sneezes b-u-l-l-s-h-i-t-*  I will try it though.

So starting tomorrow I am gonna give it the ole college try and take 1/2 of a pill and continue taking one at night and see if that unsettles my body any.  I feel like I am out to get my body and torture it until it cant be tortured anymore and then start all over again.

~congrats amy~


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by BVD660, May 05, 2009
That's been my experience with the doc's too Sandie.  

They really don't know much about tramash*t addiction or how to wean people off of it. My doc didn't have a clue that the w/d was so horrible let alone how to wean someone off of it.

I've spent years trying to figure out how to get off tramash*t and I can honestly say that this forum and all the current and former users have been the best advice and far.

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by grandmagirl, May 05, 2009
Hello every one..
     I was where some of you are now...It's a ugly haul...For nausea eat saltine crackers and drink lots of cold 7/up...For the panic attacks lay down put a cold wash cloth on your head and try to relax...chew ice if that will help you take your mind of off the panic attack this works well if your at work and freaking out. When i was working and it was my first week i kept thinking every one here knows that I'm with/ drawing.. But now i realize that nobody was really paying any attention to what i was doing. You just have to know that this is going to get better everyday...If your not eating  start  to eat something..Vanillia milk shake sounds good.  Always keep the 7/up with you..It will help with the nausea and so will ginger ale. Your doing a great job getting off Tram...I wish you all good days...Sorry about spelling i still have fog brain....

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by Miss_Amy_2009, May 05, 2009
Well, I still haven't taken ANY tramadol today....I just need to skip this last dose of the day (that I would normally take in about two hours)..then I will know that I have succeeded in my attempt at my FIRST day TRAM FREE!  

I don't want to put my cart before the horse. I realize that I'm not there YET, but I am optimistic and we'll see.

I started sneezing again I guess that's still hanging around..I forgot to mention this before, but I've also been yawning like crazy for days......but still no headache today..that's a first.

I don't have anxiety right now but I can pretty much bet that it will return...I am willing and prepared to deal with anxiety, sneezing, yawning and even the lack of energy for the next month...the anxiety and the lethargy are what bothers me the most..but the anxiety is the worst because it makes me want to cave in and take a it can be quite challenging during those times..

BOE:: There's nothing that I can say except thank have been so consoling throughout my last 12 days...and it has helped me make it through this storm. I"m grateful. Thanks again.

If you're going to try cutting the pills, why not taper down by quarters instead of halves? I think it migh help decrease your withdrawal symptoms a bit...and your body might adjust to the new dose faster so that you can continue..In hindsight, it seems that my body adjusted around 3 days after tapering by quarters...but everyone's different..

You sound super focused and determined..which is 90% of it, from what I've heard....Don't let that two weeks at 2 pills get you're doing great!!! Especially considering what you started with...Good for YOU!

Like you plan to do tomorrow, I went down from 2 pills........from 100mg/day to 125mg a day, by cutting one 50mg pill in was too much for me..but I can only speak for myself...Do what is comfortable for you...I believe that the w/d's are unavoidable so you might as well take it easy on yourself so that you don't get too discouraged or frustrated...

I thought it would take me until taper from the last 3 doses..

I actually had planned on tapering down yesterday but my body just wasn't feeling up to doing I waited..and to my amazement, I was able to go without ANY tram you never know...

You've already come quite a're SO almost there...but if you can make it down to 37.5mg/day by tapering with quarter'll be GOLDEN....I know that you might feel "stuck" at your 2 pills..but I think that since you took such a dramatic drop, that it's taking your body longer to adjust...just my opinion....all I know is that you're ALMOST's just a matter of time..keep pushing forward...and I'll see you on the other side!  *hugs*


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by Miss_Amy_2009, May 05, 2009
Well, it hasn't even been an hour since my last post...and I'm back again...

I am STRUGGLING again....This journey is soOOoOooO UP and DOWN!! What a rollercoaster!

you are sure does feel like people at work know when I'm going through some w/d's...but it's just a complex that I have, I'm sure....the hardest part is trying to smile and act like everything is just peaches when you feel like you're dying on the inside...but like you said, they're probably not paying too much attention..and if they are, they might just think we're not feeling well and go about their day..which I'm hoping that's the case if they notice at all.

Now I"m at home and it seems that I have more anxiety when I have less to do. I spent the last half an hour doing things to TRY to take my mind off the anxiety...and now I'm back HERE again! Post Post Post!

Thank again EMILY for creating this for us!

My last dose of the day is usually taken in about an hour....Trust me, I have thought of just tapering down to one dose of 12.5mg and stopping completely tomorrow.... tomorrow, tomorrow...I have even justified it in my head that if I did that, I will have still tapered down two-thirds from yesterday's daily dose..and should still be proud of that....but there's something that is making me hold that thought...and simply procrastinate on that action ...I guess I'm trying to see if the anxiety will pass again...which is how I got this far today...SO.. still NO TRAM...

These multiple posts might seem rediculous..but they are helping me get through the times where I feel like I'm freaking out...I've tried to talk to other people in my life..but they either can't relate or listen and I feel like an idiot by the time I'm done explaining because I really don't think they understand what it FEELS like...Thank GOD, you guys do...I don't feel so ALONE when I'm here...even when I"m just rambling..on and on and on and on and....Needless to say, PART 9 is obviosly right around the corner...sorry for hogging up the board...

I'm hoping that once I make it through this experience, that I'll be able to help people the way that you ALL have helped me...


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by Miss_Amy_2009, May 05, 2009
Well, folks!

It's right around the time that I would normally be taking my last dose of the day...I have officially skipped all three doses today...but it's not over...Ugh! I hope I can make it through the night..

Anxiety Anxiety Anxiety.....

If I can make it through tonight, I think that most of my fears will be gone and I will be able to deal with these symptoms for the next month (or however long it takes), with confidence...while knowing that it's just a matter of waiting the out.....

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by Miss_Amy_2009, May 05, 2009
I know that this day isn't over yet....but I've made it past all of my doses for today....

I seriously don't see myself turning back at this point...SooOOoooOOOOooo...let me share this moment with you all:

I cannot tell you how liberating it just felt to update my tracker and see my ticker show:

***************************"1 DAY"**************************

I can finally say:


Taking one day at a time....and NOT looking back!

I'm right behind you!  
22 days to be exact! :D YAY!

544292 tn?1268882668
by EmilyPost, May 05, 2009
Good Job Miss Amy!

Ummm Med-Help ate my post!

OK so all my computers are fried. I’m writing on the last of the non fried computers, which doesn’t print and doesn’t get broadband. So forgive me for not answering personally. I see many of you fighting the battle. You can do it. I did it. You can do it. Yes, it’s going to be very hard. But it’s so much better than staying on pills. Believing what the Idiot Doctors tell you and making your life worse and worse.

Pretty obviously if you are here; you’re having problems with addiction or dependence or both. There’s a lot to say about addiction. So let’s start with Dependance. If you take a drug for pain, for a long enough period of time, you’ll be no fault of your own become; dependant. This means you are physically dependant. Your emotions and longings are pretty much intact. You merely need to take Tramadol to prevent yourself from having a physical reaction. So, yes, end result is that you have to get the Tramadol. No matter what, you will go into withdrawal without it. Even though you don’t “crave” it.

Now it gets fuzzy because the nature of pills, in a basic form, is that you will get to a state called Tolerance. For me, that probably came early with Tramadol because I had MD’s treating me for the side effects of Tramadol (Like Anxiety) pretty quickly. They “layered” drugs. So as a result of car accidents and legit physical injury, I was on several drugs at once.

Addiction is a different creature. People who are addicts are different people from people who just get “dependant.” I’m an addict. With my Primary Drug being Food used as a Drug, I’m a Food Addict. Drug Of Choice = cake. Laugh if you will, but this addiction KILLS more people than others combined. It’s a fact that being overweight causes heart disease, cancers and many other nasty animals. Fat = Death. It’s in no way a healthy thing to do to EAT instead of feel emotions. It’s also not healthy to take a pill when you honestly have no need. Tramadol is a little Bastage in many ways. i.e. It causes pain. Now … That’s bad. You set people up. You have people in pain who are given a pill that is supposed to be safe and non-addictive and instead of HELPING; it makes them a wreck. It kills them.

Now, I have seen a little too much of what people THINK Tramadol has done for them. I simply disagree. Now, I would have told you that Tramadol saved my life the first .. two years I was taking it. I may have said that it gave me more energy. I may have made these same claims. But once it turned on me, I was s-crewed, blued and tattooed. I mean, once this stuff has you, it’s a little late. ESP because you can’t get help. I mean, if they are insisting this stuff isn’t addictive, you can’t (I mean you CANNOT) get yourself into a rehab. You can’t imagine that you’ll survive a cold turkey and NOT take Tramadol. AND you can’t freaking find anyone online who has beaten this Tramadol. Heck, (the whole no swearing thing is cramping my potty mouth) you can’t even find a site that will tell you what is IN Tramadol.

And yes, if you go to Ask Dot com or Yahoo the words “Tramadol” “Ultram” and “Antidepressant” you will find a tiny bit of info. i.e. the Antidepressant in Tramadol is a Serotinin Messer Upper. Aka similar to Elavil. You cannot take an antidepressant and Tramadol because of Serotonin Sydrome which can make you dead-dead-dead. Of course, funny thing you also can’t take Tramadol with a Muscle Relaxant and a Benzo … supposedly. Imagine my face, deep in withdrawal from Tramadol when I read that. These are ALL PILLS that my a$$hat Doctor wrote up for me. Did he/she think that they were helping? Does it even matter? What difference is “Good Intent” if they poisoned me and ROBBED me of my life for several Tramadol filled years!? *stabba!*

The road to H-E-L-L is paved with Good Intentions!

Funny how much Sense that makes to me now!

So, the combination of the pills, the injuries and the fact that I am an addict led to a pretty healthy um … nervous breakdown? A complete spin out. A CRASH.

And people who come and thank me for say … starting a thread about Tramadol Withdrawal, believe me when I tell you that … I never ever thought that anyone was going to actually talk to me! I mean,  I’m pretty practiced in the Art of Talking To Myself.  SO I figured I’d type into the Abyss, mainly so that I would NEVER EVER forget! I mean, it’s eassyyyyy to forget the level of pain. It’s easy to forget and start taking pills again!  … And for a long while (you can click on my picture and it will take you to my journals) I was talking to myself. There wasn’t a place a year ago for people who had been on Tramadol to come together and have a Come To Jesus Moment. It Just Didn’t Exist.

So, yeah, I am amazed and grateful! Grateful that I have Internet Buddies who know what I mean when I say that returning to work after a few days off Tramadol was a remarkably scary experience. I really felt like I was a Giant Spider, spun out and shaking back in the back room by the Filing Cabinet. Hiding from the People. Is it still that way? No. It isn’t. Not even now, after … less than 30 days off Klonopin.  It’s not as bad in any way shape or form. Symptoms hit me now and I am … a little shocked. I remember the intense tapering pain. I remember the pain and disability.

But the fact is, I have hours and hours and hours where I don’t feel bad. I mean, I don’t feel awesome! But I don’t feel drugged.

Love and Healing;

888132 tn?1304667943
by JHuxlet, May 06, 2009

Quick question to the Americans on this forum. What is an rx? Is it a controlled drug only available from a doctor?

If you answer then Thank :-D

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by Miss_Amy_2009, May 06, 2009
Hello ALL!

As you all know from my thousands of recent posts, I have begun my Post Tram life as of yesterday.

I have to report that I had the worse night ever!!! I never really had the silly thought in my head that things would miraculously be better before they got worse....and I expected the w/d's to continue...

Although I'm thankful that I was able to sleep, I woke up every couple of hours with this nervous energy and huge urge to just take a dose to escape that awful feeling....I felt like the Devil was waking me up to push his was the same awful feeling that I had when I was waking up the first week and taking a pill at 3 am....I was cold...and nervous..and ohhhh had that feeling of "if I just take a small 12.5mg dose, this feeling will go away"......I continued to toss and turn through the night...and tried my best to get warm....and mostly, just to get over it...and I'm happy to say that I won each time it happened...

When I feel like that, I just pray that I will make it through and that things don't get worse..

I can't begin to explain that feeling...simply put, it's agony...but I imagine that most of you here have either felt it or a LOT worse, so you can surely relate to my experience.

I'm wondering how many nights this will happen...UGH! I keep telling myself that the nights that this happened before WITH tram did not last...and this won't either...even if I am WITHOUT it.

My part of the journey of "swallowing that pill" is over...but the physical journey, continues...UGH.

DAY 13

Now that the night has passed, I'm actually feeling pretty good in comparison to last night, as of right now anyway... That nervous energy is not there anymore...and I haven't had any anxiety yet...I've had goose bumps on my arms for a few days....and still sneezing.....but that is nothing compared to some other feelings that I've had...this is definitely a strange and unpredictable ride...

It's still early.....let's see how today goes....

Responses to other posters:


I believe Rx stands for: "Prescription" or "Prescribed" (i.e. "My doctor gave me a Rx" or "I was Rx'd tramadol")

If Rx means something else, please let us know..


Thank you for clarifying the difference between addiction and dependency..I fall into the ladder category...Prescribed Tram after a car accident. I was also prescribed muscle relaxers with it...go figure.
In addition to addicts, people like me needed a forum like this to express and discuss and share information about Tram and what we're going through..Like you said, the info just isn't available..and I believe that it's key to our recovery to learn what Tram is all about..what it's made if works...etc...If it wasn't for you starting this board..I'm not sure that I would have come this far....I've learned a lot here in such a short time...I know that you are very humble in regards to starting this thread that is specific to Tramadol...but please be rewarded in knowing that -  YOU"RE SAVING LIVES! -and that's PRICELESS  :)

Avatar universal
by Miss_Amy_2009, May 06, 2009

correction: LaTTer.....NOT LaDDer....

766877 tn?1240836007
by Shadetree, May 06, 2009
Hello everyone,

Day 15 for me free...I feel pretty much all the way normal. I think alot of the w/d syptoms & recovery is very circumstantial. I am very glad to have found this thread when I did, which lead to me quiting... I fought this thing with everything I had, because I was forwarned thanks to all of you here. I started flushing my system with tons of water, when I was strong enough I started weight training and cardio, I started taking protein shakes & vitamins in the am, I watch what I put in to my mouth now (no more junk) I battled this as if all this is what I had to do to function. And it was because here I am at day 15 and I feel like my old self again. But this is just me. everyone is different in how they react to chemicals and how your body gets over dependence. Im sure this whole w/d - recovery would be alot worse if I was on it for as long as some people here.

Amy you are doing great! Its all down hill from here...(might not seem that way at times) but you will can do it....

Fred ~ Glad your back...)

Emily ~ As always, much love & respect.

Talk to you all soon............


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by FinallyFred, May 06, 2009
Shade,  Congratulations on 15 days free of this evil drug.  YAY!!!

Jay,  Thanks for the research.  I'll be sure to come back this evening and check out the sites you located.    It's SO amazing how difficult it is to work past all of the sites peddling this drug.  Kudos mate.  As Amy said, RX is American slang for prescription.  Sorry about that.

Amy,  You are doing so well.  Insomnia is the WORST withdrawal symptom, because it seems to wear on a person.  I recall those first few days coming off this drug - I was stumbling dead tired on my feet, nearly unable to make it back into bed, but could I sleep when my head hit the pillow?  Nope.  Crazy insomnia.  Everyone is different, but for me, I began sleeping better after the 4th or 5th night off this drug.  In the meantime, try catching sleep when you can.  

I have been reading all of your posts and it reminds me a lot of the way I  postied initially myself.  Distraction and keeping the mind and fingers busy is a good thing about now.  

Hugs to all of you fighting the good fight against this bad drug.  You can do this by staying in the moment and not peeking ahead.

Courage and Strength to all,


Avatar universal
by FinallyFred, May 06, 2009
Jay, more precisely to your question, yes rx means that the drug is "prescribed" or an order written by the doctor that allows a pharmacist to fill that order for the patient.  It's a form of regulating a drug substance.  Which begs the question, how we could condone/allow obtaining a drug like this online.  

Rx would be contrasted with an "over the counter" medicine (OTC), which can be filled or obtained without a doctors prescription or writen order. (asprin, cough drops, etc.)

Hey, if you have the time (it sounds like you enjoy research), see what you can discover about efforts in the U.K or the USA or other countries to more tightly control/regulate this drug.

Have a good day.  Fred

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by Miss_Amy_2009, May 06, 2009
OH! Let me make a correction! Today is NOT Day 13!  It is actually DAY 2! (I am Post Tram NOW)

Today is actually been a pretty good day so far...

The good news is that I haven't had much anxiety today..So far, so good..and I hope it stays that way....Still sneezing..No headache today...and GOOD appetite...

I dread tonight because I have a feeling that the same feelings will return from last night....I believe that will be the hardest part for me.....but it is what it is...

Still moving forward...

Thanks to all that were patient and supportive during my blabbing yesterday....It was a rough day...I appreciate it..

More later..

544292 tn?1268882668
by EmilyPost, May 06, 2009
(((Miss Amy)))

Night dread is Icky! I had a fear of trying to sleep for awhile. You weren't harming anyone by venting yesterday. Please vent away. I always did and it really helped!

Day 2! Well Played Amy!

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by Miss_Amy_2009, May 06, 2009
Congrats on Day 15!  Even though I'm still going through some w/d's and my good and bad moments fluctuate during the day...when I DO feel good...I feel GOOOOOD! :D  You have a good point about circumstances having a huge impact on symptoms and recovery.. I agree....and I can't wait to feel better more often......
Thanks for posting how you're coming along with your gives people like me something to look forward to...

How long did the insomnia last for you? Just a few days? For some reasons, knowing what to expect, helps me face it head on and push through...

I'm hoping for a good night..but I don't think I'll be that lucky just yet. :(

Thank you BOTH for your support! :)

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by Miss_Amy_2009, May 06, 2009

I am hoping that I don't get to that point of fear where I just don't want to go to sleep...However, I can understand how a person could get that way...and I can also understand how a person may want to get to sleep before any anxiety comes back in hopes to sleep through it.....That's what makes me think that it's unavoidable...

Wow! 322 days! Congrats Emily!

That seems so far away from where I stand right now.....but by seeing how you and so many others made it there, it certainly is inspiring.... I will get there one day too...

Avatar universal
by Miss_Amy_2009, May 06, 2009
FRED: I see that you said that you were able to sleep after the 5th day or so...I guess what I meant to ask is did you taper or go C/T?  If you tapered, how far down did you make it before letting go completely?

544292 tn?1268882668
by EmilyPost, May 06, 2009
You can do it Amy :D ... The symtoms are from Tramadol withdrawal. It gives you crazy bad anxiety and then it goes away.

I agree that knowing what to expect helps. The sites are really good for that! They help so much. I remember in early withdrawal that all I wanted to know was "How long will this last?" And I wanted people who had been on Tramadol to tell me it was going to be ok.

It will be ok! Time. Time helps healing.


Avatar universal
by Miss_Amy_2009, May 06, 2009
Thank you EMILY! :)

Avatar universal
by BVD660, May 06, 2009
Way to go Amy.  I knew you wouldn't take another one, I just knew it.  I'm so happy for you.

You are on your way.  It seems like it was just yesterday when I was one day tram-free and
now I'm 23 days....and soon you will be too.

The insomnia lasted about 3-4 days for me.  I slept for a couple hours here and there but woke
up all night long just like you.  It seemed to be the first symptom for me to go completely away.

Like Em said, it's just a matter of time now.  Keep it up!


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by Miss_Amy_2009, May 06, 2009
Thanks, BOE!  

I was determined not to take that pill last night when I was going through those w/d's..but boy, I sure did think about it just to get out of feeling that way...Thank goodness, I made it onto the second day without taking ANY....

I'm still sneezing! What the heck is that from??? Does anyone know?

The funny thing is..I haven't had any anxiety today...which is GREAT NEWS! It was really bad yesterday and I'm learning that a person might overcome one w/d while it's replaced with another..WEIRD!

Apparently, the Devil is working the night shift now...

I'll keep you guys posted!

Thanks to ALL!

DAY 2! Woohoo!

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by Miss_Amy_2009, May 06, 2009

How's your tapering going? and how are YOU?

Avatar universal
by grandmagirl, May 06, 2009
Amy..Your doing great. Keep going ...your on your way now. If you have a bad day just know that a good day is around the corner. For sleeping I finally took Ty pm it's the only thing that would slam me to sleep. I'm at about 44 days out and finally feeling really good. I do have some hot sweaty stuff once in a while and a lot of sneezing. Who knows what thats about..depression has finally lifted and I'm ready to sue my doctor and the drug company. I'm keeping my old bottle just in case there is a lawsuit down the road..keep going girl your doing fantastic..

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by gracefell, May 06, 2009
I've been reading the posts on this forum for the past couple of days and have to say that it's helped immensely to hear the experiences of others that have been affected by this drug. I began taking Tramadol for migraines for about 1 and 1/2 years. Initially I was taking one or two pills per day once or twice a month, but then during one particularly bad allergy season I began taking at least two 50 mg pills daily. I found that they not only relieved my migraines but also combated the lack of energy that I often felt during pollen season. Ultimately I began taking between 2 to 4 50mg tablets daily whether I was experiencing pain or not. I woke up one day having to face the fact that I had become addicted. Addiction is something that I have NEVER struggled with. I have been able to drink and smoke socially my entire life only to find myself at age 30 addicted to a pill that was prescribed to me by a doctor and reported to be harmless.
      I have tried to quit cold turkey on and off during the last year but each time I felt too bad and immediately went back on. This last weekend my husband and I started talking about our plans to have a baby and decided that we would begin trying to conceive in June. This was my wake up call. I realized that if a drug could do the things to me that tramadol has done and if the withdrawal symptoms could be this severe for an adult that there was NO WAY that I could take them while being pregnant. That said, on Monday I took only one 50mg tablet and went to bed feeling not well. On Tuesday I had planned to again take only one 50mg tablet to attempt to begin tapering off. I found myself standing in my living room pill in hand thinking, I just want to be done with this. The pill went back into the bottle, unswallowed. I have little doubt that the Tramadol that I took on Monday will be my last one. I have been reading this forum hoping to find answers about how long the withdrawal symptoms will last. I am lucky to be self-employed and therefor have allowed myself the luxury of taking a few days off from work to cope. I will have to get back to normal eventually though as I still have deadlines to meet and can't afford more than a few days of innactivity. My husband just thinks that I have a very bad cold, which is easy to confuse with the lethargy, chills, night sweating, sneezing, coughing, and insomnia that I am experiencing. I don't have the anxiety that many of you have mentioned.
   It has been most difficult for me to deal with the extreme tiredness and lack of motivation to do ANYTHING. I am such a type A and am forever keeping busy. I feel ridiculous since I know that a few days of feeling this way is completely worth it to be tramadol free. I've felt worse than this with the flu so why does this seem so awful? I think it must have something to do with the mental and emotional hold that Tramadol has.
   I also wanted to say to AMY that as I read all of your posts this morning I kept hoping that you were going to manage to get completely off of the Tramadol and was so happy to get caught up to your most recent posts to see that you had. I think that you and I are on the same time table and it's some comfort to know that someone else is doing it too. Keep it up and I'll do the same:)
  Thanks to everyone who has posted their experience here for the rest of us to see, and to Emily for beginning this in the first place.

766877 tn?1240836007
by Shadetree, May 06, 2009
Hey guys,

Today is the end of day 15 for me (tramash*t clean) I have been sneezing my a$$ off for the past 2 days. I bet you I have sneezed 50 times in the past 2 lie. I sneezed in the begining but it was gone for a while until now. I have had a achy headache today that tylenol wont touch. But other than that I am fine. No depression, no dizziness, I feel good...well other than what I just mentioned. I think my headache has alot to do with staring at the computer ALL day...

I have been having alot of clarity the past couple of weeks, and I am really starting to wonder where my future will lead. Things that I need to deal with though, not gonna be hiding behind anything anymore. That is what I have been doing alot of my adult life. Well its time to be a big girl and deal :) It is so crazy how different I feel about things. Noodle said it best when she said that the whole time on trams it felt like she had been throwing her feelings in a bucket. Now free, it felt like they where being dumped on ya. That is soooo how I feel right now. Lots of stuff to sort out...should keep me plenty busy.)

Grace ~ Glad you found us, and congrats on ending this nightmare that all of us here have in comon. For whatever reason we started taking the crap, it is always the same outcome. You will do great, & how exciting to

896885 tn?1241663151
by Aicle, May 06, 2009
Just found this place last night and here I am again. I have been on tram for three years. I am trying to taper down. I bought a  month size plastic daily dose container and I am down to 1-1/2 -2 a day. I was down to 3/4 a day and doing great about a month ago and then my sister gave me 90 pills. You know the rest. Here I am on attempt #2. I think this is one of the hardest things I have ever had to deal with. It's just too easy to pop one and make all the WD's go away.

Avatar universal
by FinallyFred, May 07, 2009
Aicle, I entirely agree.  This IS one of the hardest things any of us may ever get through.  Keep coming back.  You can do this'll see.

Shade,  15 days is awesome.  As I recall, you were taking a TON of this drug before you stopped.  You get my award for Warrior Postergirl of the Month.  

It's so true what you said, "Things that I need to deal with though, not gonna be hiding behind anything anymore. That is what I have been doing alot of my adult life. Well its time to be a big girl and deal :) It is so crazy how different I feel about things. Noodle said it best when she said that the whole time on trams it felt like she had been throwing her feelings in a bucket. Now free, it felt like they where being dumped on ya."  How true.  One of the things that I noticed coming out of the tram-a-fog is that I began experiencing LIFE again.  Emotions, cares, passions - all come flooding back as the trama-a-shit leaves us.  

Some of the most freightening stories I heard here, were those told by mothers, who had trama-seizures while driving with their babies in the car.  The good news is that we MIGHT get a second chance at life after this.

Boe, thanks for your steadfast sharing.    

Amy,  The awful insomnia questions, huh?  I don't think any of us are terribly unique.  Like Emily said earlier today, all any of us really want to know are two things:  (1) how long will this last? and (2) it will eventually be alright.  Short Response:  3-5 days and YES it will get better.

Before going into a longer response, Amy, I remember something that Emily told me months ago that has served me in good stead.  That is...recovery isn't linear.  Meaning that it doesn't always keep getting better EVERY single day.  The old two steps forward and one step back sometimes.  I mention this in case you or any other newer tramadol warrior happens to have a bad day.  This isn't a precursor of more bad days to come.  It's just a time to duck and cover and to REFLECT on why you are doing what you are doing.  And when you make it through that dark hour/day, the brillance of the NEW dawn will be that much sweeter.

INSOMNIA:  I am afraid that I have  a "bit" of a lousy sleeper most of my life.  I tend to lay awake at night and plan out the next day or the rest of my life sometimes.  And then I get up too exhausted to execute.  So when I determined to stop taking this tram-a-crap, my insomnia was really horrible.  I tried ty p.m., the trazadone I have been taking at night for years, the hylands restful legs, and I was in and out of the bathtub up to 6-7 times a night.  Emily teased me in those early days that she was going to fly a banner behind a airplane with a sign, FRED TAKES BATHES.  Of course if bathes had worked, it wouldn't have mattered who knew.  

I dragged myself around the house for several days without much sleep. But like Grace, I was fortunate to have had Thursday and Friday of Thanksgiving week and that whole next week off.   (Hi Grace!)  Some here have worked while withdrawing(Noodle and others), but there is just no way I could have functioned at work at that time.

You asked, "I guess what I meant to ask is did you taper or go C/T?  If you tapered, how far down did you make it before letting go completely?"  I'm not certain that any reasonable person would describe what I did as a "taper."   For the record, despite my ZEAL for stopping cold turkey, I commend those that have the willpower to pull off a true taper without falling off the wagon.  

Here's my quick story.  Had been taking these for 6 + years after my doctor prescribed them as the "safe, non-habit forming alternative to real narcotics" following hip replacement surgery.   Sadly, this is an all too familiar tune, huh?  I was taking 400 mg./day and on Thanksgiving last year, I had a moment of clarity and knew that I just had to find a way to stop.  Like you, I found this site and I realized that it might just be possible to do what others here had done.  So my "idea" of stopping was to "taper" from 8 pills/day to 1-2 pills/day for five days and then I stopped cold turkey.  I have to laugh at your description of DAY 13, no day 2 post tram, because that was EXACTLY my thinking back then.  If you were to click on my ICON and scroll down to the journal entires I kept on my profile page I was counting my "taper days" as days 1,2,3, etc. and then I began again once stopping altogether.  Pretty natural I think.  Especially when one considers that a significant taper/cut of the way I did results in pretty BAD withdrawal.  

I slept just  as poorly during the first five days when I dropped from 8 pills to 2, as I did the next 3-5 days.  And then sleep began to improve.  Does this give you any encouragement?  I hope so.  

But even after that I was having occassional nights when shooting/stabbing pains and RLS would keep me awake some times.  Now I am not endorsing the drug, but my doctor prescribed gabapentin, which I began taking at night.  That seemed to kick the RLS in the head.  The point I guess is that sleep WILL return gradually after a few more days for you.

Grace,  you are doing fine.  You came by this honestly, the way most of us did and you have a great reason to be stopping now.  If I might be so bold, the other deadlines you MUST meet may have to wait you know?  Taking the time to get through this for you and your desired pregnancy seem to be pretty important.  

Energy (on and off the drug?)  Like many others, I used to think that tramadol gave me extra energy while I was on them.  (well, that is excluding the last several days of every RX cycle, when I was in my counting pills and in my forced taper mode).  Those days were down right lethargic and withdrawal always seems to be.  I tend to forget those days when I wax romantic over the loss of the tram-a-life energy.  But I'll be that the last week of every three week cycle was hell for me.  And that's a lot of enengy to NOT have.  

I doubt that I am the only one who knows about counting pills.

And waiting for RX day.

And arguing with doctors and pharmicists when one of them DARED to go on vacation on the day i could call in my order.

I was hooked by that point, you see...and my behavior was that of an addict who outwardly maintained every trapping of a controlled life on a legal drug I couldn't stop.  

I once knew a guy who stopped taking METH.  For days, he kept repeating over and over again, "but if I could only have that "energy" again".  Today he is METH free and as healthy as a horse.  He recalls those days and LAUGHS.

Today I am grateful that my life isn't revolving around scrounging under the car seat for that pill that "got away".  Today, I am grateful that I need not go "hat in hand" to speak of my terrible pain.

And today I am surprised and grateful that those PAINS I felt while taking the trams stragely disappeared once i stopped taking the laying drug.  TRAMADOL CAUSES/MAGNIFIES PAIN.  

Tramadol warriors, this may be one the hardest things any of us may ever get through.  Make no mistake, when we do WAR with a drug this powerful, it's gonna suck the life out of us for a spell.  But energy, focus, concentration, SLEEP, and every bit of wholeness will eventually return.  

With every tiny moment you can go without taking a little white pill, you have ACCOMPLISHED one more step toward TOTAL WELLNESS.  But it's really no big's only a matter of life or death.

Courage, strength and LOVE to you all,


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by Miss_Amy_2009, May 07, 2009

I had trouble sleeping last night, but not like the night before...(I had a little trouble going to sleep...that nervouse energy was creeping back, along with the chicken I dressed WARM and drank some "wellness-sleepytime tea" before heading to bed...Maybe it helped..maybe not..but I would like to think so......I woke up a few times, had that awful feeling but it wasn't as intense).

Woke up this morning earlier than I wanted to and just stayed up. I started sneezing and the runny nose is getting worse by the day (usually happens in the morning). I think Shade and I are having a sneezing contest. hee! hee! Trust me, folks, she's not exaggerating when she says : "I bet you I have sneezed 50 times in the past 2 days".
"Bless you", SHADE!

I have low energy but it's not completely gone. Over the past week, I have felt my immune system being weak at times (if any of you have ever been on prednisone (it was Rx'd to me for poison ivy) or any other med that makes your immune system low, then you'll recognize this feeling). When the feeling comes, it's been short-lived..weird.

All-in-All: Things are getting better.

I'm on Day 3 but my ticker only shows Day 2...Is that because of the UK time zone or something?

Thank you for the support and congrats on your 45th day today!

I'm glad that you decided to try again..It's not the amount of attempts..It's the success behind the LAST one. You CAN do it!

You have a wonderful incentive (re: baby). Embrace the w/d's, push forward and you WILL make it to the other side. It's a wonderful trade off.


Your info gave me insight. It sounds like you've been through a LOT more than I have....CT is just something I wasn't willing to put my body through...I'm glad that you're still moving forward!

Thanks to all for supporting me in this journey...I am GRATEFUL to ALL!

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by grandmagirl, May 07, 2009
    Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with us..I am also so grateful for finding this site. I have read many of the posts and each one helps each day. Had a small panic attack this morning at work. As soon as I started reading new posts  I felt better. Does anyone still have panic attacks at 40 something days out?  Your so right about one step forward a few steps backwards. Thanks to all for sharing...

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by Miss_Amy_2009, May 07, 2009
DAY 3 continued.....

Shade/Boe: I'm still right behind ya!

Had a little nervous energy this morning after I got to work....Energy is low...I'm COLD....and still sneezing like CRAZY!

I can't wait until.....

I can sleep the whole night through without waking up.
I don't have to use a space heater at work.
I don't have to dress like it's winter when I go to bed.
I stop sneezing and yawning.
I pick up some energy.

Other than that.....

It's a good day.

How are YOU ALL doing?

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by 2Sue, May 07, 2009
hi grandma girl, i woke up with an anxiety attack at about 4-5 weeks i was feeling very depressed for a short while....i havent had another one since.

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by BVD660, May 07, 2009
Hang on Aicle, there is life on the other side of tramadol, and it's much, much better.

Amy, sounds like you're doing great. A couple more days and you'll be sleepin like a baby.  The space heater really saved me the first week too.  As for the energy, plan on it being up and down.  You're going to have good days and bad days with symptoms just randomly popping out of nowhere.

I love that quote Emily once made that the tramadol recovery isn't linear.  That couldn't be more true.  I will feel pretty normal for a couple of days and then WHAM, I have a day where I have the cold sweats and feel like I'm crawling out of my skin.  I have to keep telling myself it's just gonna take time, time, time, and then maybe some more time.  Ah the price of using tramadol for 8+ years.

As for the sneezing, I don't know what the hell it is.  I sneeze about 5-8 times a day now which is about half of what it was during the first week.  I would hardly ever sneeze before.  I know it's not a seasonal thing or allergies because I've never had those and it's just too coincidental that you guys are sneezing too.

Fred and Em:  Did you have sneezing issues after tram and if so how long did the sneezing last???  Remember, we just want to know how long before it gets better :)

As for today (day 24..I think) I've been doing pretty well.  I've felt relatively normal other than the lack of energy that has plagued me on and off since I quit.  Yesterday and the day before I was having the cold sweats on and off throughout the day....recovery isn't linear.

Shade, I know all about the bucket full of suppressed emotions and they all come back to haunt you once the acute withdrawal wears off.  I'm going to start me a 'bucket list' of sorts and try dealing with them one at a time because I know how overwhelming it can be when they're all hitting you at once.


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by Miss_Amy_2009, May 07, 2009
BOE BOE BOE - Congrats on DAY 24! :)

SHADE - Congrats on DAY 16! :)

To all you newbie's on the site...WELCOME!

I wouldn't consider myself as "seasoned" enough to give any real advice except for what I have experienced myself...but many of the others like Boe, Emily, Shade and others have been a tremendous help with my recovery from Tramadol...THANKS TO EVERYONE for helping me conquer my FEARS!  

This board is truly a blessing! - Many MORE THANKS to EMILY! :)

It seems that the post tram people kind of fade out of the picture on this board a little in regards to struggling an awful lot...but I want to thank each and every one of you post tram people that have converted to being more of the supportive types. I've noticed in the last couple of days that I was so focused on myself over the past two weeks, that I couldn't (and certainly wasn't in a position to) provide much support to others.  Now I feel more in control and *calm*...and I'm able to listen and respond more to the post tram posters as well as the new people just coming on board to the tram-free train. It feels GOOD to be in this position now....I just needed time to get in control of the "beast" and get my bearings..

As for the's driving me crazy....and I think my coworkers are starting to think that I'm getting the swine flu. (((that's just perfect!)))

My anxiety seems to have been replaced with a combination of nervous energy and lack of energy..and they even occur at the same time ---weird.

Other than those things mentioned (and the interrupted sleep - *yawn*).....I'm feeling a bit better every day...even if I don't feel normal yet, I AM BETTER!

Wishing you all wellness!!


874556 tn?1242365911
by sandie1977, May 07, 2009

Well, I have officially cut down to 75mg a day.  I was at 100mg/day.

I dont feel much different physically right now, but that is not to say that my body won't wake up and say, "Oh hey! What the hell? You changed that dose didnt you?  Well, here's a little bit of chills, and sweat thrown your way, and for good measure we'll give you the added prize of RLS! Just try and mess with me."

I feel sometimes that my body is not my own to control.

So in essence I'm back to weaning down...again.

I passed my basic training test today, so I am officially a corrections nurse. Time to whoop up on some inmates who mess with me on a day where I'm battling withdrawl.  Now there is some anger management!!  

Just kidding.

Amy ~ So very proud of you.  I remember when  I tried to go from 100mg to nothing.  Oh how fun that was. I have been there and I am returning. (only slower). I had a goal to be tram free by monday april 27th. Today would have been 18 days. Wow, hind sight is a biych.

keep it up guys, tram may win the battle, but we will win the war!


874556 tn?1242365911
by sandie1977, May 07, 2009
sneezing... you said sneezing?

*passes tissue*

Yes, I am expierencing sneezing fits. two at a time and usually once every hour. The only suggestion is take LOTS AND LOTS OF BENADRYL. I can suggest claritin (loratidine), or any OTC alergy pills. Ironic that we are all quitting in the thick of allergy season.  And I have allergies starting the 2nd week of may and lasts thru till june naturally. So I have the added prize and consolation package of w/d symptoms that cause ... none other then ... sneezing.

Good luck with that.


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by BVD660, May 07, 2009
Way to go Sandie...down to 75 mg a day is AWESOME!

You'll be down to nothin before you know it.  Stay strong and know you're not alone in this.

I came across an article that had some interesting trivia in it that I thought I'd share so here it is.

About withdrawal:
The phrase 'cold turkey' comes from the appearance of goose bumps all over the body, which resembles a plucked turkey.
Muscle spasms in the legs produce kicking movements, and thus the derivation of the expression 'kick the habit.'

Pretty funny that I've talked about cold turkey, had the chills or goose bumps almost constantly through withdrawal but never put them together.  Amy, you even called it "chicken skin" and it still didn't register.

I was actually trying to find something that explains all the sneezing, but all that's out there is that you sneeze when you are going through opiate withdrawal.  Duh, I think we know that!

896885 tn?1241663151
by Aicle, May 07, 2009
It seems like I get little mini chills or muscle spasms, what can I do about that? That drives me nuts.

Thanks for the support everyone.


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by FinallyFred, May 08, 2009
Aicle,  Have you ever googled "Thomas Recipe"?  I think that if you would, you'd find plenty of possible remedies.  You might try a HOT bath.  I haven't had one now for several months, but they always felt great when I was where you are now.

Sandie,  You are doing wonderfully.  You are on the track.  You can do this.

Amy, you said, "Now I feel more in control and *calm*...and I'm able to listen and respond more to the post tram posters as well as the new people just coming on board to the tram-free train. It feels GOOD to be in this position now....I just needed time to get in control of the "beast" and get my bearings."  Since you mentioned it, I HAVE noticed that CHANGE about you lately.   Isn't it grand? And it will get better and'll see.

2Sue, thanks for sharing your experience with the occassional anxiety and depression.  I mentioned this once a long time ago, but "guys" don't easily preceive things like that in ourselves, but this seems to be to our discredit.  Looking back on those first couple months after tram, I realize that I was often sad, worried, fearful, which after all is probably the same thing as anxiety and depression after all.  

Good luck you guys...Fred

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by 2Sue, May 08, 2009
Thanks Fred, ive been here a while now ,logging on daily and keep posting little things im experiencing or have experienced in the hope it may help someone.  im almost seven weeks post tram now, and without others experiences i would have not seen things as normal.
just to add, the depression, anxiety has now gone, the lack of energy restored,,, i realised in week 5 how physically weak my body was after so much lethargy and loss of excercise while on the tram, so im working at that.. my  increased appetite has settled,  THE SNEEZING settled weeks ago and its just occasional now .I also experienced when sneezing started that im always rubbing my nose, its not itchy, just need to rub it....ive not heard on here anyone doing it and i didnt do it still doing it....its weird.
I have won the war with tram...And you all will too. ive totally got my life back.
i sit and root for you all and when i read you have lowered your dose or actually stopped, i get a bit excited for you...i know it sounds CRAZY, lol.  
its a hard struggle but well worth it....

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by Miss_Amy_2009, May 08, 2009
Good morning, everyone.

DAY 4: Post Tram - WoooHooo!

I'm happy to report that I slept through the night for the first time since I jumped off of tram. I may have tossed and turned a bit..but basically slept all the way through....I haven't sneezed yet today..but then's only 7:45am. I'm sure it will come.

I feel good today! However, most of my symptoms now a days come about in the early evening/late we'll see..

Overall, things are looking up for me.

FRED: Yes! It DOES feel GRAND! Thanks for noticing the change...In comparison to last week, I feel GREAT!

BOE: Like u, I've tried to look up the cause of the sneezing and found nothing except that it is part of w/d's. The chicken skin may have passed but I expect that it may return here and there.

2SUE: Anxiety was the worst for some of us. I know it was for me. Out of all of the w/d's, I hope that one doesn't show it's ugly face again. Try drinking the wellness tea called "tension tamer" helped me and you can find it in your local grocery store for a few bucks.

SANDIE: Congrats on passing your basic training and cutting down tram 25mg! You're doing GREAT...Woohoo! I know that everyone is different but beware of the 4th day or so....I cut down 25mg and was feeling ok until then..Keep us posted on your progress.

AAAAACHOOOOO!  Ok - The first sneeze is officially out of the way today....I knew that whole NOT sneezing thing wouldn't last long.....

Have a great weekend everyone...Congrats to those that are moving forward Tram Free.....and for those of you that are struggling..I can now tell you first hand that things will get BETTER if you can just hang in there and make it through the storm....IT"S WORTH IT!.....and always remember that most of all, YOU"RE WORTH IT.



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by Joe78, May 08, 2009
Good Morning All         I found this site yesterday in hopes that I could find a place to share my experiences with Tram w/d.  This is not the first time that I have gone though this and I hope this is my last.  I have been on Vics and Tram for the last three years stemming from 3 fractured vertebre sustained in a skiing accident. I took 6 vics a day for two years and when my doctor retired, my new MD decided to go to trams. I stared taking the recommended dose of 8 a day until 3 months ago when for whaterer reason I DOUBLED  it to 14 a day til my md said enough is enough. So now he prescrbing 56 a week for the next two weeks until I see him on the 20 th  of this month. As usual I exceeded the recomended dose so I have been going through wds for the last three days and it has been pretty awful with the yawning, sneezing and disrupted sleep with very vivid dreams. As you folks are aware  this is not the first time I have gone though this and I hope this is the last. I can only wonder how many folks are going through this misery. sorry to ramble but Ihave so much to say  I look forward to the day that Iam finally off this stuff

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by BVD660, May 08, 2009
I'm glad you found us Joe.

Are you still in pain from your accident or have you been taking the trams to just stop w/d symptoms?  Many people have said that taking the tramadol actually made their pain worse over time.

Have you gone 3 days without any trams or are you just taking fewer? If it's 3 days without any then I'm sure you're aware that the worst is almost over.

It was hard enough for me to go through this once let alone twice.  If you are serious about quitting and looking for support you have come to the right place.  My friends here saved me from tramadol which I was on for  8+ years taking up to 400mg per day.

Best of luck and keep us posted.


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by FinallyFred, May 09, 2009
Wow, a ghost town since noon Friday.  

Joe, I share Boe's comments and best wishes for you.

You said, "  I started taking the recommended dose of 8 a day until 3 months ago when for whaterer reason I DOUBLED  it to 14 a day til my md said enough is enough. So now he prescrbing 56 a week for the next two weeks until I see him on the 20 th  of this month".

If I had to venture a guess, I would bet that you increased the dose at leats in part because a person builds up a tolerance to this drug over time.  In other words, it takes more and more of the drug just to feel NOT UNWELL.  (to not experience withdrawal synmptoms even while we are taking the drug.  AKA, it turns on you.  

If a doctor doesn't "get" that a person builds up tolerance over time on the drug, it's cruel and unusual punishment to reduce someone's daily dose.  

It is possible to get off the tram-a-go-round cycle. There is hope Joe.  Click on my icon and scroll down and read my journals that I vowed to write for someone just like you.  I hope you'll come back and let us know how it's goning for you.  Good luck.


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by Miss_Amy_2009, May 09, 2009
Good morning, ALL!

How's EVERYONE feeling?????


Aaaaaahh! SLEEP!  I slept through the whole night. The nervous energy and chicken skin are gone (seems to have left with the interrupted sleep). Appetite is good. I feel like I'm still making progress.

I"m still sneezing and low on energy, but it's not completely gone... When I do get some spurts of energy, I try to take advantage of it.  Soon, I will be incorporating some walking in my "personal wellness plan".

BOE: Are you still running?

You mentioned above to Joe "Many people have said that taking the tramadol actually made their pain worse over time."

I thought the same thing...that my pain was getting worse. However, in hindsight, I agree with Fred..I truly think that it's Tram getting a grip on the person, making them only think that they need higher doses because of the tolerance coming into play.

Fred also said:  "In other words, it takes more and more of the drug just to feel NOT UNWELL."

That is sooo true..I think the pain that people feel when they are TAKING tram is actually W/D....due to the tolerance.

For example:
You take your prescribed does the job for awhile....then you find yourself wanting more of it..and because it wants more but you are responsibly taking the pills as prescribed (meaning, not adding to your daily dosage), but you end up going into W/D before your next dose because it's just not enough now due to the tolerance that has been built...

It's such a vicious cycle....

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by BVD660, May 09, 2009
Hey everyone,

I have to admit that I don't like it when our forum becomes a ghost town.  I look forward to hearing
from everybody and how they're doing.

I'm so happy for you Amy, you've made it through the tough part and stayed so strong.  Things will
just continue to get better from here on out, but remember that the recovery is not linear.  You may
have a bad day here and there for the next while, so just be prepared and know that it's normal if it
does happen.

I am still running, cay you believe it?  I can't believe it.  I've gone 4 times now in the last week or so
and am planning on going here in a few.  I did some research and found out that there is a trail
just along the foothills 5 minutes from where I live (never knew it existed till a few days ago) that is
strictly for walking, running, or hiking - no off road vehicles or anything.  It's beautiful up there and there's
never anyone around so it's been quite nice.  There's also a couple of trail heads that go straight
up a couple of canyons so there's plenty of exercise awaiting me.  I think I'm becoming ADDICTED.

I know that a lot of people say that trams gave them energy.  It gave me energy too, but not the kind of
energy and motivation to go work out or run.  It gave me energy to get through the day and do the
things that needed doing, but just made me feel content with that.

DAY 25 and more of tramadols vicious cycle.

874556 tn?1242365911
by sandie1977, May 09, 2009

Day two on 75mg.  Still not feeling horrible. Slept well, no w/d symptoms. The sneezing is getting ridiculous however.  I thought the best way to do this "cutting down" would be to take 1/2 a pill in morning and then take a whole pill at night before bed.  WOW! Let me tell you what THAT felt like.  ( I haven't read about this yet)

Last night after I took my "whole pill" I played with kids a little. *waiting to feel better* ( by this time I was exp. the incredible heavy sensation throughout my body.)  Then about 2 hours later WHAM! I felt like someone had hit me with a mac truck, and drug me along and then hung me up wet. The feeling of being drugged up is the only way to explain it. My body was actually telling me "THAT WAS TOO MUCH!!" I was freaked out a little, but in the same turn I was so excited because my BRAIN seems to be accepting the fact that I will quit this tram - shit.

So I decided that instead of taking 1/2 in a.m. and a whole in p.m. I will take 1/2 every 8 hours. I think it will be easier to cut that middle dose out in a couple days.  I did this already. I have taken 50mg today already and before bed I will take 1/2.  My fear is not being able to sleep, and my BIGGEST FEAR is RLS. I feel ok now. The energy is zapped, and I have learned to live with low energy for three weeks.

I have read most of the posts, and very proud of all of you. From the day 1'ners, to the day 100+. Isn't it amzing how when you set your mind to something that it becomes damn near an obsession?  Mind over matter baby!


Avatar universal
by BVD660, May 09, 2009
Hey Sandie,

I think if you continue to taper then you will likely avoid the RLS. I haven't heard of too many people who have
tapered that experienced the legs

I do think however, whether it's c/t or tapering, you will experience some level of sleeplessness.  The good thing is
that it only lasts for a few days.  Amy slept like a baby last night on day 4.  I used some benadryl (diphenhydramine)
my first couple of nights to help me sleep and it helped a lot.

You are on you're way Sandie, congrats!


897400 tn?1303329148
by ginsa, May 09, 2009
I am on day 12 of withdrawl from opiates. I tried for 4 months to taper off the max RX protocol of 10/325 Norco and went througn 3 months of torture. I had RLS the whole time and am still occasionally. But not as bad as I hear it can be.

I couldn't take the stress on my body and mind and finally checked into Detox on 4/27  to CT off.  One of the drugs they gave me to help with symptoms was Visteril, a sedative antihistamine for anxiety. I was also given gabapentin for seizures for the first few days and I think it helped with the RLS too because it came back when I had finished the protocol. It's all getting better now. I'm taking trazadone 100mg for sleep and ready to see if I can sleep without it.

I'm really glad I found this thread because my Dr. gave me samples of Ultram as a non-addictive alternative pain med. Ha.  It seems drugs are often assumed harmless until proven otherwise.  Doctors are looking for alternatives to drugs that send up red flags over their practices and are just as willling to believe these alternatives are safe as patients are.

Thanks to all of you for your contributions to this forum. I'm so glad I found it.


897400 tn?1303329148
by ginsa, May 09, 2009
P.S. I wasn't taking Ultram, but from what I've been reading the withdrawl is very similar to that from opiates and benzos.

762277 tn?1242885294
by dontbelieve, May 10, 2009
hey yall,

Its been a while again...sorry about that.

In the last two weeks I have hit my ultimate highs and my worst lows.Mostly highs until fact until today I have never cried in front of my wife.  I havent gone back to tramadol or anything else although the struggle is great right now...I just keep telling myself its not going to fix anything even though for that one molment I could feel a bit better.

I have been completely overjoyed with my new son and been up every two hours or so with the wife...she feeds... I change...and the cycle I wouldnt trade it for the world right now...Never thought I would change someones I was wrong.

its great to see some new faces in here again...seems like everytime I leave for a few days more new folks join the fight and thats awesome...

I just wanted to let everyone here know where I am and wish you all the best in this struggle and I will check in again as soon as I can. Keep it up!...sometimes encouraging words from someone in the same struggle is all you need to make it though that day...keep supporting eachother.

I will talk to yall later...

The Hillbilly

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by FinallyFred, May 10, 2009
Happy Mother's Day to all you ladies.  You guys are the fabric that keeps society together you know. The cats and I had a lot of fun finding cards for "mom" and the kittens can't wait to see mom's face as she opens em later today.  We are having my wife's mom and sis over later, and Fred will be BBQ'ing some steaks.  

Sandie, you are DEFINATELY in the groove now.  You are doing very well you know?  

Ginsa, Welcome to this place.  You have some excellent insights to share and i hope you will keep coming back.  I am just glad that you didn't get started on ultram.  You said, "my Dr. gave me samples of Ultram as a non-addictive alternative pain med."    Mine gave this to me as well due to post surgical pain.  But the drug is the drug and it works physically on us all with time regardless of how or why it entered into our lives.  

Tramadol robs us of our senses and causes pain unless we up the dose.  What sort of madness is this?  

Amy, you hit it right on the nose when you said, "You take your prescribed does the job for awhile....then you find yourself wanting more of it..and because it wants more but you are responsibly taking the pills as prescribed (meaning, not adding to your daily dosage), but you end up going into W/D before your next dose because it's just not enough now due to the tolerance that has been built... "  Yes, it IS  a vicious cycle.  

I sometimes wonder whether the doctors know what they are peddling?  But Emily has made the good point that they MUST know what they are doing.  That they see this as a largely unscheduled drug and unlike perscribing the "real" opiates, their records cannot be scritinized with tram perrscrptions.  But whether their failure is due to "commision" or "omission", the doctors are passing this stuff out RECKLESSLY and CARELESSLY.  AND MILLIONS OF PEOPLE EACH YEAR ARE BECOMING VICTIMS of their carelessness.

The lovely drug that makes us victims if we try to take it as it is prescribed.  The lovely drug that makes us feel UNWELL while we take it as prescribed due to the tolerance the drug imposes on us over time.

So what becomes of the person who contines taking the TRAM as perscribed?  

The way I see it, there are really ONLY three courses that a tramadol user will eventually find themselves taking:

(1) continue taking the drug as perscribed.  Following this course, will eventually leave the user feeling UNWELL as the tolerance built up causing the body to cry out for higher doses so that user feels NOT UNWELL.  In fact, this is the course I was on for six years.  I recally never "craved" the drug.  I just wanted to feel LESS UNWELL.

And so at the beinning of each RX cycle, yes, I took more than the 8 pills allowed per day.  And so for a week or so, I did feel less unwell...I didn't have the achy flu like symptoms (which I NOW know as "withdrawal" pain.  But alas, by the end of the three week RX cycle, I was counting pills, as I waiting for the day when I could re-order.  And for the better part of that last week, I was having to "get by" by taking 3-4 pills per day.  Insomnia, body aches and chills wer all too common, making it difficult to even work well during teh last week of each RX cycle.  

(2) increase your dose by ordering pills on line.  Fortunately, I never went there, because I am fairly certain that I would be up to 30 or more pills/day by this point in time.  I have seen people who dealt with this problem by taking as many as 60 or more pills/day.  I can only assume that such people will eventually wind up in a hospital of some sort.  because if my brain "receptors" were wrecking at the dose I was taking, i can't even imagine the damage one will do taking really high doses of this drug.

(3) stop taking the drug.

I saw my temporary withdrawal pain as a passage, which, if I could successfully go through, I would never need again need to face the regular withdrawal symptoms I was having while on this drug.  At more than five months away from this drug, I feel good .  Unplugged.  Healthy.  Empowered.  And I'd do it all again in a heartbeat  knowing what I know now.

Courage Strength adn Love,


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by FinallyFred, May 10, 2009
Hillbilly, It's good to hear from you.  I am so sorry that something is affecting you right now, making you low.  (((hugs))) to you man.  Fred

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by Miss_Amy_2009, May 10, 2009
GOOD morning everyone and WELCOME to all the new posters!


Post Tram and still moving FORWARD!

Well, folks, I slept like a baby again and for 10 hours this time.

So far, my energy level today seems to be better..but it's kind of too early to tell at this point. I'm still sneezing...Still no anxiety, interrupted sleep, chicken skin, chills...

That means it's a GOOD day! :D

I agree with everything you said in your post. Unfortunately, it seems that noone comes to these conclusions until it's too late. Tram has such a hold on you with the w/d's...You're EXACTLY right! I never took Tram for it's effect on me as far as it MAKING me feel "good or high, etc."...I strickly took it because I felt SO BAD without it..and because I wouldn't UP the prescribed dose, I suffered w/d's regularly for at least an hour before taking each dose at it's normal time throughout the day..

Like you I wanted to END the daily w/d's....suffering those day in and day out for years is truly wearing on a person. It's worse than dealing with the pain that got you the prescription in the first place. But you tend to go through it for years because as soon as you take your dose, you're fine for a bit...until the next few hours or so...and it just continues over and over and over....and the next thing you's years later...and you find yourself on a board like this trying with all of your might to get this pill out of your life...

Knowledge is KEY when you're in the vicious helps bring people that are possibly in a denial like I was (thinking that Tram was taking pain away when it was actually giving me w/d's in order to continue taking it and wanting more due to the tolerance) which is the REAL PAIN of this drug...There is no exaggeration when people say that "it turns on you" because IT DOES!

In my opinion, there is no difference between Tram and street drugs..the way that it is made to CONTROL you..I agree with what you (Fred) said about the Doctor's peddling it wrecklessly/carelessly. However, I wonder if it's the pharmaceutical companies that are lying to the doctors and telling them false information to get their product out there... Ya know???

I have to admit that I was ANGRY when I learned about this drug....what it was actually doing to I got here, etc...
But I've learned that blaming is one thing...Bringing awareness is another...and this board is a perfect place for people to get REAL information from people that have used the drug, went through experiences (which are too common and similar to be coincidental) and to share their own questions/comments/etc....That's what makes this board so helpful in changing and saving people's lives. (Thanks again EMILY! - No! I won't stop thanking you. *wink*)

I'm so happy to hear that you're still taperng. I know that you're feeling bad -  it's rough!  Unfortunately, it's more than likely that it will get rougher before it gets better..... but I honestly don't think that a person can avoid the w/d's..just keep in mind what Fred said: "I saw my temporary withdrawal pain as a passage, which, if I could successfully go through, I would never need again need to face the regular withdrawal symptoms I was having while on this drug.  At more than five months away from this drug, I feel good .  Unplugged.  Healthy.  Empowered.  And I'd do it all again in a heartbeat  knowing what I know now."

It's so true...and that's the same frame of mind I was in while I was tapering and going through those horrible w/d's....I just kept telling myself that the w/d's were TEMPORARY....I was determined to TRADE those FEW DAYS OF MISERY for the MANY GOOD DAYS AHEAD IN THE REST OF MY LIFE....Being reminded of that trade during the days where I was truly struggling,  really helped too..(THANKS BOE!)

I'm happy to see new people joining each day....I'm surprised that there are so many of us that have been addicted/dependent to Tramadol ..At the same time, I'm scared to assume that there are many, many, many more people like us out there that simply haven't found this site yet..

Anyone that is here to quit Tramadol is in the right place...the fellowship here is great and nothing less than wonderfully warm...You are now in a safe place to share your emotional/physical challenges without judgment/criticism; a safe place...Like me, you will learn that the others here have a genuine care for your open ear and understands the fear and vulnerability that you are going through...

If you've been searching for support/hope/strength to make it to the other side....You've just found it!

It is because of THIS site, that I was able to make it through the storm. I am 6 DAYS Post Tram today and I'm so GRATEFUL to be TRAM FREE!

THANKS TO YOU ALL, I have been able to make it through the roughest days and celebrate the better ones, like today.


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by Miss_Amy_2009, May 10, 2009
Did I really type STRICKLY???? LOL  Correction: STRICTLY

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by Miss_Amy_2009, May 10, 2009
Well, everybody....the energy level isn't quite as high as I would have hoped for today...SoOoOoOooo...

I'm drinking water, water, water....always seems to help......

Enough about me...How's EVERYONE feeling today?

If you're going through the fight----Don't give up and keep's worth it..

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by BVD660, May 10, 2009
Good morining everyone and Happy Mothers Day to all you mom's.

Great to hear from you Hillbilly.  It's good to hear you've stayed off the trams during your struggles.
You have such a bright future ahead of you; you're doing the right thing, just keep gittinerdone.

Speaking of trams vicious cycle, back when I was on it I used to wake up every night soaking with
sweat.  I just thought I had the night sweats, whatever that meant, maybe from a fast metabolism
or something.

Well 26 days off tramadol and I've noticed I don't get them anymore.  I haven't had them in a couple
of weeks now.  I'm sure I was just having w/d in the night between doses.

I haven't had any symptoms (knock on wood) now for about 3 days and have felt pretty good. I still
get some periods where my brain feels 'foggy' and some tiredness, but I have been able to push
through it no problem.  I think the exercise has me helped a lot both physically and mentally. It's
given me more energy and helped me sleep much better.

Fred: Well usual.

Amy: I'm glad today is a good day.  Brace yourself because there's many more to come.

For those fighting this battle in the trenches: don't give up the fight.  You can all beat this evil drug
if you want to badly enough.  Life without tramadol dependency is a beautiful thing and it only
takes a short time to get there.  As we all ex-tramers say, it is worth it.


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by caregiver222, May 10, 2009
I was prescribed Tramadol several years ago for level ten pain secondary to cervical and lumbar damage. It did't do much for the pain, and caused a number of problems due to the medication.

The medication is definitely addictive, difficult to stop (more difficult, in my opinion than stopping oxycontin craving)  and in my opinion causes significant degradation in mental acuity.

My best advice regarding Tramadol is not to get on it.

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by Miss_Amy_2009, May 10, 2009
Congrats on day 26, today and thanks for the positive words...Although I feel strong, it's still nice to hear continous encouragement in my early post tram life... and I appreciate it.

Like you, I look forward to hearing how people are doing...I have to admit that when it gets quiet around here, I worry about the ones that are struggling.....Like many of us here, I'm actually rooting for them, quietly... outside of what I may post here on the thread...

As we all know, exercise is important in anyone's life...I'm so glad that you're getting addicted to it!!! I think it's especially KEY in the recovery I'm glad to hear that you've found a great place to run! I have a park that is near where I would like to explore but I think it's different for a female than a male..... Especially when those nice hidden trails are involved....I've always found places with trees, water, etc. to be quite serene....but I can't really enjoy them when I'm somewhat concerned about my it kind of ruins it for me....I plan on using my treadmill soon and at least get moving....Unfortunately, I won't get that therapy from observing nature the way I would like....but at the very least, I'll be able to get some exercise....At least you've started!  ;-)

DAY 6 post tram -continued:

Let me tell you all that as each day passes, I get convinced more and more that the worst is over...the first day or two that I didn't have some of my worst w/d's, I was always "waiting" for the next episode to occur...and when they didn't, I waited some more...that feeling has pretty much decreased to nothing for the things that were the worst...but I still wait to see if I'm going to sneeze or have a headache..which is like a walk in the park compared to the others.

Sneezing wasn't so bad today..but it's definitely still there..
I didn't have a headache for the first time in awhile...
The thing that I'm struggling with the most is the lack of I'm still trying to get out of this state of lethargy that comes way more often than it goes....

At day 6, I'm so thankful for:
Not having anxiety
Not having interrupted sleep
Not having chills
Not having headaches
Not having chicken skin

All of which seemed to have left after the third day or so (post tram)..So to all the newbies that are fighting the good fight....there are some awful w/d's..even worse than what I experienced..but they are short lived when you think about when times are really rough...just think of the other side...because it's there...waiting for you...

Just know that it's worth it... and most of all, understand that YOU'RE worth it.

Wishing you ALL a WONDERFUL week!



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by sandie1977, May 10, 2009

bvd660 - thank you for the encouragement!

amy - thank you also.

to all others good job/luck!

Well, I have the sneaky suspicion that I may be with child. Scary as this is not planned. Scary as I have no earthly idea how far along I may be. Yes, I am on b.c., but I didnt follow dr. orders and well you know ... uh... yeah.  Anyways. I will find out soon.  I really hope not, as I was taking max strength up until april 3rd.

Happy mothers day to all who are mothers.  Its not easy being one, and to have this added pressure of coming off is not helpful.  

Still at 75mg, and the 1/2 pill every 8 hours seems to work. I will be cutting down again on tuesday. ( I seem to wait until a day off from work before cutting down more.) Cutting these boogers is fun!  Its like a challenge to see how little these pills can go before they are merely dust.  LOL

Have a good night.


874556 tn?1242365911
by sandie1977, May 11, 2009

I slept rough last night. Every hour I woke up and tossed and turned all night.  No RLS though. And the dreams were very vivid. So needless to say I am tired.

Not much to talk about now. Check in later.


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by Miss_Amy_2009, May 11, 2009
Good morning, ALL!

DAY 7 (post tram)! Wahhooo!

I slept all night and I had a vivid dream too...woke up crying...but at least I got some good rest. You will too. Keep up the good work. I can't say this enough, but:  It's so worth it.

Other than that, I have nothing new to report...still marching forward..and I feel great about it.

Have a great day everyone!


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by noodlegrl, May 11, 2009
Good morning all!!

I am about 48 days off Tram (tapered and flushed =P)! Woo hoo!

Howdy new comers and welcome! Sounds like everyone is doing really really well! I am so proud!

I have been super busy and dealing with personal issues (some tram related and some not). I am glad to see the support system still up and running! I wouldn't have made it without this place :) Thank you all, especially Emily, Fred, Kev, KC, Bode, Shade, and others who I forgot because my short term memory at the time was fubarred. It still isn't all the way perfect like it was but definitely much much better :) Thank goodness!

I will try to slip back in from time to time but I'm afraid I don't have anything else to contribute other than my past entries and to continue saying "Yes I am still fine and off trams and its way better than when I was on them! And you can do it too!" But we shall see, someone may say something I just HAVE to comment on :) But know that in my absence I am always thinking of those who have suffered and continue to suffer because of the stupid devil pill, and your always in my prayers!

I am sending love, hugs, and positive energy to everyone!


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by bjb97, May 11, 2009
Hello all!

I'm right behind ya, Noodle -- 47 days Tram free for me and I am not checking this site as often as I was but will try to get back once in awhile to play cheerleader to all the newbies, the close-to-newbies (those tapering) and everyone else who had whooped this horrible drug called Tramadol.  I think they should remame it Damidol (Damn It All!) hahaha

Hugs and good thoughts to everyone.

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by BVD660, May 11, 2009
Hey bjb and noodle,

It's good to hear from you guys again. You all played such a vital part in getting me off Damidol and it's good
to know you're still doing well.

Amy and Sandie, you might like to know that today (day 27) is the first day I haven't sneezed....not yet
anyway.  I'll let you yow know if I make it through the rest of the day, but I usually haved sneezed a few
times by now.

Amy I know what you mean about the hidden trails.  My 15 yr old daughter went running with me the other day and
I was thinking to myself that there's no way I'd let her run here way.  We live in a pretty quiet
town, but it's still too scary.  

I'm gonna have to get me a treadmill now too before the winter :)

More later,


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by Miss_Amy_2009, May 11, 2009

It's certainly nice to see some other posters taking the time to revisit this's refreshing to know that they still care enough to be around.. Thanks!


I've sneezed a little today but it appears to have decreased some...between that and Boe's update - There's still HOPE for me and Sandie..LOL

I completely understand what you mean about protecting your daughter from the's a crazy world out there..and it's not worth the matter where you live....Actually, the treadmill comes in handy, especially during the winter and other cold/rainy days...I'm in the safety of my own home so I'd have to say that it's worth the trade of nature...

DAY 7 is now coming to a close.....

.....marching FORWARD to DAY 8!

When the w/d's seem UNbearable...KNOW that those awful feelings will be over SOONER than you THINK...even if if it DOESN"T feel like it when you're in the "eye of the storm", because it SEEMS that those nasty feelings will last forever..KNOW that the worst will only last a FEW DAYS.....and then you WILL make it to the OTHER side....It is then, that you will  BEGIN your NEW journey towards the REST OF YOUR LIFE!....EMBRACE WELLNESS.....It's so WORTH IT....YOU'RE worth it...

Simply BELIEVE that You CAN do this...because YOU REALLY CAN!!!!

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by Miss_Amy_2009, May 12, 2009
Hi EVERYONE! How are you all feeling?

Well, it's DAY 8 Post Tram....and things are moving along just fine...

Here's my update:
Still sneezing...but sleeping WELL.
Vivid dreams...but that's not so bad, as long as they're good ones.
Energy level is down more than up...

I believe that time will continue to provide healing, as it did with everything else.

I don't have much to report lately....but I feel that it's still important to post to let people know what to possibly expect in the post tram life....

No matter what complaints I have today, I would never go back to taking Tramadol.... The thought doesn't even cross my mind...

Just remember that a FEW days of strength and determination will get you through....You CAN do it.

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by merfz, May 12, 2009
I'm so glad I found this topic... I have been wondering if I'm detoxing from Tramadol and now I see that I am.  Of course, my doc said its not addictive and there are no side effects, its pretty mild.  CRAP!  I immediately became addicted and took it even if I wasn't having my (back) pain.  I have been taking 1 about 3 or 4 times a day (not sure of mg) for about 4 months.  Doc said it was better and less dangerous than Oxidocone, which is what I was previously taking for pain.  Anyway, I ran out of tramadol day before yesterday and feel like total crap.  NO energy, can't move at all, everything hurts, skin crawling, hot and cold at same time (literally sweating and goose bumps simultaneously), severe nausea, can't eat anything at all without feeling sick and sometimes vomiting, losing 1 pound a day.. i'm down to 102 pounds!! (I'm 5'2").  The nausea actually started about 3 weeks ago though.. can that symptom start when you're actually still on the drug?  When will this end??  Uuugg... trying to get down kids vitamins when I can b/c I can stomach it, trying to eat a few crackers and water/gatorade.

Oh, and i did not know it has an antidepressive quality.. I'm bipolar and cannot take antidepressants and the doc told me this drug did not interfere with bp... that is such a lie.  

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by 2Sue, May 12, 2009
Hi merfz
Welcome and CONGRATULATIONS, you are 2 days post tram now....the first 4-5 days are have all the symptoms.
This demon drug affects all systems of the body.There are lotsof suggestions for helping with the symptoms so its helpful to read back..
there are two ways to get off, tapering and cold turkey as youve done....theres no correct way..its what you can deal with,,,but as you are two days through its prob best to continue if you can...

i also as did many of us were taken in by the medics and thank them greatly (or not).

tram is not classed as an antidepressant but it affects serotonin (elevates it) so when you come off it plummets..
hence anxiety, depressive side effects....again lotf of advice that may work for you, but you prob already have you coping techniques if you are bipolar......

keep posting, im seven weeks and more post tram and without the help and advice here..i dont know how i would have managed/ got to this stage...

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by 2Sue, May 12, 2009
sorry you may not feel that its congratulations to you...but the biggest thing is the time you stop this drug..and each day away from it is a day nearer to complete recovery. ..its not too far away now....

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by merfz, May 12, 2009
Thanks for the help.. the hardest part is I have to do this with 4 kids!  It is unbelievably hard as I feel like staying in bed, but even inbed I feel like crap.  I'll keep revisiting this board for help.  I managed to eat some cantaloupe earlier and did not get sick,so that is a good sign.

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by BVD660, May 12, 2009

Hang in there merf, the toughest part is almost over.  Your description of what you're going through
with w/d is exactly how we all felt during the acute withdrawal.  The good news is it (acute w/d) usually only
lasts 3-5 days and then things start to get much, much better.  I wouldn't anticipate that your
withdrawal will string out much longer if you were only taking tram for 4 months.

However, that said, it can take some time to get over some of the lingering w/d completey.  Symptoms like
depression, anxiety, and lethargy can all linger on and off for weeks so you must want off this
drug and keep a strong mind.  I was on tram for 8+ years and it took about 3 weeks to be over the
majority of w/d wymptoms.  At 29 days I still have some lingering depression and lethargy that have been
hanging around but it's not too bad anymore.

When the nausea started three weeks ago were you taking less tramadol than usual at the time?  Cutting
down doses or tapering off this drug can and will cause w/d.

I understand how hard it is to go through this and take care of kids.  I have two kids myself that I had to care
for and I actually went to work everyday.  I'm not sure how I did it, but I did and now it's ancient history.
You just do what you gotta do and get yourself off this horrible drug.  You don't ever want to have to go
through this again right?

You can do this Merfz!  Don't look back.


896885 tn?1241663151
by Aicle, May 12, 2009
I have read "taper and flush" whats the flush part?

Avatar universal
by Miss_Amy_2009, May 13, 2009
Hi Aicle,

I just drink lots of water and take my vitamins and doing that seems to help flush me out....

but I read that in a post too and always wondered....

so if flushing means something other than drinking water..Please let us know.


874556 tn?1242365911
by sandie1977, May 13, 2009

I think taper and flush means flushed the rest of the pills down the toilet.  I took it as trying to be a funny remark and I laughed.

On accident... literally... I forgot to take a 1/2 pill at 4pm yesterday. I went to bed last night after taking my "scheduled" 1/2 pill and realized that I just lowered my dose without even knowing it.  

So in short, 50mg a day now!!!

That means one pill a day... that means 50mg/day!  My gawd is it really happening?  LOL

Merfz - Personally I couldn't cold turkey off the drugs.  I tried going from 100mg (2) a day to nothing. I had written in here all the symptoms that I expierenced and believe me it was not fun.   I had pills though, I was just resisting the urge to take them.  I made it 24 hours without taking one and then I broke down and took one... crying like a baby.  Yes, I felt better after that. But then I was kicking myself in the ass for it.

Yes like bvd said, your symptoms are classic w/d symptoms, suck badly, and no I wouldn't want to be in your shoes (because I've been there and I know for myself tapering is the best way for me).  But like others have said, your already day 2 without and apparently the hardest days are 1-5. I havent gotten to that point yet.  I have come down from 400mg/day or otherwise 8 pills a day (sometimes 10), down to 1 pill a day broke in half. I decided to quit april 3rd 09. So its been a little over a month. But I am pacing myself.  

Things that may help

ice chips/sips of water
keep away from dairy/acidic foods (you said you were nauseous and vomiting)

Once you begin to hold food down,

start taking magnesium, vit b12,
try wrapping your legs up with ace bandages at night, unless your not in the "kicking the habit" stage. ( your legs automatically kick or feel like they are being pulled)
drink water and lots of it.

Good luck, and even if you do end up taking more you can always come back here and vent.

hello to everyone on this fine wednesday morning.  I woke up 2 1/2 hours early. I hate that.  I sleep well at night, and approx 6 1/2 hours of my day is devoted to sleep. But then 5am rolls around and my eyes pop open and there I am trying to force myself to sleep.  That is why I am here.  I just have to hope that today is a good day at work. I was off yesterday. and it felt nice to just lay around. I hope everyone is doing well.

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by Miss_Amy_2009, May 13, 2009
Sandie has good advice for two reasons...In addition to being an RN, she's gone through some pretty bad symptoms she knows what she's talking about. I'm glad you're here...You've found a great place for support. :)

Like you, I surprised myself a couple of times during my tapering...I did whatever my body allowed..if you can see my chart..It appears that if I stayed at one dose for four days or so, I could make an impressive jump afterwards..then I waited for the next opportunity to taper again...and did so as soon as I felt I could.. I'm SO proud of you. Hang in there.

I found tapering difficult to do, yet it also gave me insight on how bad it could be had I decided to go the CT route. No Thanks. I don't even understand how some people can do it and quit tram successfully...To me, both ways has it's pro's and con's...CT offers instant gratification that you have rid yourself of the drug completely but seems to have extreme w/d's....tapering takes longer, but helps your body gradually become accustomed to not having it's fix which allows a little more comfort (if there is such a thing with unavoidable w/d's).  I'm not sure I would have made it CT and didn't want to risk having a I tapered in less than 2 weeks from 100mg, but to each their own. Always consult with your doctor, especially if you're uneasy with your chosen method. Like a lot of other posters here, mine wasn't much help. Do what feels comfortable for you and listen to your body.Either way, it's worth the fight...


803105 tn?1238327080
by bjb97, May 13, 2009
I thought taper and flush meant to taper and then flush remainder of evil pills down toilet, but I hadn't thought it could mean flush the rest of the toxins out of your system.

Day 48 Tram-free for me.  Life is good again.  

warm thoughts to all,


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by noodlegrl, May 13, 2009
Hello all - I have a couple minutes - wanted to catch up on posts - (I am at like 50 days off Tram - tapered and flushed down the toilet).

"taper and flush" - yes.. tapered down to nothing and flushed the rest down the toilet is what I meant.. and yes.. I WAS trying to be funny - but flush could also mean flushing out the toxins.... so however you want to take it is fine :)

CT vs Taper - Oh Lord - I remember missing a dose and feeling like I had been run over buy a mack truck full of anxiety - I could not stand myself - thought I was going to die - and then took the dose and was fine... thats when I knew I had to get off the crap... but I certainly knew that I couldn't CT because of kids and work... I HAD to be somewhat functional... and believe me tapering was awful but I made it through with almost no "PHYSICAL" symptoms.. it was all psychological/emotional symptoms... the anxiety was the most horrible because I am sensitive anyway so the constant nagging in my head and chest exhausted me, I was a complete basket case during that time. I finally got over that after about 2 weeks or so.. and now for the most part I am fine - I still have anxiety but I think its just me and it is no where near as bad as withdrawal anxiety because I can actually think clearly enough to say "breathe, you are ok, everything is fine, stop freakin' out for no reason". Tapering allowed me to be able to deal with my kids, home stuffs, and work through out the withdrawal process (even though I wasn't myself while this was going on, I felt like an alien was trapped in my body, but the alien functioned) and I think that is why it took 2 weeks to start to feel like it was really going to be ok.. I wasn't getting the rest I needed, which is important to recovery. Thats my 2 cents on my personal experience with accidental CT and then deciding to taper. :)

Well, my couple minutes are up.  Good job and good luck Tram-warriors! Happy times are waiting for you on the other side of this tram-he1l!


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by BVD660, May 13, 2009
Hello my friends,

Well I made it 30 days, yes it is one month today (I wonder if I'll ever stop counting).  I haven't had any physical w/d symptoms for the past 3 days.  The anxiety is gone, the chills are gone, and yes the sneezing is finally gone.

It took about 27 days to finally end, but things are now pretty good.  I do still feel like my brain is a little 'foggy' at times
but other than that, life's pretty darn good without tramadol.  

No more reaching for the pill bottle at 2am so the tram can kick in before I wake up.  No more carrying pills in my coin pocket.  No more worrying about refills and the stupid drug that ran my life for the last 8 years.

Tramadol has been replaced with a healthy diet, lots of water, and yes, the running which I've been doing too much of because
my ankles are getting pretty sore:)

Congrats Sandie on getting down to 50mg.  Good for you!


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by Miss_Amy_2009, May 13, 2009

That's funny that you mentioned keeping track of days...I wonder if I'll ever stop counting too. lol...Speaking of foggy, I have noticed a foggy feeling for awhile now..but it happens mostly when I'm driving...just feels like an effort to try to be alert..hard to explain...I also find it "weird" that when it's "pill time", that's when I realize the most that that part of my life is OVER. Ahhh! you're right! No more refills either..I hadn't even thought that far ahead yet...LOL..what a great feeling. Great job on the health kick! Were you able to get started even while feeling lethargic?? It's a bit rough for me now..but I'll soon be jumping on that treadmill...I'm coming to the conclusion that the only way to start is just to hop on it and GO!..Fitness is something I'm looking forward to myself.  :D

CONGRATS on your 50 DAYS!  Woohoooo! :D

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by merfz, May 14, 2009
Thank you all so much for your kind words, advice, and support!  I am feeling much better..this is day 3.  Not vomiting anymore, but I still feel very nauseous every time I eat, so I'm not eating much, but I am trying to get good stuff into my body...lots of water and gatorade, fruit, and and fruit smoothies w/ extra protein and vitamins (smoothie king) b/c it seems to be the only thing that I can stomach.. some crackers too. last night I actually ate dinner, so I got down some bites of pork roast, pasta, and peas.  Today I'm doing another smoothie for lunch and maybe I'll try dinner again.  The chills have stopped, although I still have the whole hot/cold confusion going on a bit, which is just slightly annoying.  I didn't realize sneezing was part of this?  I've been sneezing up a storm!  Not getting much sleep.... starting to get more energy and waking up at 4 am (but that may be the bipolar aspect of me).  Not too much depression, which is beyond GREAT b/c I hate that stuff.  So, I guess the only thing that is still bugging me is the nausea.. I really, really hate it and I'm losing all kinds of weight.  Can't wait to feel better.

I went cold turkey because I ran out of the med and refused to refill it b/c I learned (real quick) that it was a poison to my body and I didn't want to subject myself to it anymore.  But mostly, I didn't refill it b/c i don't trust myself.  That stuff made me feel GOOD and I would start taking it religiously again even if I didn't want to.  I needed to just not have access to it.  Also, I felt like I really could do this on my own and without titrating down.. I mean to say that I didn't feel that my life was in danger and I knew that I just had to feel like crap for a few days and it would be over.  I don't know if this was right or not, but it is almost moot now b/c I'm almost better!!!!  Yeah!!

The nausea has been the worst and started about a month ago. Maybe what was happening is that if I didn't take the tramadol at the regular time (I didn't have a regular time, I admit I just took it when I wanted to feel "happy", which was about 3-4 times a day) my stomach would protest?

Anyway, thanks again everyone.  I sure am glad I found you all :)  I'll check back later...


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by merfz, May 14, 2009
ok does anyone happen to know if coming off of tramadol can make a bipolar person manic???

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by Joe78, May 14, 2009

Merfz  I know the feeling but I am not ready mentally or physicallyl.  The doc has me on 8 a day and I have been out for two days so the withdrawals are pretty bad. I am going to call today for another refill for another week because I see the doc next fri. I can only hope that someday I am off the drugs so I can get my life back. The pain is tolerable and reading all of your posts I see that it is possible to finally get off this nasty drug.

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by tramaqueen, May 14, 2009
Been checking in periodically in order to bolster my journey through tramadol withdrawals. It's nice to know that I'm not the only one experiencing this misery. I've taken tramadol for over 3 years and I've known for a long time that I needed to take the pills in order to avoid withdrawal symptoms. I'm at the point where I wish to be free of them, so I'm tapering off. I now take 1/8th of a pill per 24 hours. I started cutting down from 400-600mg per day 30 days ago. I have trouble sleeping, I feel exhausted most of the time, I feel like I want to leap out of my skin, and every now and then I just have a desire to break things or go running, screaming through the house. My boyfriend thinks I'm a wimp, because he never experienced any symptoms when he stopped taking them. That's why it's nice to check in with the folks here.  Thanks Emily, for this site.

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by merfz, May 14, 2009
The feeling that we're having that feels like we want to leap out of our skin and break stuff and we're really restless is similar to, or maybe it IS, akathesia, which is a common side effect of bipolar meds (I've taken all of them, literally).  I have that problem now and again even without this nasty withdrawal b/c I take Abilify for BP and it really sucks.  It is incredibly disconcerting, confusing, uncomfortable, frustrating, and just plain horrific.  I've had that feeling on and off today but it IS getting better so there is hope for you.  Get that nasty crap out of your system asap!  You can do it!

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by BVD660, May 14, 2009
Ahhh....thanks Amy.

I too was a taperer and the withdrawal lasted throughout my entire taper which lasted about 6 months.
My w/d was especially bad when I was down to 1/4 pill per day.  I think you will continue to w/d as long
as you take that 1/8 pill a day because your experiencing 'mini withdrawal' after each dose wears off which
is just prolonging your misery.  See my above posts to Amy which describe in more detail.  In my experience, if
you just stop that 1/8 of a pill now, you will feel like a new person in 3-4 days.

Best of luck!


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by Joe78, May 14, 2009
This is my second day off the drugs and I am very serious about calling for another script.  This has been the twentieth time I have been through the wd,s and each time it gets harder and harder. I know that in a couple of days I will be better, I went 30 days at one point, but the way I am feeling now I dont know if I can do it.  One of the stranger side effects of the wd,s is this reecurring thought I had during my last wd. I slept for about four hours and had this dream that has been with me for the last week, pretty wierd. I know its willpower but right now mine is lacking.  Any thoughts

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by sandie1977, May 14, 2009
hello -

BVD - I have noticed that my w/d's are worse at night. Now that I "accidently" dropped down to 50mg a day 1/2 in morning when I wake up, and 1/2 at night before bed, I have a terrible time getting to sleep. Staying asleep is kinda hard. I'm getting that RLS shit again too.  Sucks majorily too. I think what you described about tapering down at this point is it only gets worse and just to jump off, deal with the crappy side effects, and be done with it might just be better for me.  But again I want to wait until I have at least two days in a row off from work before begining that terrible ordeal again.  So my new goal is Next weekend may 23 and 24th to be totally off.  

It seems that I really dont need to take one in the mornings anymore and I may be able to start taking a whole pill at night, or maybe just take 1/2 at night and drop down even further. DOn't know, regardless the w/d's are starting to come back, esp. at night.

Merfs - you said, "ok does anyone happen to know if coming off of tramadol can make a bipolar person manic???" By definition (for those posters that don't know what bi-polar aka manic depression disorder means) means that a person can have mood swings that dont fit with "society's" normal.  These people who suffer from this very real disease have sudden "dips" in there mood that puts them into extreme depression (sometimes suicidal) and then all of a sudden and for no reason most of the time that same person can have a sudden upswing of feelings and can be so happy that they are quite litterally manic. (bouncing off walls, laughing hysterically, buying things that are out of their budget, giving away things that are important to them, etc.) and then something can set them off and down they go into into a deeper depression.  There is not normally "gray area".  Its up or down.  

That being said, Merf is more then likely taking medication that helps stabalize the mood disorders and merf can deal with life's ups and down's much more effectively then being off them.  

Now back to your question merf, you should seriously consult with your doctor and tell him that you have cut cold turkey and ask if that could affect the bi-polar disorder you already have.  As we all have stated on here in various forms, anxiety is an issue. But with your condition it may aggravate it more then normal and you may need to be put on some anxiety meds (short term) to help you remain stabalized.  That is my suggestion, but again I am only a nurse and not a doctor and not here to diagnose or tell you its the way to go.

For everyone else, stay strong,

Joe - Willpower is a must and a key ingredient for coming off and staying off tramadol. Its ok to say your not ready, but your here, and that is a step. The way I see it, is something in your brain is saying, "this isn't right". and that is why your here with us now. I have no suggestions. But I have encouraging words for you, tomorrow is another day. If you break today, you will mend tomorrow. Its cloudy today, but tomorrow the sun may shine. Its up to YOU. We are here to support, advise, and guide you.  But its you my friend who will journey all the way to the end ... alone. But at the end, you will feel better, more enlightened, more sure of yourself. Just have trust, hope, faith, and above all will power!

Until next time.


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by BVD660, May 14, 2009
Hey Sandie,

Nights are the worst arent' they?  Benadryl saved me the first 3-4 nights as I could not sleep a wink and felt like I was losing my mind.  It sounds like your definately experiencing the 'mini withdrawal' in between each small dose as I did.  

That's a good plan to stop taking it on the weekend to give yourself a couple of days.  If possible, I would try to get an extra couple of days for a total of four days.  You should be pretty good to go on your fifth day or so.  You can work through it, but it sure isn't fun crawling out of your skin around your coworkers.

I said before that if I had to do it over again I'd taper down from 400mg (which I was initially taking) to 100mg per day and then just quit completely.  I suffered some of the worst w/d symptoms on doses that were less than 100mg a day and I regret putting myself through that misery for so long.  Amy's low dose experiences were similar to mine and after about 3-4 days of stopping, she felt much, much better too.  It actually took me a little longer to feel better (about 10 days), but I was on this crap for 8 years.

I feel really excited for you to be completely off this stuff.  It is AWESOME not being dependent on tramadol and letting it run your entire life.  There is a much better life on the other side.

Best wishes,


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by Aicle, May 14, 2009
3 yrs 4 me 2, I cant wait to be free of this crap.

I am down to 1/4 (12.5mg) five times a day for 2 more days.
Vamos aVer!

Good Music helps.

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by Joe78, May 15, 2009
Sandi  thanks for the post.  Its day three and I am a little better today I think I can make it . The urge to call for a refill is less today

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by tramaqueen, May 15, 2009
I'm going to take your advice and just stop the taper now. At this point, it doesn't seem to be getting any better and I'm starting to feel like I'm just drawing out the misery. I'm off work for the next 3 days so it's a good time to stop. I may try some benadryl for the sleepless, restless nights and some 7up and crackers for the slight nausea that comes on occassionally. This is totally rediculous. I would never have imagined that it would take this long to get off of this junk. I've tried numourous times to taper off and was never successful, simply because I would feel so bad for so long that I would evenually just take another couple of pills to feel better because of some kind of situation that came up where I was needed to be on top of my game. So trama-warriors! Wish me luck!

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by BVD660, May 15, 2009

Tell me about it.  This is a crazy drug that is harder to kick than many opiates, from what I hear.  It's because
of exactly what you said, that you feel like crap for so long that most people just can't do it and end up taking
more pills.

That's why so many people cannot taper and wean off this drug and have to do it c/t.  To wean, you have
to be extremely determined to get off this drug and keep going forward with the taper as you suffer, never looking

5 days from now you'll be so glad that you decided end your taper and suffering.  You know what to expect
over the next few days, so hold on and look at it as your right of passage to a better tramadol free life.

YOU can do this!  Keep us posted.


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by sandie1977, May 15, 2009
This place is getting very quiet everyday.

I am doing well now and managing on 50mg/day. I was off today and slept as much as mybody would allow.  Eventually I woke up with the head spins and the sweats/chills. Such misery. amazing that only 1/2 a pill is enough to set me straight again. Next weekend is my goal to jump off entirely.

Good luck tramma queen. I hope it works well with you.

everyone else have a good weekend, I will post on tuesday for sure. But probaly not before that.


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by FinallyFred, May 16, 2009
Hellooooooooo Tramadol Warriors:

The road to Zion is in your heart you know. And I'm the rah rah guy around here it seems.  I make NO claim to the knowledge that many others here have about the chemical properties of this remedy or another.  All I can share is what it was like for me a a victim of tramadol, what happened when I arrived here, and what it is like for me now.

This has been a tough & busy week for me.  I must say that I have missed reading about everyone's progress.  I actually came on one night and prepared a post but the system was "down for upgrades".  I keep hoping that one of the upgrades might eventually be "spell check" rather than more ads for "sleep number beds".  But all things considered, I am very grateful for this place.  You see, I stumbled onto this site one night and found the hope I needed to stop taking this lousy drug.  (More on that later.)

Sandy and Amy,  You are both doing so wonderfully.  Sandy, you are doing fabulously on your taper.  I can tell that your eye is on the prize.  Kudos and hugs.

Boe, thank you for your stedfast encouragement and responses to the new folks.  Like Hillary said, "it takes a village."  You have been here again this week.  You rock!  

Welcome to the newcomers, Merfz,  Joe,  Aicle, tramaqueen...(((hugs))) to you guys.  I know how difficult it must be for each of you right now.  Things do get better after the 4-5th day.  If at all possible, keep pushing through this withdrawal.  It won't last'll see.  Keep up the good fight just a little longer and you will find life at the end of the seemingly narrow tunnel that squeezes like a boa snake.  

Sometimes the easy way is the hard way...and the hard way is the easy way.

As with so many challenges we face in life, the battle is not won or lost in the frey, it's won or lost in our our hearts determination and hope that we carry INTO the frey.  

My football coach used to tell us that the battle was won or lost on the field.  To some extent, I suppose he was right.  I entirely agree that as with football, our tramadol opponent is too strong to not give everything  we have in order to defeat this terrible drug.  As with a game that lasts four (4) quarters, our battle with tramadol must be STRONG until the final buzzer goes off.  And friends, with tramadol, it will go off.  There is an end to this struggle you are facing.  Don't give up in the 2nd or 3rd quarter or you will miss the miracle.  That miracle which stands so much closer to YOU than you might think.

Yes, in the heat of the battle, a couple of pills will give provide temporary relief.  But WHAT will you have bought with the giving in when everything seems so oeverwelming?   Deferring the ending only to fight it another day?   Don't give up the investment in the fight you have fought to now.  

I get how hard the struggle is.  I TRIED to stop nearly every day during the six years that I took this RAT POISON.  I made a promise to myself every day for years that tomorrow it would be different.  That today would be the last day I would be under the spell of this terrible drug.

The really crazy thing is that I suffered withdrawal many days when I was ON this drug.  

I'm a real addict.  I was addicted to these things. I craved to feel NOT UNWELL, like many of you.  

Tolerance means that OVER TIME, it will take more and more of the drug to keep you feeling LESS UNWELL.  Which is why we will feel withdrawal symptoms any time that we are taking less than our tramadol riddled body screams out  AT US to take.

Every RX cycle, I would take more than my prescribed 400 mgs that first week to satisfy the beast.  Which of course left me hurting the last week of every 21 day cycle.  I lived and breathed for the day I could call in my next order.  So yeah, I know all too well the tramacoaster ride this drug sends us on.  And unfortunately, for most of us, we were told this was the non-addictive, safe alternative to "real opiates".  Bah Ha Ha.  

If I had a quarter for every time I have read a post from someone who has come on here to say that beating this tram is FAR worse than kicking ANY number of other drugs, I'd be rich.

The more I think this over,  the more I am convinced that while in fact, the battle can be LOST on the field of withdrawal, the key to WINNING the battle doesn't lay anywhere near the field, but rather the KEY lies in that MINDSET that we take onto the field of withdrawal.

Here's the hard truth, there is NO kinder softer way to get off this stuff.  You can look up Thomas Recipe, take HOT bathes, tylenol P.M.s and any number of things to make this less difficult.  But there is no kinder softer way to get through this but to endure it for 3-5 days.  And then there IS light.

Tramadol won't leave your body without a fight.  It will LIE to you and whisper sweet visions of lovely little white pills into your heart and mind.  It will LIE to you and tell you that what you are doing is IMPOSSIBLE. that you aren't up to the challenge so you may as well give in and defer the fight for another day.  But make no mistake, every person taking this lousy drug will ONE day face the battle that each of you are facing now.  It's a physical thing you know.  And the power that this drug holds over us only get's stronger with time.  So let me ask you, do you want to pay it now or pay it later.  

Who am I?  165 days ago, I came to this forum a victim of my tramadol addiction.  I could be the man who pumps your gas, or the one who sweeps the floor you walk on.  You may see me on TV... or I could be the one passing laws to affect your traxes...  or I could be the soilder defending our freedoms.   I may change your oil in the car you drive, or cvourier the mail to your house...I may be a  nice guy or a jack ass.  I may have no high school degree or I may have a post graduate degree...I may work hard at a job I enjoy or I may be unemployed.  THIS DRUG IS NO RESPECTER OF PERSONS.  this brings us each down one pill at a time.  You see, I had been a victim of this terrible drug for more than six years, or 2,190 days.  And I discovered over tht time that my half hearted attempts to defeat this drug availed me of NOTHING.  

But when I found this site, I discovered that others had beaten this addiction.  And so I stood at the turning point.  And in a tiny moment of clarity, I grasped on to a tiny glimmer of hope.  That what others here had done, I could do also, if I was willing to work for it.  

It is IMPERATIVE that we no longer see ourselves as a victim of terrible drug. We must grapse hold of the hope that the SEEMINGLY IMPOSSIBLE can be made POSSIBLE this time.  The goal is attainable.

Twelve step programs begin with steps one and two:  (1) admitting that we are powerless over our drug and that our lives have become unmanageable.  I'm pretty certain that I was there when I got here.  And (2) says that we came to BELIEVE that a POWER greater than ourselves can restore us to sanity.  You can choose to call that higher power "God" , you can choose to call that higher power a door knob, or you can choose to call that higher power THAT power that I found in this forum.

In my moment of clarity, I somehow came to believe that there was HOPE.  A book somewhere defines hope as being the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not yet seen.

I vividly recall grabbing hold of that HOPE.  And with the determination and knowledge of a clumbsy bull moose, who had been a victim of this drug for 2,190 days, I determined that I could SOMEHOW hang on for 3-5 days while my body said "bye bye' to the little white pill that so BADLY wanted me in the worst way.


At some point during that first 5 days, I opined that for me, the most important day of my RECOVERY WAS the first day.  And I asked Emily, what day for her was the most important.  

I'll not soon forget what she said.  She said that for her, the most important day was the day she looked into her pill drawer and realized tha she no longer needed to be a slave to those pills.  (Fred's paraphrase)

I pray that if you are struggling this weekend, that you will find that HOPE.  Because I am fairly certain that without HOPE, this relatively short journey cannot be won.  

Just like you, I began this recovery journey at day ONE, declaring that I while I had been a victim for 2,190 days, I had one win under my belt when the sun shined after my first 24 hours.   And discovered that I at LAST had a start.  And so my record stood at 1 win and 2,190.  Not an impressive record to be sure, but I found that hope that carried me through one day, and I was determined to do whatever it took to put one more moment, another day between myself and that lovely little white pill.  

And by the 4th or 5th day, I realized that I had made it through acute withdrawal.  I began sleeping at night shortly after that.  My body aches, chills, and other flu like symptoms disappeared.  And I wondered to myself how near to the miracle I might have actually been when I had run out of pills in the past, and if the truth were told, I was 1/2 way through so many times before...and i never knew how close I had been.

Today it has been 165 days since I last put the pill into my mouth.  I feel entirely normal without any residuals of the horror that I experienced for 2,190 days before.  Today my win-loss record is 165 wins and 2,190 losses.  Still not an impressive record to be sure.  But we can't change yesterday and tomorrow may not come.  So I'll just keep doing the best that I can right now and if I keep reading your heartfelt posts, I  just might make it another day.  

And oh yeah, the road to Zion really IS in your heart.

Courage Strength and LOVE to each of you,


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by BVD660, May 16, 2009
Win-loss record today:  33 and 2920

Much better than 0 and 2953.

No more withdrawal symptoms, no cravings, no dependency.

Life is returning to normal.

Best wishes,   Boe

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by Aicle, May 16, 2009
That was great Fred, I am also very happy I found this place.


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by 2Sue, May 16, 2009
win-loss record: 63:186
life is normal.
Sandie,Aicle, Tramaqueen,Amy ,you are all doing have learned quickly that it really is mind over matter.
I have not much to add but keep reading ,
I can look back now and cant believe that i went thru so much to get off this stuff and am my old self now....memory, concentration and my strength lingered but have improved slowly past month and now have to admit this is me
  Boe, i wasnt feeling altogether right at 33 days,another month has made all the difference.
you have been right in what you have said about looking forward at those initial stages....
Joe so glad you kept with it..couple of days of the worst left.

My pain escalated in that first week..i now have a TENs machine which is my lifeline.and i only take post op problem hasnt gone but i do believe the tram escalated the pain immensly. It has continued to become tolerable over the weeks and i dont have that pain look and hunched shoulders now....
Fred you always come back at the right time with your words of support..

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by Miss_Amy_2009, May 16, 2009
Hi everybody!

I just read all of your posts...I"m basically, just checking in.

Wasn't feeling well yesterday and on top of that, I felt lethargic. I feel a little better today and had more energy but not comes in spurts...weird. Still sneezing daily but it seems to have slowed down a lot in comparison to the first two weeks.I think I know what Boe means by "foggy" now.

Other than that, nothing major to report in regards to my recovery..

You CAN do it...If you keep procrastinating on getting those refills like you did yesterday, you'll definitely make it!

AICLE: You're almost there..I'm so proud of you.

Sorry to hear about your RLS. The devil was workin the night shift when I was tapering too. Things will get better soon. Hang in there.

BOE/SUE: So happy for you guys..and can't wait to get there myself.

Take care ALL!

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by BVD660, May 16, 2009
Hey Amy,

I'm sorry to hear you've a couple of bad days.  I was wondering what happened to you, you've been such a faithful poster everyday.

Remember what Emily said about the recovery not being linear.  It's not like that in 7, 10 ,15, or 21 days, we can say the recovery and withdrawal is completely over.  I wish it were that easy.  There are going to be good days and bad days and the bad days seem to pop out of nowhere just as you thought the hell was over.  Just hang in there and you'll wake up to a good day soon.

It took me about 27 days before the bad days stopped randomly appearing.  Now I just get this fogginess in my head that is hard to describe.  It just kind of makes you feel like you're out of it and can't think clearly, tired, and just not yourself.  I've heard that getting over the foggy head can take quite a while.  I'm sure that the longer someone takes this awful drug the longer it will take to normalize again.

Remember we're all in this together.


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by FinallyFred, May 17, 2009
Boe,  RE: the foggy head...yes, it took me "weeks and weeks" before the fog lifted.  Try as I did, I was pretty useless those irt weeks back.    Lack of focus, a drop in energy, blurry vision.  But I knew one thing...I wasn't going back.  

And I think that you are right, the longer we took this stuff and the more pills we took, the longer that fog might take to lift.  But it does in fact lift, so kep putting moments between yourslf and that last pill.  

The frightening thing is that if there are studies on the long term affects of using this drug, they aren't readily available.  

But what shall we say then, shall these symptoms deter us from the fight?  I think not.  When I think of all those days that I was on this drug - welcoming it's WAMO on my brain receptors, daring tramadol to  whack me out, I was just lucky that it didn't kill me.  So I don't think a few weeks of temporary post acute withdrawal symptoms should be unexpected.  Not for what I put my brain receptors through.  Considering the pounding that we put our brains through, I think that it's AMAZING that our senses eventually DO come back at all.  And thankfully, they do return.

Keep up the good fight.


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by bodegirl, May 17, 2009
Hey everyone,
Sorry I haven't posted in a long while.  I am 77 days tram free and am doing great.  Life is finally back to feeling normal again.  It took about 30 days for all the really severe w/d symptoms to subside, and has been getting better and better everyday since.  

I just want you all to know that things get better and that I am pulling for you.
Love and hope,

868926 tn?1239588098
by Denim185, May 17, 2009
Hello one and all, it's been a long time since I was here, though I wasn't here often. I need help and a pick me up. I am off trams over a month. That's great, I know, but my original pain is awful. I think Emily and I have similar problems, but I don't see how you can work being up and down, the way I feel now. My legs were killing me yesterday, one day during the week, I woke with a terrible spasm that had me screaming. Am I in the wrong place? Is anyone else here taking pain pills? I hate with all my heart and soul to take them but the pain is unbearable. I wasn't taking the ultram for fun and the tens unit doesn't help--nothing does. I feel depressed and no energy and useless. Is any of this from the tram w/d or am I really this way. I read the PAWS paper and related to it. Any advise--anything would help now. On top of it all my husband is very sick and my son isn't coming home on leave. I have to admit, now I understand when people spoke of being tempted to take the tramadol again.

Thanks for listening and any advise would be appreciated.

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by merfz, May 17, 2009
merfz here and feeling much better!!  Thank you for your advice and kind words and support.  Every symptom is gone except for some lingering nausea, but it is much, much better.  I have not refilled my script for tramadol and WON'T.  Miss it sometimes, but it is history, thankfully :)  Thanks again for your support in this.

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by Bigman7778, May 17, 2009
Denim185-I know where you are coming from.I too am stll taking pain pills  .My 20-Loratabs ran out and my pill Doc who's not  that happy with me at this point (since I told about my happy adventures with Tram and he seemed angry)is probably not going to write a script for more pain pills.So on the 7th of this month went back on Tram and ran out yesterday(120- 50mg).Not sure how fun the next 7or 8 days will be but I get the feeling its not going to be wonderful.Still 22 days away from seeing Urologist(most of my pain is in that region,with some neuroppathy in feet ) .I would like to get off all pain killers but not sure how realistic that goal is at this point.Choices for future seem poor.1. Call doc tomorrow get more pain meds if he will write them(he is the one who wrote me the Tramadol and when or if he finds out I went back on them after I talked to him  about Tram and how I thought they were terrible and I would never take again etc...he may not be too predisposed to write  pain pills again.2. Go through c/t again and grin and bear the pain.I feel really  stupid to be at this point.  .I kicked this crap on the april11th went through a week of total hell and it looks like I am going to do it again unless the pain is so bad that I have to try and get pain meds again.Feel lost ,confused, hop[eless.Have not shared any of this info with family to ashamed. Best to all.Bigman7778

762277 tn?1242885294
by dontbelieve, May 18, 2009
howdy folks...

The last 3 weeks have been the hardest of my life. I am sure there will be others but this for me has been a tough time. Please allow me to ramble a bit.

For those who have read some of my last posts you may know I have taken alot of inspiration from a friend of mine who has gone through the worst of what cancer can offer. Through it all he has been strong and always met me with a smile. I have known him since he was about 7 I was about 9. ( i am now 34 ). He is only 32 years old with a wife and 2 kids 10 and 7 pretty much the ages we were when we met. I have been involved with his family and in his circle of friends ever since. 3 years ago he sat me down at the bar and over a beer explained to me that he had melanoma cancer and was going to start chemo and planned to kick this things ass. I am the godfather of his daughter so he thought I should know. After 2 years of fighting we were told he was in remission and was on the upswing and that was great news. Just 2 months ago a tumor was found in his brain and a successful operation again lifted our spirits. So here we are now. 3 weeks ago at a check up appointment he was told the cancer had returned and this time there was nothing they could do. As word spread all of his friends and family were in shock. Not only had it come back but it came back stronger and moving incredibly fast and we were all told he only had 3 weeks to live. I got this news the day before mothers day. Although I was scared to see the condition of my friend, I had to go see him. The first day we got there he looked terrible and I had to walk out of the house or burst into tears.We were informed he might not make it through the weekend. He didnt even know I was there. The next day I returned fearing the same but to my surprise he saw me and couldnt wait to shake my hand and give me that smile. At that point I was relieved, he knew I was there and I told him I would make it back all week. I did, but come saturday he decided he didnt want anymore visitors, So we came home and waited for the worst. I kept getting updated from his brother who I am also very close with and he was saying he was restless but still smiling. At 7am on sunday morning he passed away. We were home when we got the news and thank god for that.

I keep thinking that for the last 2 years he has been in such pain and had refused pain meds at times when they would have helped and until the end he kept saying he didnt want the meds...they were too addicting. He did not want to live out his life on pain meds no matter how long he had left. There were times he couldnt aviod it and had to take something but then sometimes he did need them and didnt take anything.

So now I am in a delema of my own. I have been taking pain meds for 6+yrs now for my neck which the doctors have perscribed almost everytime I asked. I have chronic head aches caused by bone spurs and apparently severe arthritis and calcuim build up. I also have c4-c5 bulging discs and c5-c6 disc bulging almost touching my spinal cord. I have been told without surgery I will lose the function of my limbs and it could happen all the sudden or it could be in the distant future they dont know for sure. I have times where my arm and my leg go numb and it takes a good 45 minutes for the feeling to return.     ( not a good diagnosis for a truck driver) My delema is this.....

I would love to be as strong as my friend and say no pain meds. Truth is I constantly hurt and they do help. With the birth of my son I gave up on the meds especially uiltram and made it to my goal of being pain med free for his birth. But here I am a month later and it hurts to pick him up. I have a surgery consult scheduled for the 2nd of june and an injection wednesday. The injection (steriod) helped alot the first time but this last time ( 3 weeks ago ) did not help at all. I was told they are hit or miss if they work or not. Of course the first time I had one I was still on ultram...I assume that probably "helped" the shot "work".
I am still not willing to give ultram another shot as I thought I was going to die trying to get off of it...but I have been thinking of calling in to the doc to see what else they can do. I have taken almost all the pain meds out there at one time or another other than oxycodone which I have refused several times. I know I have a high tolerance to most pain meds and usually take more than I should but so far I have found I have to gradually increase my doses as I start to tolerate it to the point its no longer effective. Once its no longer effective I end up taking more until I get to the point being out of meds a week or longer before I could get a refill. And of course go through all the withdrawls until I can get a refill or try to convience the doc I need them early for one reason or another. But now I also have my son to think about...and my wife. I hate taking pain meds because it does put me in a fog and things seem to pass by without me knowing. And again I think about my friend who refused them sometimes because he didnt want to be in that fog and wanted to live his life just as he had pre cancer.

So what say you wise people of the room? if you were in my shoes what direction would you take? I know alot of you are in my shoes to one degree or another so it shouldnt be a hard thing to imagine.

I am very impressed with the people in here as usual. The fight continues and that also gives me hope and strength. Some days I feel like I can do this and my pain will not control me but honestly some days it does. Some days all I can do I sit in one position until the pain goes away and some days I go to bed with it and it doesnt go away.  Mentally I am so ready to be pain med free for good. Physically is a different story and it always seems when i have it in my head that its gonna be a great pain free day, thats when my neck reminds me its not. Its those days I just get mad and want to do my own neck surgery.

Anyway Thank you again for allowing me to ramble it always helps when I feel bad. Any advise or thoughts are always appreciated

The Hillbilly

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by Bigman7778, May 18, 2009
Hillbilly- that was one hell of a post!Have the docs told you what your post operative status would be?Would you be pain free and fully functional? That is if you feel like you can believe them.Not sure of all the facts but surgery may not be that bad of idea,but after hearing all the different horror storys about people and their back operations not positive.Sorry I know that sounds kind of wishy washy .I know my father had some discs(15 yrs ago) fused and for him it was all positive,pain went away and he regained full function and remains quite active to this day.If I were in your shoes I might find out who the hot shot back surgeon was in my area and just get it done.Of course I don"t have all the facts so that idea might be a big load. For me pain free at he moment,have request in for more Loratabs  from Doc,and have not suffered any real withdrawal problems yet. All is good.Best to all. Big

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by grandmagirl, May 18, 2009
Hello everyone,    

     I just got a chance to sit down and read the recent posts.




Ok.. take a deep breath...Call your respective doctors and let them know what the HECK is going on. If you can get something to relax that might help also. Life is short...Do what you need to do. Your all in my prayers and i have been where you are a few times. Remember this shall pass too....Hugs to all ...Hope everyone fells better soon...

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by grandmagirl, May 18, 2009
Last post.. last sentence..supposed to read..FEELS BETTER SOON...I still have brain fog. Hugs to all

874556 tn?1242365911
by sandie1977, May 18, 2009
hello -

Hillbilly - Im sorry to hear about your friend.  That must have been so hard to have to bear. My heart and prayers are with you and your family in this time of grief.  I have mixed reactions myself to your question of do I take or not take?  Depends.  Its never good to be in such pain that it debilitates you, leaves you motionless, hinders your everyday life activities.  To me its not worth living if living with SEVERE pain such as you have witnessed and been through yourself.  If you have the option of surgery, look into it. See if the pros are worth it compared to the cons. Maybe a chiropractor could help. AS your dr. for a referral for physical therapy.  You've probaly done all these things and found that nothing helps. Well, then as bad as it sounds, I would say dont feel guilty or feel like you have failed if your having to return to pain meds. Too me, being able to lift my baby, drive my truck for a living, not have to sit still for long periods of time to rid myself of pain, being able to live is more important than getting off some stupid pill. That is why they are out there, to improve ones life, help it to be manageable. But like I said, this is my opinion/suggestion.

I am now able to go 12 - 17 hours without taking a 1/2 pill. At this point, I am letting my body tell me when its neccassary. So in total for a 24 period I take less then 1/2 a pill.  Its so ridiculous actaully. But my body is finaly getting over the need of this drug, and I honestly dont think about it. The first sign of a chill/sweat/head zaps and in goes a pill. Like I said I should be able to come off this silly pill by the end of this weekend!

I am going. Till next time.

910168 tn?1262462469
by Lillyval, May 19, 2009
Hi everyone, I stumbled across this forum, thank God, and realized I'm not the only one out here addicted to Tramadol.  Thank you all for being here.  I've used drugs in the past, attended 12 step recovery and had several drug free years.  Then I got the bright idea I could play around with Tram.  I figured it was legal, discreet, could get it from my doctor, wasn't as addictive as oxy, etc, etc.  Now I'm a full blown addict and my previous attempts to quit have kicked my ass.  I was so sick I'm now almost afraid to quit.  However, I've learned from this forum that I need to taper much more slowly.  I also have a history of clinical depression and I'm currently a full time Mom who spends a lot of time w/out other adults around, so I'm pretty isolated.  I know they say an addict alone is in bad company, so I appreciate all the help I can get here.  Thanks

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by grandmagirl, May 19, 2009
Welcome Lillyval,
      I'm so glad you found this site. You stumbled on this site as I did. I was on Tram for tooth pain for about a year. I took 50 mg. when I had tooth pain. The good thing is I only took it when I had pain. The ugly part was coming off of it. I was already cold turkey when I found the site and realized that I was in trouble with Tram. Stay with us and we can help you. Start to taper very slowly and read all the posts. My prayers are with you...

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by tramaqueen, May 19, 2009
Hello all,
I'm back after a long weekend on my beautiful hilltop where I can soak in the quiet wonder of natural beauty and wildness that is a hallmark of the state I live in. And yes, I took no tramadols....not even an 1/8th of a pill. Now I'm halfway thru day five. I did use 0.5mg of catapres  3 nights in a row in an effort to help me sleep...don't know if this is prolonging the anxiety feelings or not, but I have a sneaky suspicion that it is, for I'm still not feeling too perky. I'm still experiencing fitful sleep, where I wake up with that nasty, crawly, jump out of my skin feeling that I've grown to detest so very much. My stomach still feels queasy at times, like now...but it passes more quickly than it did. Above all tho, I'm very happy to say that I haven't taken any smidgeon of tramadol since last Thurs. evening. I'm on my way back to health once again. Thanks for all the support from those in this same predicament. It's a tough doubt about it.

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by Miss_Amy_2009, May 19, 2009
Hi everyone! Just checking in....

I've been gone for a few days, but I've reached my 15th day and all is well..still tram FREE. I've gone from sneezing 20-30 times a day to just a level still goes up and down...but otherwise, I'm so happy that I don't have to take medicine anymore.

Hillbilly: I cried when I read your post. I hope that things work out for you. Hang in there.

Sandie: You're SO close. I know you'll make it. I just know it.

Boe: Thanks for reminding me about recovery not being linear. It's so TRUE. Thanks for giving me an idea of how long it may last..I feel like I'm right behind ya...I'm just playing the waiting game..

Tramaqueen: Good for you. Tram Free living is awesome...even with the bad days. Keep moving forward.

Lillyval: I'm glad you found us. You'll find great support here if you truly want to quit but as everyone here will tell you: always consult with your doctor...

Here's a site that I heard about on the radio:

I don't know much about it, except the small bit that I heard on the radio. Basically, the organization will find a physician in your area to help you detox from opiates...but you'll have to check out the information yourself to find out the details. If it helps one person, I've done my part. However, I know NOTHING about the medication they give for the treatment, so if you know of any information about it, please share it with others so that they are able to make sound decisions.

Good luck to all that pursue this treatment and those that are fighting the good fight on their own.

STRENGTH AND HOPE to all that want to quit tramadol and THANKS AND GRATITUDE to all that contributed to my making it to the other side!!!!!


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by FinallyFred, May 20, 2009
Hillbilly,  So sorry to hear about the unfortunate death of your friend.  Especially with all the ups and downs you have had with him for such a LONG time, my heart goes out to you.  

I think that whatever you decide in regards to resuming pain medication is a good choice for you.  I WOULD STEER AWAY FROM GOING BACK ON TRAMADOL HOWEVER. We have seen too many people report that kicking trams is worse than getting off other "real" opiates.  Be careful

I would suggest that you try to make it through another week or so before making a decision to resume the pain meds.  You just lost a good friend and I am certain this this is a very difficult week for you.  If I were you, I would try to  get through the grieving process and attending emotions before making a decision about resuming medication.  Do you think that your pain is worse this week than, say two weeks ago or a month ago?  Or is it possible that the emotional overlay of the loss of your friend is playing any part in your decision.  I ask these questions because I am an addict and sometimes FOR MYSELF, when I get my dobbers down, I start thinking of ways to numb myself.    Just something to consider.

As to possible surgery, I think Bigman had a good question, "what is the most probable outcome from a surgery"?  Not all surgeries hae good results. Was this a disectomy or a fusion that they are considering?  It sounds as though you do have a structural problem in your cervical spine with osteophytes (bone spurs) and possible some stenosis (narrowing of the spinal canal.  Upper extremity neurological symptoms are certainly an indication of nerve impingement in tha area, so possibly surgery would help.  I would suggest that you get a second opinion from a board certified neurosurgeon, no matter how much you like the first guy.  

Merfz, Sandie, Amy and Tramaqueen,  You guys are kicking the socks off the TRAM.  YAY you guys!  I don't think that the FOG caused by this rat poison can be talked about enough.  And how can we recoup the LOST DAYS andmoments that we will have no memory of?  I recall taking this stuff and thinking that tramadol was god's gift to man...until I bilt up tolerance to the drug, such that the same amount had me feeling TERRIBLE.  You'll be experiencing life on lifes terms again.  Emotions, dreams, thoughts, reactions, concerns will all be experienced with clarity again for you guys.  

Courage Strength and Love,


910168 tn?1262462469
by Lillyval, May 20, 2009
Thanks to those who responded to my post.  After reading Fred's last post, I'm thinking - I can't believe that what I experienced as the euphoria, energy, and overall good feeling a I got when I first took Tram has come to this - being in a fog, forgetting what I'm doing, not even being able to articulate at times, and worst of all being so irritable.  I regret that I even recommended this drug to friends who had back surgery, etc. because I thought it was so good.  

I just got down to 100mg/day Monday and this time I'm going to try to maintain this level for week or so before cutting back anymore.  Last time I tried I was cutting back every couple of days and it backfired.  The sad fact is I almost dread taking it now.  I can't believe I used to look forward to it.  Thank you guys for giving me hope that I can get off of this stuff.


910168 tn?1262462469
by Lillyval, May 20, 2009
Thanks to those who responded to my post.  After reading Fred's last post, I'm thinking - I can't believe that what I experienced as the euphoria, energy, and overall good feeling a I got when I first took Tram has come to this - being in a fog, forgetting what I'm doing, not even being able to articulate at times, and worst of all being so irritable.  I regret that I even recommended this drug to friends who had back surgery, etc. because I thought it was so good.  

I just got down to 100mg/day Monday and this time I'm going to try to maintain this level for week or so before cutting back anymore.  Last time I tried I was cutting back every couple of days and it backfired.  The sad fact is I almost dread taking it now.  I can't believe I used to look forward to it.  Thank you guys for giving me hope that I can get off of this stuff.


910168 tn?1262462469
by Lillyval, May 20, 2009
Thanks to those who responded to my post.  After reading Fred's last post, I'm thinking - I can't believe that what I experienced as the euphoria, energy, and overall good feeling a I got when I first took Tram has come to this - being in a fog, forgetting what I'm doing, not even being able to articulate at times, and worst of all being so irritable.  I regret that I even recommended this drug to friends who had back surgery, etc. because I thought it was so good.  

I just got down to 100mg/day Monday and this time I'm going to try to maintain this level for week or so before cutting back anymore.  Last time I tried I was cutting back every couple of days and it backfired.  The sad fact is I almost dread taking it now.  I can't believe I used to look forward to it.  Thank you guys for giving me hope that I can get off of this stuff.


890982 tn?1259091185
by Prospero73, May 20, 2009
A few days ago, I saw my doctor for some problems in my right hand and wrist.  This has been going on for a couple of years, ever since I spent several months renovating an apartment, which involved a great deal of hand-painting with a brush.  It seems to be a combination of arthritis in the thumb, tendonitis in the wrist and forearm, and DePuytrens contracture in the palm.

I asked the doc for Celebrex, which is usually given in two daily doses, and I thought that would give me at least a functional use of the hand.  Instead, he prescribed Tramadol, calling it a non-narcotic pain reliever.  After reading the information on this site, I decided to be very careful with it.  I took one (50 mg) early in the morning yesterday, and felt somewhat nauseous after 5-10 minutes, but that passed.  During the next hour or so, I felt shaky and light-headed, as if I had had a drop in blood sugar.  Also, my coordination seemed somewhat off.  The hand was still about as painful as usual.  I decided that I didn't want to take any more Tramadol.

I don't see much about Celebrex on this forum.  It's pretty expensive, but I've found it helpful in the past.

760326 tn?1234890500
by warrior3071, May 20, 2009
Haven't posted in a while.  3 months ago had gotten from 20/day down to 3/day  (been on tramadol regularly for 10 years) – but I relapsed.  I am now back down to 4/day.  But am so scared of continuing taper because of the SEVERE, truly FRIGHTENING changes to my personality (see below).  I am really scared of my changing personality and emotional outbursts.  

Please forgive my dumping my troubles.  But I desperately need someone I can talk to who understands trying to detox and deal with major stresses of SERIOUS  $ troubles, new marriage, job searching, “maintaining the I am perfectly SANE charade” while doing temp work at Lockheed Martin cuz I’m trying to land an Admin job there ….

On tramadol these last 10 years, I let my life slide down to the point where I have no career, bad credit and virtually NO savings.  Ross’s divorce left him broke and with bad credit because he co-signed needed loans for his wife (car to transport kids, etc), who then didn’t pay in timely manner these last 3 years.  

Ross and I had solid plans to dig in, work, save and rebuild our financial life and BUILD a loving life together.  But it is all falling away like sand under our feet because of a secret his ex wife kept from until recently.

I am newly married - first timer.   Ross knows about my addiction and my attempt(s) to get my life back.  However, the SEVERE personality change, suicidal depression I was feeling during my detox 2 months ago became so overwhelming; I went back up on my Tram dosage.  I was (and now am AGAIN with dosage reduction) lashing out UNCONTROLLABLY at this new, sweet, innocent and very “drug naïve” husband.  I feel like I am going out of my mind and was/am saying things I DON’T/ DIDN’T MEAN AT ALL, like I wish we hadn’t gotten married, etc.  I have suicidal thoughts, out of nowhere.  And now I am doing it again.  I have given him examples of posts to read – to help him understand.  But that doesn’t take away his fear and the pain in his eyes when I turn into this monster – and it comes OUT OF NOWHERE.  This is all so frighteningly NEW for him.

SERIOUS STRESS:  I have not yet landed a full-time job and FedEx is cutting back hours so he is having trouble even getting his 40 hours.  WE ARE TRULY BROKE – not broke like “we need to order the cheapest item on the menu” when we go out to dinner – I mean broke like wondering how we are going to pay for food this week.  

This is because his ex-spouse, we recently found out, cannot carry HER end of the financial burden of their 2 children.  5 years ago, she wanted the divorce.  He finally agreed.  She WAS making OK $, so she didn’t ask for alimony.  He more than willingly pays $1000+ in month child support, she claims both kids on taxes, etc.  

But then 2 years ago, when $ became a big problem for her (county employee cut-backs in Florida), she decided she wanted him back. She didn’t want him to know about her serious $ troubles for fear he would see WHY she wanted him back – financial support.  She had been using her immediate family to stay afloat each month.

Once we were married, though, and she finally realized she really wasn’t getting him back, all her anger (verbal abuse now towards the kids, abusive calls to Ross and me) came out and so did her secret.  Her family is tapped out and now we have to send additional $ for everyday expenses the child support is supposed to cover.  Basically, he is paying almost DOUBLE child support so the kids have food, etc.  So we are BROKE, with NO CREDIT at all (in case of emergency), not able to save, and I am frightened of who I become under this stress when I do NOT take tramadol.  I am so powerless.

I think of killing myself when taking it - I REALLY think of killing myself when I reduce amount; but I am still willingly putting it into my body because  what if it is the only thing keeping me from completely imploding emotionally, losing my relationship with the Temp Agency and Lockheed (with whom I am trying to get employed), and thus taking both us both down in financial flames (along with his innocent children).  

MOST frightening, what if I go off it and do submit to the suicidal thoughts that get so strong with reduction of dosage.

This is my war; my problem.  but thank you for being there.

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by 2Sue, May 20, 2009
Warrior hi,
    everything seems to be overwhelming for you at the responding cause i was there not so very long ago.
I have two kids 12 and 10 by my ex and am now with a very calm partner with three adult children and we have a little boy together. my ex stopped my 60 pound weekly maintenance when i was weaning off tram. iwas at my lowest ebb, didnt know what i was going to do for money for there extras (its amazing how even this small amount you miss.) was irrational, shouting,arguing and had suicidal thoughts for abvout two weeks.....i was tempted but thought this may be the tram talking....doing this to my i did nothing and waited......kept posting here and got thru, fortunately...what did i do...prioritise..i thought id better get well first and deal with the rest later.

you have to think of you for a while, get yourself have your job,your husband will stay as has mine,(dont know how ive packed my bags twice to go so far  and give him some grief.  
the kids will be okay,,mine are with me and they are very resilient.....we have cut back and they dont get all the time now...not a bad thing....your husband must be a good father to pay so much when he doesnt have england you can have shared access to kids the more nights they stay with you the less the parent has to this possible for would mean the ex could work and you pay less....if shes angry then she will prob not but its a they realy need so much spent on them....  
please get yourself off this stuff first and see how things are..
im still not getting money off him although he wants contact still, but been off tram for a while now and my thoughts are normal and i can deal with it all thing at a time... sorry if im way off the mark..
remember he will not always pay this money,,kids grow up.

760326 tn?1234890500
by warrior3071, May 20, 2009
One heck of a "pity party" I just threw for myself last post.  Sorry guys.  I am NOT the kind of person I want to be right now.  Hope everyone else is holding their own and, most hopefully, doing well.

All the Best ~  

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by FormerlySane, May 20, 2009
Hi everyone,
I've been reading for a long time and it's about time I post.

Thank you so much for everyone else that has posted about their battle with tram.  I am currently at 21 days right now (after about four years of use...up to 30/day) and it has been a living hell.  The w/d is still going full force.  I did taper somewhat, maybe should have more.  I don't feel I am in danger of going back on, and I flushed what I had left at day 9.  I just want relief from the freaking anxiety.  I do have Valarian Root which did help initially, but not as much lately (that's the past five days), other than that, it's been ibuprophen.  Caffeine makes it worse right now, even eating does!  I'm trying to get liquids in as I can.  My stomach is still in knots, imodium makes me horribly constipated, TUMS seem to help a little though.  The brain fog is almost getting unbearable.  I do not have chronic pain as others do, only took the tram for the mood uplift and energy it used to give me.  I wish I could help those of you in pain.  Did have one seizure about a year and a half ago due to this stuff, happened just after taking at least 10 of them, thank God I wasn't driving.  That's ultimately what got me to realize I had to stop, the fear of another seizure and hurting someone else.

That's all I've got in me to write so far, will hopefully talk more later.

This is hard, but the people here have helped a lot.  I wish you the best in getting past this stuff.

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by grandmagirl, May 20, 2009
Warrior 3071  Hang in there you can do this. The kids will grow up , the child support will stop, the ex-wife will remarry or go away, the jobs will be there for you, your depression will lift, your husband will continue to love you, you will not kill yourself and most of all you will go on to help others.  The depression will finally lift as will the panic attacks. Just put everything on the back burner for a while and try not to pre-worry about the ex-wife stuff. All ex's eventually go away...never to be heard from again.

It just sounds like your really having a bad day. Try to focus on the future and all the good things that will come to you...once your off the Tram. I think the Tram is making you feel just awful and it's exactly like I felt many times during with draw I never thought I would ever post.."help I'm having a panic attack" but I did and many kind people jumped in to answer my questions and saved me that day. Thank you all  Big and 2Sue...Your in my prayers...

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by flippers, May 20, 2009
Hello to all,

I have been lurking in the shadows here for a while. My story is a familiar one: been taking tram for 4 years, at times taking three a day, but my usual daily dose is 2 pills (100 mg). So I'm a "Low doser", and I justified my habit saying that the only people who have a problem with trams were those who abused it - those taking 10, 20 pills a day, etc. Still, we all came here for a reason, and it didn't take long before I found people here who were having trouble kicking 12.5 mg! I have tried tapering, C/T, but never took it too seriously, and returned to this crap each time. Reading these posts did it for me. These are the true stories that you just can't find anywhere else. So I knew a few weeks ago that the end was near. I just wanted to feel normal again after 4 years and I no longer wanted to plan my days around "the buzz". This stuff really does take control of your life.

I was scared of the W/D's for sure. For all you high-dosers, I can only say try to get to 100 mg/day and maintain for now. For anyone on 100 mg or less, hear me out: I wanted to lessen any shock to my system, so I did a one week taper. 75 mg, 62.5 for two days, back up to 75 for a few days, then 50 on the last day. I don't think it even mattered. Looking back I should have just jumped C/T. I have been off now for 3 days and here is the kicker: I HAD WORSE SYMPTOMS BETWEEN NORMAL DOSES OF TRAM THEN DURING W/D! I would get panic attacks, night sweats, chills, and horrible depression between my usual doses, none of which have occurred during W/D. I know everyone is different but the sum total of my W/D Sx's  are a weird kind of edgy anxiety/restlessness, worse at night for sure, with a dull kind of buzz/ringing in the ears, and a general feeling of being uncomfortable. Nothing as bad as the flu or a bad hangover. The first two nights were tough. I took a little Benadryl, a few aspirin ( to help with chills or night sweats - which never happened), got maybe 4 hours sleep. Last night was about 80% normal. Fear may be keeping many of you from jumping ship. As we know, there is a huge psychological component to this drug (ever feel great all of a sudden when you take your dose, even though it won't effect you for another 25 mins?). For me, I wanted this so bad - to feel normal again - so I had my thoughts clear on the goal - my outlook bright. It is kind of exciting, to go through the process, to look forward to day 3, 4, etc. You really got to want it! I purposefully did not take time off work, because trying to stay busy, for me, as a large part of the puzzle. Sitting at home under a blanket, watching the clock just wasn't going to cut it for me. I learned so much here and feel for everyone going through all these tough times - THIS CAN BE DONE!!!

I want to say a special thanks to Fred. Man, you said ALL the things that I needed to hear - I am truly grateful! I read you May 5th post a week or so ago and it was the first time that I knew this crazy/controlling game with trams was over for me. Thank you so very much!


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by FormerlySane, May 20, 2009
Flippers, you pretty much covered all the w/d stuff I've been feeling.  The edgy/anxiety/restlessness hit it on the head, then the "head fog" on top of that.  The funny thing (for me) is my first posting above, I actually felt the best I've felt since posting that today.  Maybe something about telling others??  Although my wife knows everything.  For the past several months I'd been trying to do only 6-8 pills per day as I was so scared of having another seizure and killing an innocent person, yet that whole time I've been feeling the w/d symptoms.  Like you, I have wanted to be done with this stuff for a long time, finally got it in my head to quit completely, mostly due to reading this thread and the others here.

Warrior, I never once thought of what you posted as a "pity party".  Please don't think about suicide, you're one of the many people here that has helped me more than I could ever repay.

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by Bigman7778, May 20, 2009
Bad day for me.Going through wd 3rd day.Different than last month not as bad in some ways worse in others.All aggravated by drug hangover (Loratbs).Prostititus kicked in and it is as bad  now as it has ever been.I have Atrial Fib and my heart let me know(extreme arrthymia,chest pains,throbbing arteries going into brain)  that I can have no more alcohol or pain meds. Have to see if I can get Doc to write scripts for antibacterials and anti fungal.This will be 4th course of anti biotics in about 2 months.Don't get a chance to see urologist until6-9. Took tyelnol and local oral anestic which passes through urinay trackand it has helped some.Not sure why but I don't seem to have extreme emotions.Even though the present sucks I know it will get better.Thats my message to all that read this post and are in a bad place, it will get better.Don't be afaid or ashamed to post your honest feelings and current situation becuase it helps to share.I don't know if I would have made it last month if I had not stumbled across this site. Best to all.  Later Big

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by FinallyFred, May 21, 2009
Hello Tramadol Wariors!  

You guys kept me clean today you know?   We share a common struggle against a powerful enemy - this tram.  We struggle against an enemy that LIES to us and tells us it is our friend.  LIES.  It desires to possess  us at EVEERY cost.  It kicks our ass and refuses to leave without giving us the battle of our lives.  It will NOT go quietly into the night.  And if a drug wants me that badly, IT CAN'T HAVE ME.  

Flip,  Thanks for your kind words in regard to the motivation my 5/5 post provided. I had to go back and read what I said.  Having done so, I can tell you that I felt badly after writing that post FOR DAYS for coming on so strongly in favor of just getting this withdrawal over with.  It still kills me sometimes to read about people suffering terribly as they continue taking this drug.  But I also know that my way is not EVERYONE'S way. And to everyone finding their way off this terrible drug through a reasonable taper, you have my COMPLETE admiration. support and love.  Please KNOW that.  (looks for smiley faces)

The reality is that we all got here the same way.  Sick and tired of living under the control of a drug that - at one time or another, we each called "our friend".  TRAMADOL is our common problem and there obviously is more than one way out.  I for one, know that I wasn't googling "my lovely life" when I arived here.

Does anyone here really think that it is a sign of STRENGTH to stop this drug c/t?  To the contrary, it was PRECISELY because I knew how weak I am  that I knew that unless I started putting moments between myself and that last pill, that I was doomed to fail.  It's absolutely TRUE.  You see, I had experienced withdrawal every RX cycle, though to be fair, I really didn't recognize it as such at the time.  At the point I jumped, I simply was too weak to go through another rx cycle of days and days of withdrawal symptoms at the end.  For me, when I had a moment of clarity, I simply HAD to get off this stuff as quickly as possible.  

When I got here read other people's stories, I finally realized that I HAD been experiencing WITHDRAWAL symptoms for years while on this drug.  From my experience, I had felt those withdrawal symptoms EVERY time I either reduced my dose or as my tolerance to the drug built over time.  And what gave me hope, was the knowledge that if I could simply PUSH through for a few more days, that the ride would be over.  And in my weakness, I realized that the fastest way off the merry-go-round was to step off it, instead of letting it continue to whirl me round and round, but at a slower pace.

So I admire the heck out of people who can get off this drug through a well planned and executed taper.  I just know that - that was WAY more than this person could have accomplished - EVER.

Formerlysane, welcome to our mottly crew man!  You posts today have already added a great deal so I hope you keep coming back, ok?  You said that you had "one seizure about a year and a half ago due to this stuff, happened just after taking at least 10 of them, thank God I wasn't driving.  That's ultimately what got me to realize I had to stop, the fear of another seizure and hurting someone else".   Thank goodness you are alright.  I recall one woman posting here several months ago, who had crashed her car in a tramafog moment and she injured her young girls.  

I like coming back here because you guys refresh my memory about why I needed to stop this madness.  Somone mentioned "night sweats" and I totally forgot about those.  You don't realize how much your posts mean to me.  FOG?  I ride a motorcycle and  I was frequently in a fog many times when I rode.  And I specifically recall one summer night, taking a  ride after dinner, feeling the breeze, smelling the smells, making a casual left turn, and hearing the sound of braking tires and the sound of horns honking (at me!).  After the fact, I realized that I had just made a left turn in front of two cars speeding at me in the other direction.  And in my tram-a-fog, I was simply unaware.  

My "foggy moments list" could go on.  But another vivid memory I have I was sitting at the dining table with our adult sons and their famileis who were over for dinner.  From the depths of my seemingly happy empty gaze, I felt the tug of my young grandson pulling on my arm.  My wife later told me that he had been asking me to pass the pickles for 20 seconds, but in my FOG, I was obvilious to his l tender wee voice.   Not a dramatic illustration to be sure, but it illustrates how "out of it" we really can be  while on this rat pooh.  The thing is, we think that we have it all together, that nothing can touch us, that we are so alert and energetic while taking this drug.  ...except's a LIE of the drug.

So did I lack foucs and energy after the acute withdrawl?  Sure.  But at least I was not in a fog.  And believe me when I say that our old lives will come back in time.  

The other REALLY surprising thing I found after stopping the trams, is that my various pains actually went away.  TRAMADOL causes pain.  As my tolerance to this drug grew, I was in nearly constant pain in places in my body I didn't know could have pain.  I privately wondered if I had come down with fibromyalgia the last few years on this drug.  But low and behold, all those pains dissappeared as the tram left my body.  Go figure.  

Want a motivation as you withdraw from this drug? Think of the drug manufacturers getting FAT off our addiction. Now that makes me angry.  Think of the online drug pushers enabling our addiction.  Their calls and emails.  Discusting.  And I think of the pretty tramadol drug reps, who waltz into my doctor's private office with plates of cookies, smiles, baseball tickets, and deli-sandwiches for his entire office.  While I waited my turn to go into his office, my hat in my hand, to plea for a few more trams to feed my addiction.  


Warrior,  my heart goes out to you.  Please, there is no need to apoligize for anything you shared.  You will be alright.  You are with friends here, OK?  A no judgment zone.  I think that Sue and Grandma answered you well.  I'm just gonna shut up and liston for a while.  

There is life after tramadol.  And you guys kept me clean today by your posts, you know.

Courage Strength and Love,

Old Fred

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by dontbelieve, May 21, 2009
Howdy All....

First off I want to thank you all for your responses to my last post.

Fred you did bring up a great point. It just so happens my wife and I had this conversation earlier today.

Fred Wrote "Do you think that your pain is worse this week than, say two weeks ago or a month ago?  Or is it possible that the emotional overlay of the loss of your friend is playing any part in your decision.  I ask these questions because I am an addict and sometimes FOR MYSELF, when I get my dobbers down, I start thinking of ways to numb myself.  Just something to consider. "

I have thought about this a great deal. I actually have had a steady increase in the pain in my neck (literally) over the last month since my son was born. I am beginning now to have problems with holding my son for an extended period of time ten minutes is about all I get before my neck tells me to put him down or hand him to mom. My wife has also noticed how it affects me as she gets to deal with the grumpy husband while he is in pain. I really try not to be grumpy toward my wife and especially in light of recent events I try to make her feel as loved by me as possible. I guess my main problem in my head is I now know how hard it is to get off pain meds and all the bad stuff that comes with that and it scares me. I have talked with my nuerologist about the possiblity that surgery will help with my case and he is confident it will and has stated several times it is enivitable. I have a consult with a surgeon on the 2nd of june to get another opinion basically to find out if now is the right time, or if I have a while before the surgery is even an option now. I went in today for another injection and for the first 4 hours felt great but of course it was only due to the sedative they gave me before the injection. Now I can barely move my neck and shoulders as i sit here typing with one hand...its been a while since I have done that so forgive my spelling errors. But overall Fred I think you hit the nail square on the head as you came up with the same advise my wife did. I am going to give it a week or two go to the surgery consult and go from there. If at that point pain medication is needed then it is. and thats that.

Bigman...sorry to hear of the day three blues. It does indeed get better with each day as I am sure you are aware, although sometimes each minute is a struggle. The last time I got off vicoden I found myself looking at the clock alot and trying to count backwards as to how long it had been since I had taken that last one. I guess i was kinda hoping that magically I would be counting back and all the sudden it would be the famed day didnt work. As far as your question of if surgery will work...its a hit or miss. The nuerologist is certian it will...we will see what the surgeon says on the 2nd. My adopted father ( biological uncle on my dads side) had a fusion done about 20 yrs ago and lost range of motion to the left a bit but otherwise it did help with his pain.

On a quick side note to many people in California can say that thier Uncle is their Dad, their Mom is their Aunt, their Sisters are their Cousins and they got one biological brother? I can....any wonder why my friends call me the the Hillbilly?...When I was 6 I was adopted by my uncle and his wife and they had two daughters of their own...both grown and out of the house. One day I recall going to Sears with my Dad and he surprised me and my brother with a go-cart he had already bought we just had to go pick up. I was about 7 and my brother 11 and with big grins we both looked up at him and said almost at the same exact time and said " thanks uncle dad!..." the guy who was loading the truck kinda gave my dad a funny look but shrugged it off...afterall we did grow up in the mountians.

Warrior...good to hear from you again. I am sorry to hear of the ex woes...and the intense thoughts...but remember you don't have to act on all your thoughts. As others have mentioned above you should not ever feel bad for posting your feelings or your random thoughts...thats I believe a vital part of this healing process. Get those thoughts out of your head and onto your keyboard...sometimes thats enough to help you through and start to feel "normal" again. No one here will judge you based on your thoughts as many of us have had similar if not the same ones. I did something the other day that made me feel better in dealing with the death of my friend. I was sitting in my garage thinking of all the good times and the crazy times and how i can help his family and some of the things I felt I never told him that I wish I would have. The notion struck me that maybe what would help me is to write those things I did so in the form of a letter to my friend. I wrote the letter just as I would have if I was going to see him tomorrow and hand it to him to read. Although nobody but myself will probably ever read it, it helped me say what I needed to say. I cant say I didnt cry the whole time I was writing it but maybe that helped me too. I have always been better at writing my words than speaking them and now I am learning with the help of my wife to communicate more how i feel. She still gets the occasional letter in the morning when I cant find the right words to tell her how I feel that night but she gets the words. I think it helps sometimes to write what we cannot say and even what we want to say but know we dont mean...then you can look at it and think...wait a minute thats not what you wanted to say at all. Perhaps writing a letter to yourself or even to your husband will help the situation or at least get the words out of your head and on to something you can visualize.
Listen to me...I am a truck driver damn it not a

Its always good to see people come in from the "shadows" and post their story. We all have the ability to learn from eachother and even though you may not think your story is relevant...someone else might. I have read alot and learned alot about myself from other people in here which is funny because I hate to In 34 years I have managed to read a total of 2 books...I dated the valadictorian in high school...and I was great at faking book reports until then.

Ok that one finger typing I mentioned earlier...Tired finger syndrome...time to put my finger to bed. ( get that dirty thought out of your heads!!! ) or wait was that just

Take care all....

The Hillbilly...

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by dontbelieve, May 21, 2009
Two more quick notes...

Fred mentioned c/t and that being a sign of strength...I agree fred. Most difenately not. It was the ONLY way i could do it. I did try to taper but it would never last long. I would have that real bad pain day and bam right back up to the 5 or 6 at a time. I think the lowest I got with the taper was 2 pills three times a day. So like yourself fred in the long run the taper would have failed for me. Either way you do it...weither you have the will power to taper...or the will power to admit you cant taper and go c/t both routes should be applauded. Niether is easy. mentioned the antibiotics for prostate...I too have been on antiboitics for this I have to find the bottle but the last one I took did the trick in 3 days the first one cipro didnt help at all. I will find out what it is maybe an option to talk to your doc about.

the Hillbilly...

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by jcksnlee, Aug 12, 2009
Hi, to everyone out there with advice on Tramadol withdrawal.  I have been on Tramadol for about 21/2 years for severe RA.
I was told by a specialist that it was not addictive and I might say he also knew I did not practice birth control of any kind.  It has been a very hard last year; I am married with 13 children but only 9 at home, we home educate and my husband has his own business which has been struggling.  The pain with the rheumatoid arthritis and the fatigue has been difficult to say the least.  Because I had so much going on I never really looked carefully online about taking the Tramadol but I believe God spurred the thought to mind in June and I started readi ng peoples views on this drug.  I might add that I have been on Prednisone for almost 16 years and that is another drug that my body cannot do without.  I not only read how people said how addicted they have been to it but it also can be terrible to an unborn baby. I am 49 years old now so I doubt  that we will be having any more blessings, but I would never knowingly hurt my unborn or risk it, in exchange for less pain.  Besides that, I think the Tramadol helped onely in the begining and then tapered off in it's help for pain.  I asked my regular physician about getting off of this and he gave me a schedule of 1/2 pill less in a.m. for 4 days, then 1/2 pill less in p.m. for 4 days, I was to continue this until  I was done.
I might backtrack, and say ,I was taking 200mg a day along with my other meds.  Quite religiously taken but also never thought about it being a problem if I had missed a dose.  But then I forgot to reorder and pick them up and I had a severe migraine.  Now I have migrain pills so never put it together that it was lack of Tramadol.  I ended up in the emergency room and then overnight in the hospital.  The whole time I thought it was just  a more sever migraine and since I started to take my Tramadol again I did not know it might have been the culprit.  Then a couple of months later the same thing happened and again my migraine pills would not get rid of the headache and I started to throw up and ended up in the emergency room.  The doctor there seem to think I must have some severe mental problems which only made my daughter extremely angry,  I began to wonder myself if I was going crazy.
Well anyway, I have never had a worse time in my life than weaning off of this stuff.  I wonder if it should even be marketed.  I have felt irritable with my husband, who has been a saint to me, and snappy to my children.  I have had stomache cramps, daily migraines, the feeling as if my insides are a juble of nerves sizzling, sneezing, and also a deep achey feeling in my bones,  not like a pain really but more a feeling that I need oxygen in my bones.  I know this sounds crazy but it's true.  I think worst of all though is having absolutely no energy.  Now I would rather deal with pain than be this lethargic.  I have now been completely off for 10 days but the effects are still hanging on.  I keep praying I will have some energy soon.  It is very difficult to sleep which does not help the situation.  I would love to know if anyone knows a natural and inexpensive energy helper.
Thank you again to those who have shared their experiences, it helps a person know what to expect with all the symptoms.

,motherofmany - Wendy

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by Printer989, Aug 13, 2009
Good afternoon everybody,        

I was on Ultram for about 3 years, And i have been clean for about 6 months now. During the 3 years i was on Ultram i developed heart burn, bloody stools, dark circles around my eyes or raccoon eyes, dry mouth etc. My problem is i didn't experience any withdrawals when i stoped taking Ultram but, the things i developed that i mentioned i still have those ailments. The heart burn, bloody stools, continue even at the present time of being off this medicine for 6 months, The raccoon eyes are gone though. "My point is"  taking Ultram i believe has given me permanent ailments that i didn't have before i started taking this medicine, The entire reason for me quitting this medicine was so that these symptoms would clear up but they haven't yet. I am in the process now of searching the internet trying to figure out if Ultram can give you permanent damage even after you stop taking it. What i'm experiencing could in fact be withdrawal symptoms and 6 months is still not long enough for my body to be back to normal.

I do know that taking any pain killer can give you liver damage!  

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by ss2brandon, Nov 18, 2009
i can easily cut down 100 mg a day. now this is where it gets hard for me. going any further down brings on all the classis wd symptoms. tried  just taking one today but the headaches are horrible and i cant function in class.

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by ss2brandon, Nov 18, 2009
also cimetidine (tagamet hb200) once a day preferably before my tramadol really helps

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by Perseverer, May 18, 2010
My backache was better, I gradually cut out Tramadol by taking a tablet only when I needed it, instead of taking 4-5, 50mg tablets regularly ,I took one  when needed without any withdrawl problems, I now take one infrequently after heavy gardening or physical work.Unfortunately  there is a psychological dependence which is obvious to users too.

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by kotari, Jun 16, 2010

I don't know whether this thread is still active?  It was interesting reading about the tapering vs. cold turkey approaches.  I am down to 25 mg 3x a day and am definitely going through the mini-withdrawals.  So, I am thinking of going c/t once I can get four consecutive days off of work.  

I had been given the tram for neck pain and found that it lifted a depression I had had for 15 years, when no other Rx had helped.  So, I am a bit scared to go off, by the docs don't want to prescribe it anymore and I hate the mini withdrawals.  Plus, it absolutely kills my sex drive, makes me very fidgety, etc.  

My psychiatrist gave me clonidine to deal with the w/d symptoms.  Has anyone else had experience using this during w/d?

-- Meg

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by sandibob, Jul 06, 2010
Hello all... new to the board.

I have been without Tramadol for over a month...completely free from everything for 10 days. My major symptom now is sneezing, sneezing, sneezing...I am beginning to wonder if I have a cold.  

In response to Ultramatized - I did the same thing you did...I used Lortab (Vicodin) to get off the Tramadol...seriously I had virtually no problems getting off the Tramadol. Unlike you though, I did have a problem with the Vicodin at one time. I got on the Tramadol (advised by my doctor) to get off the Vicodin. I was told Tramadol was a non-narcotic and safe pain reliever.  So, after six years of being on the Vicodin, I bit the bullet went through the WD and used Tramadol to curb the aweful WDs.  I then used Tramadol for about two years. I took them as prescribed.

For a long while I felt good that I was on a non-narcotic pain reliever.  Until I gave a few to a friend of mine who said she took them and couldn't believe how she was unable to complete a thought in her head. She said she would forget what she was going to say (more than the normal). She also said that she would have a conversation with someone and not until talking with that same person again ... she realized that she didn't fully understand the her brain was not linking certain things together to form the correct conclusion. Then she said I was so irritated all the time!!! "I'll never take that stuff again." she said.  I thought, "Is that happening to me, and I don't even know it?"

So, right then and there I decided to quit.  I googled and read all the horror stories of getting off Tramadol.  I thought dammit another rough road ahead.  By the way, I can't is cold turkey or nothing.  So, as I quit cold turkey and started feeling really bad I got  vicodin (10mg/650 - green ones).  Whenever I felt bad, I bit one in half and took it.  I did this for a couple of weeks. Aside from feeling tired and melancholy I was ok. I took Unisom at night to sleep.

I believe it has been about a month and half clean from Tramadol.
My symptoms -

Much more to say...but I have said enough for now.  I wish all of you the best!  I do believe my way (more details) of getting off the Tramadol was the easiest less painful, and less traumatic way.

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