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Crazy heavy AF- a tmi journal but I am nervous

Sep 02, 2013 - 3 comments

Since I had my C-section my AF has changed.  There is always a day I just seem to gush blood.  Well- that was last night.  It woke me up a couple of times- but not enough to do anything about it.  This morning- the bed is soaked.  I had to take a shower.  I don't have any pain and now that I am up it does not seem to be flowing so strong.  I am a week early.  It seems really red too.  I know I am or was not pg.   No big cramping- only slight.  I just don't know.  To be honest, I have not had a pelvic exam since the girls were 6 mos old.  My gyn dropped me when I had issues and I have not found a new person- could go back to him but I don't like what he did when things got tough with my pregnancy.  It seems to have let up- but I was really thinking this morning I needed to go to the  ER for AF!

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by Hopefulcb, Sep 02, 2013
I've had a similar issue since C was born. I'll have times during my period where there is gushing for 1 hr or 2 with lots of cramping and then back to normal. I have to wear a super plus tampon and pad and both get soaked in an hour! Crazy! I saw my family Dr and had an ultrasound and I have a polyp and fibroid (had the fibroid while I was pregnant). Saw my OB and she said she could take them out if it was a big issue and she did a biopsy just in case but says these things are usually nothing to worry about. That came back fine and I'm still debating whether to have them removed or not. I lost 10 lbs and it seems to be a bit better so we'll see.

I think you should definitely see a Dr about it and go to ED if you feel faint or unwell or have any other symptoms or if it continues to be that heavy for more than a few hours.

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by globetrot, Sep 02, 2013
thank you!

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by retta483, Sep 02, 2013
maybe you need a endo biopsy . I have gone to the er for af before it always really changes after having kids c section or vaginal it always seems to get heavier  each kid :p  I also had a polyp once gone af got a lot better ! I'd make a apt to get some help at least provera to stop and re start it  to a more regular flow .

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